A Wolf in the Woods (Ozarks Mysteries, #4)

KINDLE A Wolf In The Woods Ozarks Mysteries, 4 Author Nancy Allen Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk A Gripping Story With Dramatic Twists, And A Memorable Heroine James Patterson, 1 New York Times Bestselling AuthorMcCown County Assistant Prosecutor Elsie Arnold Is Prepping An Assault Case When A Girl Is Found Beaten And Bloodied At A Roadside No Tell Motel Elsie Tries To Convince The Teen To Reveal Who Attacked Her, But Mandy Is Too Scared And Stubborn To Cooperate And Then She Disappears Elsie S Positive A Predator Is Targeting The Ozark Hills, Yet The Authorities Refuse To Believe Their Small Town Could Be Plagued By Sex Trafficking.Then Middle School Student Desiree Wickham Goes Missing, But Only Elsie Suspects It Could Be Connected To Mandy S Assault As She Digs Deeper Into The Events Leading Up To Desiree S Disappearance, She Stumbles Upon An Alarming Discovery Local Girls Are Falling Prey To A Dubious Online Modeling Agency, And Never Seen Again Elsie Shares Her Concerns With Detective Ashlock And The FBI, But They Shut Her Out.She Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands And Lands An Interview With The Head Of The Modeling Agency But When She Meets Him Face To Face, She Discovers The Fate Of Desiree And Mandy And Becomes His Newest Captive Elsie S Desperate To Free The Girls And Save Herself Before The Unspeakable Happens And She S In For The Fight Of Her Life.A Wolf in the Woods (Ozarks Mysteries, #4)

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Wolf in the Woods (Ozarks Mysteries, #4) book, this is one of the most wanted Nancy Allen author readers around the world.

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  • ebook
  • 320 pages
  • A Wolf in the Woods (Ozarks Mysteries, #4)
  • Nancy Allen
  • English
  • 08 April 2019
  • 9780062438782

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    A Wolf in the Woods in the fourth book in the Ozarks Mysteries series and they are perfectly alright to read stand alone I should know this is the first one I have read I always like reading books that right from the start are interesting and this one fits that category There are several POV in the book, we have of course the main character, assistant prosecutor Elsie Arnold, we also got the girls that are taken advantage off in this book and the people behind the false model website I found this way of telling the story to be just the right kind of narrative, giving the story the extra kind of tension as the story progresses I m actually kind of surprised how fast I read this book, despite the fact that I m a fast reader It felt like a rollercoaster ride, we are going up up and then when we are at the top, its free fall That s how I felt about the book, no ups and downs, just a story that starts off and constantly moving forward without ever feeling slow.It took a while for me to like Elsie Arnold, she s the kind of characters that I...

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    A Wolf in the Woods by Nancy Allen is an example, for me, of the perfect use of a Prologue She hooked me Every computer, cell phone should come with a warning, Internet Predators Are Looking For You All the alarm bells should have went off for Breeon, but they did for her friend and coworker, assistant prosecutor, Elsie Arnold I am so glad I did not have to deal with this fear for my child, it was the pre computer days.Predators are alive and well in the Ozarks, even in the small town of Barton Child and women abusers, and sex traffickers are on the prowl for the young and innocent, but they won t pass up the opportunity to take advantage of anyone at any age.Elsie is so frustrated, she takes matters into her own hands I can feel her frustration with her boyfriend and the justice system It s almost as if prostitutes, whether in the profession voluntarily or kidnapped and forced, are the criminals and disposable She feels no one cares, but she does and is going to do something about it.I feel her frustration as I read through the pages I have watched and read a lot of true crime, and I feel women were treated as second class citizens when it came to sex and violence, domestic violence I felt law enforcement was almost as bad as the criminals who perpetrated the crimes They sure did...

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    In A Wolf In The Woods, the fourth book in the Ozarks Mysteries Series, author Nancy Allen once again draws upon her professional legal experience to weave a riveting legal thriller that captivates the reader s attention from beginning to end Set in the small town of Barton, Missouri, in the heart of the Ozarks, the reader follows Assistant Prosecutor Elsie Arnold as she aggressively pursues a predator who targets the town s teenage girls with a ruse of an online modeling agency that is really a front for human sex trafficking.The author transports the reader into the small Ozark town of Barton with its close knit townspeople and its many dark secrets Assistant Prosecutor Elsie Arnold views an online modeling agency s website and the selfie of the agent, a dark haired man with a tattoo on his neck, has alarm bells ringing in her head, that goes into overdrive when she stumbles upon the discovery that local teenage girls are disappearing When Elsie s boyfriend Detective Bob Ashlock and the FBI dismiss her concerns, Elsie embarks on her own investigation ...

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    Elsie Arnold is an assistant prosecutor in Southern Missouri Mandy, the teenaged assault victim in Elsie s latest case, disappears before she can testify against her attacker When middle school student Desiree Wickham also goes missing, Elsie is afraid both girls may be in danger Elsie thinks the two girls may have been targeted by a ruthless man posing as an agent for a modeling placement company who has other plans for the girls Elsie is anxious to take action, but authorities are dragging their feet Since Elsie can t get any cooperation from her boyfriend, Detective Bob Ashlock, she starts her own investigation Elsie follows a promising lead, but soon is in as much danger as the girls she is trying to protect A Wolf in the Woods is the fourth book in Nancy Allen s Ozarks Mystery series I ve read the others and they would allow the reader to get to know Elsie better, but new readers will easily connect with Elsie and get caught up in her latest case The author isn t afraid to tackle uncomfortable subjects, showing that big cities aren t the only places in which serious crimes take place It s hard reading about young, vulnerable women being taken advantage of predators in the sex trafficking trade However, the book shines a light on this distur...

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    There s a chilling moment at the beginning of A Wolf in the Woods that rings true in such a creepy, scary way just like that, I was hooked The rest of this wonderful legal thriller by Nancy Allen clips along at such a relentless, twisty, heart racing pace, I read it all in one sitting I love the authentic voice here, the detailed descriptions of the locale, the varied characters and their complex relationships Allen understands the corrupt, small town territory she s writing about, and it s riveting, right up to the jaw drop ending Several teenage girls have gone missing from a small town in the Ozarks, and assistant prosecutor Elsie Arnold soon realizes that the disappearances are connected to an online modeling website But after her concerns are dismissed by the FBI and her boyfriend, Detective Ashlock, she decides to investigate on her own, unraveling the town s murky underbelly, digging up dirty secrets and putting her life in grave danger.There s than one villain in this sto...

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    When Assistant Prosecutor Elsie Arnold finds out that young girls have been disappearing, her curiosity begins an investigation that lands with a connection to an online modeling agency With no one to believe in the connection, Elsie relies on an assaulted girl named Mandy who escaped to find the missing girls and those behind it While trying to work with uncooperative Mandy, another young girl goes missing With n...

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    I always enjoy novels set in a time place that has special meaning to me As the daughter of a Missouri Bootheel lawyer and a resident of Columbia, MO for over 30 years, the Ozark Mysteries ring true for me Ms Allen s heroine, Elise, is gutsy, intelli...

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    Add Elsie Arnold to your list of intrepid women I d not read this series before and I was really impressed Loved the Ozark setting, which is new to me and Allen made good use of a topical issue sex trafficking Elsie is a tough, complex character who makes some bad choices, chief among them the one that gets her into the pickle that is at the core of this well pa...

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    This is a very well written book This is a very emotionally engaging book Yet it was a very hard book for me to read because of the subject matter That evil people would lure girls into forced prostitution through a phony modeling job is just disgusting That young girls would desire the glamour so much that they are taken in by promises is just heart breaking.While this is a heart wrenching novel, it is well written, has excellent...

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    A Wolf in the Woods has it all an exciting plot, a relevant crime, and a heroine you will cheer for This book is Elsie Arnold and Nancy Allen at their finest.

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