Titanic It Has Been Than One Hundred Years Since The RMS Titanic Sank To The Bottom Of The North Atlantic Ocean The Disaster Has Captivated History Buffs And Non History Buffs Alike, And It Is Easy To See Why Some Of The Most Illustrious People Of The Day Were On Board Some Survived, And Some Did Not Legends Abound About Whether The Ship S Maiden Voyage Was Cursed And Then There Is The Ship Itself Arguably The Most Luxurious Vessel To Ever Travel Oversea Inside You Will Read About Conceiving Of And Building The Titanic The Ship Of Dreams Setting Sail The Passengers The Iceberg And The Sinking The Aftermath The Titanic Remembered And Re Discovered The Disaster Holds Secrets And Stories Of Love And Bravery, Cowardice And Greed Explore These And Other Themes That Surround The Sinking Of The Grand Ship, Titanic.Titanic

Henry Freeman is an author and archaeologist He has a passion for history and loves to travel the world exploring various historical sites.Henry graduated from the University of Cambridge with a double major in History and Archaeology and shortly after that started his career as an archaeologist.After traveling the world getting first hand experience with history, Henry was determined to take up

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    A concise summary of the Titanic While there were some interesting new insights, particularly related to the ship interior design and the stories around specific passengers, most of the material was already known Surprisingly, the actual part about the sinking the reasons behind it are barely covered in the book Because the book is so short, it provides scant backup for the ultimate claim that the likely cause of the sinking was bad luck rather than e...

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    I really enjoyed reading this story about the RMS Titanic, the so called Unsinkable Ship Everyone is the world has got to know the story of the Titanic that sank in 1912 but there s always a whole lot to learn about it and its dramatic voyage That s why it was such a good read.My favorite chapters were about the ship setting sail and especially the chapter of Passengers It contained a lot of information both about well known survivors and the ones who perished with the ship The aftermath was also pretty interesting to read about, I must say.It was also interesting to read about when the Titanic got rediscovered in 1985 by Robert Ballard Because of this we know so m...

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    Great read This book has proper details about the Titanic, its passengers, its history and the event when it had sunk completely I loved how every detail was presented Surely a book you must not miss if you love Titanic.

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    InformativeThis book contains a lot about The Titanic I was unaware of and gives information on why the ship failed on impact and unaware the married owners of Maceys refused to leave each other and chose to die together Very sad.

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    When somebody thinks of passenger liners, the name Titanic comes to mind What makes aside from the fact that it sank on its maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York so memorable The size and expense 7.5 million British Pounds and the fact that it was believed to be unsinkable With the turn of the century, many new innovations were being developed and added to make this and her two sister ships the most luxurious in the world.The Titanic was first conceived in 1907 The White Star Line commissioned the building of three ships, RMS Olympic, RMS Titanic, and RMS Britannic They were ordered by White Star Line that was controlled by the International Mercantile Marine Company which was partially owned by J.P Morgan, the infamous American banker The ships were built in Belfast, Ireland by the firm Harland and Wolff and met all the specifications required.Most people think of the unforgettable 1997 love story Titanic, directed by James Cameron The story does paint a good, if not a completely accurate picture of the ship and what the different classes would experience on this maiden voyage I have always found ships and shipwrecks fascination and the Titanic is no different I have read other, detailed accounts of the building and sinking of this ship This, however, gives the reader a b...

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    I do like these Hourly reads There are lots of interesting topics to choose from and this one caught my attention Providing information that was new to me in a concise, well written format was exactly w...

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    A wonderfully compelling read about one of history s most iconic moments This book tells the story about Titanic in just a couple of easy to read chapters, while still giving a detailed account of events It also, very successfully, paints a pic...

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    Good bookThe titanic is a ship that is well known, especially since the movie in 1997 The information given in this book goes deeper than the movie but still just skims the surface of the information Those reading this book will enjoy the way it is written and the facts given.

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    Absolutely brilliant, really interesting

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    NOTE The publisher informed me that this book was available for free on and asked me to write a review.Certain historic events are so inherently fascinating that the public interest in them never dies down, and year after year, author after author takes a crack at describing them Undoubtedly the prime example of such an event is the story of the Titanic, a supposedly unsinkable ship that did just that on its first voyage over a century ago But although the Titanic itself disappeared under the waves in 1912, its spirit and legend remain afloat today A search of books for Titanic ship yielded over 1500 matches.Among those 1500 books on the Titanic is Titanic The Story of the Unsinkable Ship, which is part of a digital publishing effort called Hourly History This company, using uncredited individual authors, has published several dozen histories and biographies, all about 50 pages long, on The company s goal, according to their website, is to give readers a good fundamental overview of various...

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