Aurora Rising (The Aurora Cycle, #1)

From The Internationally Bestselling Authors Of THE ILLUMINAE FILES Comes An Epic New Science Fiction Adventure.The Year Is 2380, And The Graduating Cadets Of Aurora Academy Are Being Assigned Their First Missions Star Pupil Tyler Jones Is Ready To Recruit The Squad Of His Dreams, But His Own Boneheaded Heroism Sees Him Stuck With The Dregs Nobody Else In The Academy Would Touch A Cocky Diplomat With A Black Belt In SarcasmA Sociopath Scientist With A Fondness For Shooting Her BunkmatesA Smart Ass Techwiz With The Galaxy S Biggest Chip On His ShoulderAn Alien Warrior With Anger Management IssuesA Tomboy Pilot Who S Totally Not Into Him, In Case You Were WonderingAnd Ty S Squad Isn T Even His Biggest Problem That D Be Aurora Jie Lin O Malley, The Girl He S Just Rescued From Interdimensional Space Trapped In Cryo Sleep For Two Centuries, Auri Is A Girl Out Of Time And Out Of Her Depth But She Could Be The Catalyst That Starts A War Millions Of Years In The Making, And Tyler S Squad Of Losers, Discipline Cases And Misfits Might Just Be The Last Hope For The Entire Galaxy They Re Not The Heroes We Deserve They Re Just The Ones We Could Find Nobody Panic.Aurora Rising (The Aurora Cycle, #1) 6Ya8j

[[ Read ]] ➭ Aurora Rising (The Aurora Cycle, #1)  Author Amie Kaufman –
  • Hardcover
  • 473 pages
  • Aurora Rising (The Aurora Cycle, #1)
  • Amie Kaufman
  • English
  • 10 February 2019
  • 9781524720964

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    So this is our new YA sci fi action adventure thing It s kinda like this Meets this We have the goldenboy of an interstellar military academy Who finds himself saddled with a squad of losers, discipline cases and psychos And a girl who s been cryogenically frozen for two centuries And as you can imagine, everything turns out splendidly It features in no particular order hawt space elves with anger management issues Daring heists in search of ancient alien artifacts At least one masquerade ball on a space station Some angsty space romance because everything is angstier in spaaaaaace And an ancient evil that only our squad of misfits and reprobates can defeat So, yeah It s out in April 2019 We hope you enjoy it.Squad up, bitches FAQ Is this book set in the Illumiverse Nope Totally new universe.Will the book be alt format like the Illuminae Files Nope We did that already There s no sense repeating yourself How many books are in the series At least three.Was this the book formerly known as Andromeda Yes We changed the title because the book was originally set in the Andromeda galaxy But space is huuuuuge like really, really big , so we decided to bring it back to our galaxy, the Milky Way And the Milky Way Cycle sounds less like an epic action adventure in space, and like a chocolate bar.Will there be pre order goodness Yes We re working out details now, but hold onto your receipts We don t know details about pre orders outside the US, but please be patient, we ll get word to you ASAP And thank you for pre ordering, we love you Your MC sounds bi racial True false True Auri is half Irish, half Chinese.How much gay can we expect in this book Real space is rainbow colored Ours is no exception When can we see the cover Very soon And we have loads very exciting news to share on this one, so stay tuned And thanks for the support.

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    leaning forward so my lips touch the microphone it s a YIKES from me I, a keen admirer of Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman since 2017 when I read The Illuminae Files, felt fairly positive about this new world, these new characters I tried to hold on to that wide eyed optimism while reading this book, but it was like trying to hold on to smoke or shadow A sudden feeling of lassitude, of intense weariness, spread over my limbs before I was halfway through the novel Boredom had its hooks in me, and the words often floated under my gaze, incomprehensible My own body was wringing the will out of me, and I was desperate to reach the last page.With that being said, Aurora Rising does kick off with a high concept punch.There is a dizzying variety of instruction in virtually every sphere of human accomplishment except being a wanted interstellar fugitive When Legionnaire Tyler Jones investigates a distress call mere hours before the squad Draft and discovers a 220 year old cryogenically frozen girl, what he should do and what he would do had no bearing upon each other Jones misses the Draft but rescues the girl an endeavor which, heroic though it was, was bound to catch up with him sooner or later He is assigned Squad Leader to a crew of leftover misfits, and their first mission ends with cataclysm and apocalypse Aurora Jie Lin O Malley is explicably no longer encased in frozen cryogel, but is inexplicably on their ship.Mistrust immediately spools out between them and Aurora, but a cryptic message from two of their superiors in which they implicitly but fervently insist that they protect her, and in light of their acceleration toward doom, the squad decides to mine for answers that will hopefully cast a decent enough light into the depths into which they had all unwisely ventured However, they quickly find out that they re facing forces as inexorable as the undertow of a tide, and they had at best a coin flip of coming out of it alive.There are a few things Aurora Rising does relatively well, from its sturdy premise to its attempts at subverting well worn tropes which only wind up being huge red herrings to even some finer points of morality and responsibility pulsing beneath the surface although, admittedly, the novel allows them no space to grow a thematic argument of any complexity Unfortunately, being a gripping read isn t one of them.As bursting with enthusiasm as Aurora Rising is, not all of the authors choices pan out Aurora Rising is overstuffed with sci fi spectacle, little of it being particularly fresh The novel sprints past some of its quiet, poignant moments in its unrelenting pursuit of the next plot objective mostly at the cost of a winning story At times, the plot even feels rushed, and the many point of view characters who are almost always physically moving but seemingly in a listless fashion, commuters in their own lives get flattened by so little page time Many of them are not substantially fleshed out, and so they wind up feeling flat and colorless, or else contrived in their quirkiness, and what s , regularly cutting to some of them simply didn t feel very organic I soon found myself becoming indifferent to the characters except maybe Finian whose shoulders must be strained from hefting the weight of this entire book A well of cynicism rose in me, and the boredom of it all almost bled my brain front to back On top of that, the book s entire narrative bends towards an ending that s frustratingly glib, and it was all I could not to fling my kindle against the wall in a noisy clamor.Here is the thing I signed up for a swashbuckling romp packed full with camaraderie, charisma and quick wit, featuring a crew of diverse misfits wrestling with rejection and the choices that got them into this mess in the first place But Aurora Rising carries itself with nothing of the sharp dialogue, sly humor, and even the occasional yanked heartstring that made The Illuminae Files so winning With an unexciting plot, characters that are as compelling as a wet ball of yarn, relationships that have zero chemistry you have SEVEN characters and you decide to pair them all into heterosexual ships Please I am bored I feel like yawning I am already yawning and girl on girl hate that outstayed the acceptable page limit by a factor of at least three, this novel was a huge let down.You d think some cosmic authority would put a limit on how many disappointments one gets in a lifetime, but oh well wishlist blog twitter tumblr

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    1 Aurora Rising 2 untitled 3 untitled They re all dead Hundreds Thousands Every single person on this ship is dead, except her.I want to come up with some sort of witty introduction to this review, something to hook you and convince you that whatever I can ramble onto this page will be worthy of this book, but honestly, I ve just gotta tell you up front I m calling it now, in April Aurora Rising is going down as my favorite book of 2019 I honestly don t know if anything I read for the rest of this year will come anywhere near the magnificence that is this wonderful, hilarious, heart wrenching, suspenseful adventure in space Thing is, impossible always comes with a price I already knew I was going to enjoy this after all, it s another gorgeous brain child from Jay and Amie, the authors of one of my all time favorite series, The Illuminae Files. What I didn t know was how well Aurora Rising would hold its own against their first trilogy, how easily it would set itself apart despite being another banter filler, emotional roller coaster in the stars , or how singularly consuming it would be I constantly alternated between reading this slowly to savor it and devouring massive chunks at a time because I just never wanted it to end, but I couldn t get enough Once we walked the dark between the stars, unequaled What have we become While the plot is fantastic, the banter is hilarious, and there are some surefire swoon worthy moments, what really sells Aurora Rising is the rag tag bunch of misfits in Squad 312 These characters are easily some of the most lovable, precious beans I ve ever read in my entire life I am endlessly amazed by how well these authors can make their characters feel so real that I want to protect and love them at all costs, forever, and become so attached that I literally miss them when the book ends I was born with the taste of blood in my mouth I was born with my hands in fists I was born for war The chapters alternate between their perspectives, and there are quite a few of them, but each of their voices are so particular to that character that I felt like I could ve easily recognized whose eyes I was looking through, even without the chapter headers informing me That alone is a nearly impossible feat for writers to manage, but it works so well here We have Tyler Jones, Alpha Iconic golden boy image he doesn t drink, doesn t swear, treats people fairly, does what s right whenever possible, and manages to be totally lovable despite his absolute Lawful Good alignment Scarlett Jones, Face Tyler s twin, absolute queen, can be sweet as pie but would probably skin you alive if you harmed a single hair on her brother s head We stan Catherine Cat Brannock, Ace Pilot extraordinaire, hot headed, tattoos everywhere, definitely not in love with Tyler, recipient of mixed feelings from readers and characters alike Finian de Karren de Seel, Gearhead Betraskan alien force who lives for sarcasm, rude jokes, and hotties of any and all genders He s disabled and lives inside a mechanical exosuit, and I would probably do just about anything to keep this little jerk safe Side note as a queer reviewer who has invisible disabilities, I personally gave Fin s diverse rep an A score and thought it was brilliantly and thoughtfully written Kaliis Kal Gilwraeth, Tank Syldrathi, AKA hot tall muscular scary space elf, and also did I mention MY SWEET BABY Mostly violent and generally misunderstood, a quietly angsty little soul Jay and Amie, so help me if you do ANYTHING to hurt him Zila Madran, Brain Small, adorable, owner of oddly specific earrings, and a raging beastie who shoots first and asks questions never Zila is strangely and incredibly endearing Aurora Jie Lin O Malley Last but not least, the title character, Aurora Lost in cryo sleep for 200 years, she s understandably baffled, terrified, and a little bit furious Oh, and she does freaky, scary, violent things with her mind It s dope Who am I to deny gravity When you shine brighter than any constellation in the sky Seriously, I could spend another twenty pages gushing about this book I m already dying to reread it and have the audiobook pre ordered for exactly that purpose , and can t wait for the second book Reading Jay and Amie s work always means signing up for equal parts laughter and heartbreak, and a healthy dose of literally counting the days until the next installment, and it s worth every damn second All quotes come from an advance copy and may not match the final release Thank you so much to Knopf Books for Young Readers for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    Yay Goldsboro came through They had an extra copy and look at it I got locked out of ordering it when their site went down that day They emailed me about the extra copy, I was all over it like white on rice I made a double sided bookmark today and once again, I didn t practice with my new cutter and it s a little off But I love it anyway Loved it Loved the characters Hope to read the next two in the trilogy Omg Look at that cover Mel

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    full review posted i m going to be honest with you here, jay kristoff and amie kaufman were the duo to write one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE SERIES this is high praise over here, so listen up , so to say the expectations were HIGH was a freaking understatementand yet, here we stand me, ready to exit into space from disappointment and you, observing me with confusion and mild distaste okay, mayyybe i m being a litttle dramatic but i ve tried to sit and write this review out in a coherent, professional way many times and each time i just wilted into a sad potato artist so, to start off, EVERYTHING in this ENTIRE book felt average average characters, average plot, average conflict, average conclusion it felt like something i ve witnessed a million times and i was just soooooo underwhelmed the writing is really fast paced and you would think that would be a plus, but somehow it came off very abrupt because things were being thrown at me without reason or explanation and i was supposed to just roll with it sure thing, susan there are 7 characters and each of them serve a purpose in their little squad of misfits and theoretically, i LOVE that idea, but in reality, there wasn t ENOUGH depth and development in any character to warrant me loving them also there s a ship that grows from a mating bond and i just and the other ship view spoiler finian and scarlett hide spoiler

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    Do moons choose the planets they orbit Do planets choose their stars Who am I to deny gravity, Aurora When you shine brighter than any constellation on the sky First I want to say that the only reason why this book got 4 starts from me is because the last 70 pages were AMAZING I m left speechless After I finished the book I needed a few moments to process what I read Those last pages were what I was expecting from the whole book when I started reading it.I really liked the story line and I m curious how the plot will develop in the next book The ending left me with so many questions and I want to find out Another thing that I didn t believe I would encounter in this kind of book and impressed me is that the authors created some parallels to our world with themes like refugees as a result of war I really like how this subject was included in the book and maybe we would see of it in the next one.Two things annoyed me at this book First the change in povs Why do we need 7 povs Why If the book had maximum 3 4 povs it would have been the perfect read for me While I was reading I felt like I couldn t keep up with the story so I had to go back to read a few chapters again because I was confused about what was happening I also started mixing up the characters and didn t know who is narrating It was a mess.The only pov that I enjoyed reading and I was expecting coming up every time was Kal s I liked how he developed through out the book and in the end I also liked his relationship with Auri I m curious to see how this couple will develop in the next book.An number two the humor Sometimes I felt like this book was written for middle scholars I con count how many times I rolled my eyes at a joke made by one of the characters I hope in the next book this fact will truly change.Even though the book didn t reach my expectations which were really high it was a fun read and I look forward to the next book.

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    who am i to deny gravity, aurora when you shine brighter than any constellation in the sky jay and amie are the be all, end all for YA sci fi, as far as im concerned, and its soooo good to be immersed in one of their stories again the illuminae series is a pretty big act to follow, but this is everything i was hoping it would be i am so relieved this is fast paced, action packed, deviously humorous, and undoubtedly entertaining and i think thats what i enjoyed most about the story how fun it is it doesnt take itself too seriously and it feels like a worthwhile adventure with good company my only critique would be because this story is so dang fast paced and there are so many character POVs, i found it rather difficult to really bond with all of the characters there are maybe one or two that i really connected with, but other than that, the others are kind of just background noise not necessarily a hinderance to the story, but definitely noticeable all in all, i am really pleased with this i had high expectations, but of course jay and amie would meet them cant wait for the series to continue 4 stars

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    Us outsiders gotta stick together There is nothing I love than having zero expectations about a book just for it to tear me open, rip my heart out and make me ship pairings that will never ever ever ever be canon.I had never read a Kaufman Kristoff book in my life before this one came around and now I m doubting all the decisions I have made in my life so far Aurora Rising was good Really good YA Sci Fi at its best It s one hell of an entertaining ride.This first of three books has countless POVs and a big squad of characters that was very well balanced Yes, there is room for backstory, for character development, but there are also two books, so there s that I really want to know about Zila, and I kind of wish Ty was fleshed out, cause for know he s nothing than a cute but mediocre head boy But I love Scar and Fin and I m excited to see what other secrets Auri is holding While we re talking characters, now s the time to be pety af Beware of spoilers I liked Cat at first, but her very annoying backstory with Ty got on my nerves real quick I kind of anticipated her role in the finale and I m not sorry to say that I m glad about the way the book ended.I also wish there was a little originality Although it didn t bother me much while I was reading, there are many similarities to other Sci Fi and fantasy worlds Stars Wars for once, Annihilation, and to my great disappointment Throne of Glass Suffice it to say that I m very much done with the concepts of mates life lovers Instead of focusing on pairing up the characters without considering that queer parings are indeed possible, the authors should focus on giving us the LGBT content we deserve Yes THAT SCENE had my hyperventilating but how dare they torture me like that and then trap these characters in heterosexual relationships Overall, this was a fast paced, entertaining, funny space adventure that I devoured in no time Can t wait for the sequel Big thanks to PRH International for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review Find of my books on Instagram

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    This Review Blog Twitter Instagram Do moons choose the planets they orbit Do planets choose their stars Who am I to deny gravity, Aurora When you shine brighter than an constellation in the sky My most anticipated books have turned into my most my disappointing books this year I don t know if my high expectations ruined this for me or it was really not that good But Amie and Jay gave us the Illuminae Files which I adore and so I expected a bit from this But even when I was objective and putting my expectations aside, I think this book had many writing problems Getting into this book felt like getting into home after a long day of work, familiar and comfortable I immediately got into the story, and the writing style that they used at first Ending with one sentence and starting the nest paragraph with it in a different time and place was wonderful I felt happy because maybe I was staring at the pages of a new favorite book Dreams came tumbling down only a few pages in when I was reading Tyler s point of view, there was mention after mention of his killer dimples and hot looks You would think that if he flashed those dimples at me I would give this book a rating of 5 stars plot twist I don t The brilliant writing style was not there any and it was getting and annoying Now characters were introduced, 7 to be exact and each chapter was written by a character s POV so yes, you got that right, there are 7 POVs that were confusing and I had to go multiple times to the start of a chapter to see who the hell was it talking I like books with multiple POVs but not when all the characters are carbon copies of each other and they all talk in the same way Here is a short summary of those 7 characters Tyler The golden boy, the all around captain I did a which Aurora Rising character are you before reading the book and I got this and so was excited when I first started reading his POV but his dimples had the opposite effect on me Scarlett I like this character a little bit, not that she is a favorite but she can speak many languages and she got some sass Cat She is supposed to be the kind of girl who do not give a lot of fucks and is a brave heart Auri Our girl from planet earth who is trying to figure what the hell is going on I was also trying to figure the same thing with this book so don t you worry about a thing Zila The brain of the group, she does not talk too much and her POVs are usually a sentence or a page maximum which gave her a place as my favorite Fin He is supposed to be the comic relief, the sarcastic guy in the group whose naivety is a material for a laugh out loud Kal the tough unearthly guy that has a dark past and is not supposed to fit in Now that was my short summary and take another look and you will notice 2 things That the characters were a group of cliches and that I wrote supposed to many times and you my friend are right if you already found out why I said that, the characters were all the same, I felt they were supposed to be something but they were not, they told us that but never showed it The 7 characters were all sarcastic and that was too much for me I even thought Man, this is the future, they may be talking in a different sarcastic way for all I know except that Auri is from planet earth and has been sleeping for the last 200 years and she wakes up and talks in the same effing way Just because you re not saying it doesn t mean you re not thinking it This review is not over yet, it is a long one because I owe you all an explanation and I owe it to two authors who wrote one of my favorite series so let s continue this rant So the characters are all sarcastic, all have the same voice and it could not get any worse, right O, Daughters you are wrong because it can The synopsis and how this book was marketed gives us the illusion that those characters are supposed to be bad they are at the bottom of the academy s list but they just excelled at what they do and I thought that maybe there won t be group work and chemistry but I did not find that, they were like the top students of the academy, the justifications we were given for their not successful ranking felt like half baked bad excuses I.Did.Not.Buy.It The world building was good because it was not limited, this is space and we can have whatever we want in the story, there are no limits But I could imagine it easily and did not have problems with this aspect The pacing was quite fast and there was a lot going on and event after event after event which I usually like, what I don t like is that there were those huge obstacles that the build up for makes you think they are impossible to overcome, except every time they overcame them in the same way, Auri s eyes glow and by her mysterious superpowers that she can t control she saves the day Auri was the Deus Ex Machina in the story that was just one writing problem There was the focus on physical attributes which I did not like, this can be hurtful specially for younger readers Speaking of which, the dimples were not mentioned a lot in the second half which as a whole was better but do not raise your expectations Summary An over hyped book that had a lot of tropes and stereotypical shallow characters that were all the same The plot did not blow me away and the sarcastic writing did not work for this one Do I plan to continue the series I think it is obviously no after this rant, life is too short for this and as Mr.Jay once said too many books, too few centuries The thing I was raised to be is acutely aware of how easy it would be to reach out and break this human boy But the man I try to be keeps his arms folded instead A BR with Kelly you can get the book from here Book Depository

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    adds to want to read immediately after sees the author

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