Dodge and Burn

We Were Told That Our Mother S Life Was Terminated By Killer Bees While Vacationing In San Marcos, Mexico, With Dr Vargas At His Family Home.After Her Mother Dies In Bizarre Circumstances, Heiress Eugenie Lund Is Abducted By Dr Vargas, A Charismatic Svengali Like Figure Who Educates Her According To His Own Philosophy, An Esoteric Blend Of Anthropology And Psychiatry Isolated From Outside Influences, Eugenie S Life Is Spent On The Run Across North America And Europe, Existing On The Fringes Of Society, Always Trying To Keep One Step Ahead Of Her Past Taking In Mexico, Las Vegas, And The Underground Rave Scene, Dodge And Burn Is A Psychedelic Road Trip Recounted In Beautifully Crafted Prose That Pulses With Frenetic Energy.Inspired By The Likes Of Carlos Castaneda And Hunter S Thompson, This Is An Exciting, Iconoclastic Debut Novel From A Remarkable New Voice.Dodge and Burn

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dodge and Burn book, this is one of the most wanted Seraphina Madsen author readers around the world.

[PDF / Epub] ☁ Dodge and Burn  By Seraphina Madsen –
  • 256 pages
  • Dodge and Burn
  • Seraphina Madsen
  • English
  • 21 December 2018

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    Review originally published at Learn This Phrase.Heiress Eugenie Lund is missing This we know from the newspaper article that opens Dodge and Burn, reporting that a manuscript, ostensibly Eugenie s work, has been found in a Spanish cave The ensuing extract reveals the fate of Eugenie and her sister Camille after their mother s death in a freak accident involving killer bees , they were adopted kidnapped by the sadistic Dr Vargas, who educated them in his own arcane manner and experimented on them But the meat of the story takes place some years after the sisters escape from Vargas, with Eugenie recently married to a Frenchman named Beno t who has preternatural fighting skills.The tone for Eugenie s quest to be reunited with Camille is set when she pauses, briefly, to sum up her their predicament thus Who would have guessed that all of this tragedy would befall us, that we would lose one another and I would journey so far and wide and come to this spot, newly married, running from casino mafia and the law At first, I found this bad and stagy, but I later came to see this voice as part of the book s charm Eugenie and Beno t s flight becomes an acid soaked misadventure across several states,...

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    This first publication from new press Dodo Ink is simultaneously a fable about two sisters Eugenie and Camille who live under the control of a sadistic stepfather doctor, a mystery about a lost heiress, a psychedelic road trip about two lovers...

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    Had a kind of bubblegummy, mystical, day glo energy to it, which i really did enjoy, all the folklorey stuff about plants and potions, lsd, raves, shamanic rituals, i lapped that up I d love to see novels out there like this though it didn t quite work for me It felt at times a little too worked on, like there was maybe too much in there that came out of workshops, which i think might ve made it lose some inspired urgency it must ve had in earlie...

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    A great twisting tale about siblings who are inextricably trapped with an adoptive father figure who trains them in the dark arts This magical realist story translates as a Kerouacian road trip, full of rituals, tribal gatherings and trances With the resurgence in ...

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    Part road trip, part acid trip, this book was wild.

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    Dodge and Burn is the first of three books that I ve pledged for via Dodo Ink s Kickstarter campaign and I m sorry to say that it really isn t my cup of tea In the past, I have enjoyed reading about Paganism and Wicca, so it s not that I m particularly averse to reading about the protagnists occult practices To me, the way they ramble on about their magical knowledge just felt a bit forced I was unable to sympathise with any of the characters not even Maynard Grady, who remained two dimensional and whose fate did not need any resolving and found myself skimming the pages, skipping past Eugenie s and Ben s descripti...

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    Difficult one this Always hard to strike a balance between rating according to how good a book is, and how much I personally enjoyed it.It s not, on the whole, my kind of thing The dream logic, the drugs, the rave scene, the mysticism, not really the kind of storytelling I get a lot out of, and the underlying narrative doesn t, in all honesty, amount to a whole lot And yet, between the many and varied cultural references, the engaging characters and the highly...

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    Really enjoyed reading this book, it was incredibly fresh and different from most other books I read and yet the lost then found again travel diary structure somehow made it very familiar and comfortable For once I was left wondering what was going to happen next, as the story winds through mental diversions a...

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    Psychedelic road trip through America and Europe I loved this book, it has plenty of references to 90s culture and substance use which I can related to In a similar van to the 50s 60s beat poets books of trips across America.

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    I ve never read anything like this before It s so psychedelic it almost makes you feel like you re on drugs yourself Really amazing writing and fantastic ending.

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