Dragon Rose (Tales of the Latter Kingdoms, #2)

PDF Epub Dragon Rose Tales Of The Latter Kingdoms, 2 Author Christine Pope Wgf2011.eu Librarian S Note This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN B00A81XPX0.The Shadow Of The Cursed Dragon Lord Has Hung Over The Town Of Lirinsholme For Centuries, And No One Ever Knows When The Dragon Will Claim His Next Doomed Bride Rhianne Menyon Has Dreams Of Being A Painter, But Her World Changes Forever When A Single Moment Of Sacrifice Brings Her To Black S Keep As The Dragon S Latest Bride As She Attempts To Adjust To Her New Life And To Know Something Of The Monster Who Is Now Her Husband She Begins To See That The Curse Is Far Crueler Than She First Believed Unraveling The Mystery Of What Happened To The Dragon S Brides Is Only The Beginning.Author S Note While This Is The Second Book In This Series, All Tales Of The Latter Kingdoms Novels Are Written As Standalone Books And Can Be Read In Any Order.Dragon Rose (Tales of the Latter Kingdoms, #2)

A native of Southern California, Christine Pope has been writing stories ever since she commandeered her family s Smith Corona typewriter back in the sixth grade Many reams of dead trees later, she s happy to announce that her debut novel, Fringe Benefits,was published by Pink Petal Books on April 8, 2010 Her short fiction has appeared in Astonishing Adventures, Luna Station Quarterly, and the n

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 276 pages
  • Dragon Rose (Tales of the Latter Kingdoms, #2)
  • Christine Pope
  • English
  • 11 May 2018

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    This, my friends, is the end of Beauty and the Beast month Some amazing reads this month Some not so amazing as well, but ultimately I would call this a huge success I will be announcing my favorites from this month of reading and offering a print book giveaway for one lucky mailing list subscriber I m giving away FOUR books this month, so don t miss out on this giveaway Be sure to subscribe Now to the review .This was a charming read, and just what I was looking for as I finished up my Beauty and the Beast month.WHAT I LOVEDThe mystery of this story was excellent What with this book being the final in a series of Beauty and the Beast reads this month, I worried that it would suffer from predictability But not so Christine Pope came up with a dynamic mystery surrounding the curse of the beast character, and I wasn t able to guess where she was taking it The reveal was satisfying enough explanation to make the story feel complete, but not so much that the story lost its magical edge.The chemistry between the heroine, Rhianne, and her beast was well done I loved how the author handled their situation so that you didn t feel like her love for him was the result of Stockholm syndrome I don t want to say too much for fe...

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    Eeh.This is one of those books that I wish the author would go back and rewrite take a second shot at It was SO close.I liked the world that was set up I loved the Beast I liked the juice of the whole thing even the ending had promise but nothing really seemed fleshed out.I did NOT like the main character, Rhianne She seemed detached Which, when you read the beginning, makes a LITTLE sense But she is too under developed for me to begin to understand her.Actually The whole book seemed under developed There was so much promise, but I kept wondering, why and kept wanting an And It felt like it was a very long short story A quick tale, no emotional investment.I wanted to hear about how the Dragon became the Dragon I wanted to hear from HIS side of things not just an oh by the way I WANTED to fall in love with him but it just never got far enough I kind of wanted to hand her one of Karen Moning s Highlander Romances Just a LITTLE romance not sex would have gone a long way.Just like in Beauty and the Beast there is a long span in which the beast...

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    This book, man I read it with the understanding that it would not be very good Boy, did it surpass my expectations It was actually very difficult to read I constantly found myself cringing in embarrassment, and skimming a few pages at a time A supposed retelling of Beauty and the Beast, in which, the Beast is a man cursed to take the form of a dragon, and Beauty is a one dimensional character, obsessed with painting.The writing quality was typical of modern YA romance novels i.e very poor The story draaaagged for far too long, taking absolutely forever to get to the actual plot And then once you get to that point, it draaaaaags on, again Easily predictable, to the point where I got no satisfaction in being 100% correct about everything.Plus, there were some grammar mistakes, and cussing.The story begins in an ambiguous setting, where you re not sure if it s a medieval village, or some sort of alternate history Why are there trains I thought I read that there were trains, but that doesn t seem right , but apparently there are two moons in the sky, or something, so whatever Right, so, once upon a time about 500 years or so, ago there lived the lord of Black Keep This lord was cursed by a mage, to forever hold the form of a dragon Every few years, The Dragon Lord, in turn, forces the neighboring village to send up one young woman as a bride for himself After quite a few boring chapters full of nothing, the Dragon Lord once ...

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    At the beginning I thought I was going to start this review with my usual caveat it s not you it s me But then I realized that yes I don t like YA, but this wasn t the main problem the book has At first I also thought the problem lie with the fairy tales of the Disneyan variety bland and squeaky clean to be unreadable clean from everything, I m not talking about sex.Yes, the heroine is a 19 year old girl that reads and acts 16 Yes she s the special snowflake who is sooo special to be utterly like any other YA heroine Yes, there s no real evil here No grayness Unfortunately, this isn t the main problem The problem is lack Of characterization, of world building, of plot At the end of the day, the book is utterly boring as nothing happens Not even love There s no reason nor rhyme to the love, except she has written so You don t see it, don t feel it Because there isn t But then there...

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    I didn t know what to think when I got this I love Beauty and the Beast retelling but some are just dumb while others can get too dark and weird I really enjoyed this one The writing was well done, the character of Rheanne was strong and ahead of her time The fairy tale had new and unusual elements that drew me in and made the m...

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    I really was on the fence between giving this three stars or four stars Because there were parts that I liked, and parts that fell a little flat for me.Heaven help me, I like the tale of Beauty and Beast, even though it s a bit strange and weird, it s not that the beast is simply an unattractive fellow, he s not even of the same species But there s something sacred in the tale of his redemption, and the fact that a book loving girl makes good in the happily ever after department, well, what s not to like about that This author tried to spin a new tale with old wool to so speak, and in some ways I think there was success, and some not so successful.Firstly, in the original tale, we don t really know if the Beast had any previous lady friends before Belle But in this case, the town that dwells below the Dragon s castle, has been there for 500 years, and the Dragon has requested many brides It may be as long as twenty years, or as short as three, but when the red banner is raised, the town performs a lottery and send s a bride And no one ever knows what happens to these ladies, only that they never come back.Rhianne, is the oldest of three girls, she aspires to be an artist, in a town that is doesn t let woman folk work in any of the guild trades When he...

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    This lovely Beauty and the Beast retelling gripped me from beginning to end.

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    I enjoyed Dragon Rose, but I did come out of it feeling like I was a little led on by a synopsis that sounded darker and exciting than the story actually turned out to be The blurb on the back isn t misleading at all, it s just that the meat of the story doesn t really start happening until the last 15 20% of the novel The first 80% features an optimistic Rhyanne adjusting to her new life at Black s Keep.Between Pope s beautiful world building and an irresistibly compelling storyline, I struggled to put down the novel in the beginning But after awhile, the story started to get a little tedious and repetitive Every day seemed to feature the same events for Rhyanne Wake up, choose in detail what dress to wear, eat breakfast, paint, eat lunch, paint some , eat dinner with Theron, experience disturbing dreams at night, rinse and repeat If there was some progression between her and Theron, either emotionally or physically, that would have lent itself to a engrossing story But she and her cursed husband never move forward in their relationship until the very end I m a huge fan of slow burning romances, but when it s this agonizingly slow it s not much exciting than watching grass...

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    I wanted to love this book unfortunately it just wasn t there for me there seemed to be too much down time where Rhianne was sleeping or too lethargic too get out of bed I mean, she slept for weeks at a time at one point I wanted interaction with Theron yes, she fell in love with him slowly over time but i can t understand how constant conversations about the weather lead...

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