女のいない男たち [Onna no inai otokotachi]

Suosikkikirjailijan Tarinoita Rakastamisen Vaikeudesta.H Mm Stytt V N Kekseli Seen Tapaansa Murakami Kertoo Kaipuusta Ja Himosta, Unohtumattomista Naisista Ja Tunteellisista Miehist.Tarinassa Rakastunut Samsa Kertoja Muuttuu Gregor Samsaksi, Totuttelee Uuteen Tottelemattomaan Kehoonsa Ja Rakastuu Kyttyr Selk Iseen Lukkosepp Tytt N Eherazadessa Nainen Kertoo Kotiin Suljetulle Miehelle Uskomattoman Tarinan Aina Rakastelun J Lkeen Kinossa Myyntimies Irtisanoutuu Avioeron J Lkeen Ja Perustaa Baarin Er Lle Tokion Sivukujalle Asiakkaaksi Tulee Muiden Muassa Salaper Inen Nainen, Jolla On Tupakanpolttamia Ihossaan Huikeassa Tarinakokoelmassaan Murakami Yhdist Nautinnollisesti Surumielisyyden, Huumorin Ja Fantasian.女のいない男たち [Onna no inai otokotachi]

is a popular contemporary Japanese writer and translator His work has been described as easily accessible, yet profoundly complex He can be located on Facebook at

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  • Hardcover
  • 276 pages
  • 女のいない男たち [Onna no inai otokotachi]
  • Haruki Murakami
  • Finnish
  • 18 December 2018

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    I saw Murakami yesterday I don t mean that in a metaphorical way I literally saw him in my home town of Odense, Denmark He received the Hans Christian Andersen Literary Award and made a few small appearances while he was here, one of which was at our local library There were only 180 of us there, and I don t think anyone left the room afterwards thinking that the event had been so so I, at least, felt dazed and enriched and happy afterwards We heard him read aloud from a short story in Japanese which his Danish translator afterwards read in Danish we heard him answer some questions prepared by said translator and a literature expert And we heard him answer some questions from the audience He was delightful He was humble He was kind He was funny And I got to ask him the last question I may come back and actually review this collection Then again, I may not I may disappear down a well or go chase a cat or go to sleep and wake up as someone who doesn t read books.

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    Men Without Women is a collection of stories about despairing men and loneliness it depicts men who try to cope with the sorrows of life after their loved one has departed from them Unable to move on, the men spend the rest of their days lamenting what they will never again feel So this is a sad collection, one that captures the harsh realities of human experience, at least, the experience some people will ultimately feel in the face of rejection The feelings the men have here are not needy or creepy towards the women in question This certainly isn t a collection about desperate men What we have instead is successful men, often those who are married or charming with the ladies, who lose their loved one or perhaps find her for the first time They then have to get on with their loves in the wake of such a thing.Not an easy task for sure Some have different coping strategies varying in different levels of extremity One man simply dies, unable to eat any or muster the will to live, he slowly perishes and wastes away to nothing as he realises his love never felt the same way about him What s surprising, and perhaps a truism, is how easy it is for such an experience to break a man Again, these men are not emotionally fragile or unhinged they are relatively normal people who simply get overwhelmed by emotions that they cannot control or predict Love is never easy and unreciprocated love is agony But don t some people have the strength to carry on However, despite the harsh experience the men have here, I wanted to see a little bit positivity Some people, men or women, will find themselves in very similar situations in life, but they do not simply lay down and die They get on with it they keep going Life does not fit into a neat little box We don t always get what we want, and simply giving up is not the answer We have one life, and despite how painful our own experience can be, there is always a reason to carry on If you re not living for yourself, then live for other people As ever Murakami s prose is precise with the ability to handle such complex emotions And he has tapped into something here, something true to life, but not everybody will react in such a way We must move forward no matter how hard it may seem At times I found myself wanting to give the men a good hard slap they surely needed it they needed a motivation injection or something As important as it is to find a partner in life, it is not the thing that defines life or success This book is certainly worth a read, though it falls short of its potential.

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    AudiobookI LOVED THESE STORIES They penetrated through my ears and my thoughts I was hanging on to every word walking around town completely captivated The only thing I didn t like only for a couple of minutes is when switching to a new story I wasn t ready to transition Yet, they were all fascinating amazing Quick question Do you think women drive different than men And MEN do you feel less at ease in the passenger seat with a woman driving than when a man is Paul said yes usually To my audiobook friends. even if you mostly only listen to non fiction audiobooks this was an EXCELLENT WALKING COMPANION Esil lol

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    When you delve into a Murakami book you re never quite sure what you ll find will it be surreal and mind bending, like The Wind up Bird Chronicle, or darkly realistic like Norwegian Wood Well this collection of short stories certainly has in common with the latter, though not entirely so The title gives away the linking theme, but that s too simplistic There s longing and loneliness here but also a desire to understand, to discover The tones are often deeply melancholic and are told in typical Murakami style in a matter of fact, somewhat unemotional way, but are totally beguiling nonetheless As you would expect they are beautifully written, containing lines that stopped me in my tracks to ponder the pure truth of the statements.An actor has lost his wife after 20 years She died after a short illness and as he is driven to and from the theatre in which he is performing he is quizzed by his female driver It appears that he knew his wife had had affairs and at one stage took the strange step of befriending a fellow actor purely because he suspected he had had trysts with his late wife Was his motivation just curiosity, as he sought to understand his wife s motivation to seek out other male company Or was he looking to exact revenge in some manner A young man talks to his friend about his own girlfriend They met when they were quite a bit younger and have been together for some time, but they don t have a sexual relationship He attempts to persuade his friend to take his girlfriend out on a date What is the spur for this and where does he expect this to take his own relationship with his girlfriend In both of these stories I was struck by the apparent strangeness of the actions taken by the lead protagonist, yet as the narrative developed these actions seemed to make sense Murakami regularly introduces me to people who not only live in a very different culture but who also seem slightly off kilter It s unsettling but stimulating Sometimes I can reconcile myself to who they are and why they do what they do, but not always.A cosmetic surgeon seems to have everything a single man could want money, a good career and an abundance of willing female company He s careful not to put himself in a position where he will become too emotionally involved with these women, in fact his favoured route is to liaise with women who are already in a steady relationship He enjoys their company relishes the conversations and, of course, the sex But then it happens he falls in love This certainly wasn t in the plan and it throws his whole life into turmoil In the title piece a man receives a phone call advising him that an ex girlfriend has committed suicide He s not sure why he received the call as he d had no contact with her for a long time However, he reflects that this is the third ex girlfriend of his that has committed suicide And then there s the account of a young man in confinement, who is visited by a housekeeper who also provides sexual favours and talks to him about reincarnation she was an eel in a previous life and a boy she secretly stalked.These stories spoke to me of introspection and addiction and of a yearning for relationships lost I don t think I ve worked out the true underlying message in any of these tales if, indeed, there is one but the story of the surgeon, in particular, has a haunting and compelling unexpectedness to it Kino, about a man who opens a small bar after he splits with his wife is the only story I d read before and reviewed it here I enjoyed it at the time and I believe it s one of the strongest offerings in this book.The final story is the most surreal, it s a reversal of Kafka s The Metamorphosis in which Gregor Samsa awakens to find himself transformed from insect to human As he stumbles about his apartment trying to get used to this new, strange body he is visited by a hunchbacked woman to whom he becomes attracted.It s my first foray into the world of the author s short story collections and it s one I found hugely rewarding As always with compendiums of this sort, some pieces attracted me than others but I enjoyed the fact that each felt very separate and different to the last Murakami has a hugely fertile mind and an uncanny ability to put words on a page in a way that excites, confuses and disturbs I m off to find like this.

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    That s what it is like to lose a woman And at a certain time, losing one woman means losing all women That s how we become Men Without Women Haruki Murakami, Men Without WomenThis is a soft Murakami A lot of his novels are dreamlike, but this one seems like an emotional smell than a memory There just isn t a lot to grab onto It reminded me of petting a sea anemone flower at a local aquarium I knew I was doing it I was even thrilled a bit as I was doing it It just didn t register in the way I predicted Anyway, the book is a series of short stories, I ve included my ranking for each 1 Drive My Car 2 Yesterday 3 An Independent Organ 4 Scheherazade 5 Kino 6 Samsa in Love 7 Men without Women

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    Ja prosto obo avam ovog oveka Savr eno, na njegov svojstven na in upakovano.Svaku sam pri u do ivela kao jedan mali roman Imam ose aj da su njeno i moje srce ne im vrsto povezani Kad se njeno srce pomeri, ono sa sobom povu e i moje Kao dva amca vezano konopcem ak i da elim da prese em tu vezu, se ivo kojim bi se ona dala prese i nigde ne postoji.

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    Seven stories All about pitifully isolated men, struggling with the loss of women in their lives, coming to terms, although at a snail s pace, with death and heartbreak some even failing miserably at that It seems to me, Murakami has been writing about them forever.Merging all the characters that Murakami, over the years, breathed life into, we invariably discover a man, always the same man, the ultimate loner Murakami has given him new names and effaced older ones But there s no question that it is the same, alienated man, we, from time to time, find ourselves reading about Until now, I didn t mind, nor did I ever find myself bored on account of my hitherto incorruptible loyalty to the author I have been always, what you call, a fan This time, I loathed his repetitiveness, and the weakness and frailty of his characters Disgusted by their apathy towards others and their nonchalant way of going about life, I became increasingly indifferent as to how their stories progressed Besides, from the outset, I was uncomfortable with the misogynistic undertones.There s a certain, unmistakable charm to loneliness, to detachment It is entirely possible to feel compassion for characters who have severed ties with their surroundings, characters completely robbed of love But in this case, Murakami s men lack sincerity, their stories significance Except Kino , the book s probably one saving grace Only a reader, relatively new to Murakami s world, should consider reading this book As for me, I will be taking a short break from his otherwise colorful world, which kept me entranced, admittedly, for a long time now.

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    Loved it I always love Murakami, even his less than perfect works but this is an excellent addition to his oeuvre I generally prefer his novels to his short fiction but these stories are wonderful.The stories all center around the loneliness of the male protagonists There are missed connections and losses and a general inability to connect or stay connected to anyone, especially women But these men seem generally isolated and lonely Even their male friendships tend to center around lost or unattainable women The men particularly yearn for a woman to assuage their pain Love or the lack of it is the empty center around which their lives revolve.In the title story, the narrator learns that an old lover of his has killed herself The writing in this story is the lyrical and moving as he contemplates their relationship and his loneliness despite, apparently, his marriage I wanted to memorize long passages of this beautiful story although I think the beauty of the writing was stronger than the story itself.In Scheherazade , a woman beguiles a homebound man the reason for his being homebound is never explained, he s one of Murakami s men without the will to go into the world, in the most literal sense with stories In her tale of her adolescence, she talks of a boy she was obsessed with and where that obsession led her Like the men, the women in these stories are also unable to form lasting connections with others Samsa in Love is the oddest, funniest, and yet also frightening touching stories in the collection In a riff off Kafka, a roach wakes up to find himself Gregor Samsa, a human He has difficulty adjusting to his new body as did Samsa and vague memories of his perhaps once being a man named Samsa He too is confined to his house where a hunchbacked woman comes to fix a lock He is fascinated by her But alongside this story of possible love is the presence of tanks in the city the invasion of Prague by the Germans and the ominous absence of his family.I had read the story Kino before but was happy to reread it It is reminiscent of Murakami s earlier work, complete with a jazz bar and mysterious strangers I was filled with a longing to reread his early novels.Murakami remains, for me, a master of literature Always interesting, always filled with beautiful writing and interesting stories There is none of his literal magical elements in these stories but there is the magic of the stories themselves.This would be an easy beginning for readers new to Murakami but perhaps not the best I would still recommend Kafka on the Shore, IQ84 Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World or A Wild Sheep Chase And for short stories, I would recommend After Dark But this would be almost as good a place to being accessible, moving stories filled with Murakami s distinctive touches and themes A new reader would certainly get a sense of Murakami s power as a writer If he or she liked this book, there s a whole world of Murakami out there.And, of course, for those of us already in love with Murakami, this is a must and rewarding read.

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    Dreams are the kind of things you can when you need to borrow and lend out. You know how, for many people, reading books is like travelling without leaving the comfort of their living rooms For me, reading Murakami is like returning home after a long and exhaustive trip His prose, his style, all the little well known things that make up his stories, feel like a cozy, dim lit room with dark corners and telephones that ring menacingly, like an unfortold dark turn of events, in the middle of the night These beautiful antitheses is what I love about Murakami Men who are divorced, men who are married, lonely men, men in relationships, widowers, men who have undergone a sudden metamorphosis, all of them share a special world of their own All of them have a missing jigsaw piece in the place of their hearts It s one of those collections that there s no need to rate the stories seperately In fact, I think it would be a mistake to do so In all seven of them, I experienced the same old feelings Haruki knows ridiculously well how to deliver Favorite Kino Least favorite An Independent Organ Suddenly one day you become Men Without Women That day comes to you completely out of the blue, without the faintest of warnings or hints beforehand No premonitions or foreboding, no knocks or clearing of throats Turn a corner and you know you re already there But by then there s no going back Once you round that bend, that is the only world you can possibly inhabit In that world you are called Men Without Women Always a relentlessly frigid plural.

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