Black and Blue Love

After Kallie Moran S Husband, Aaron, Is Killed In Iraq, Kallie Asks Her Law Firm To Transfer Her Back To Her Home Town So She Can Be Close To Her Mother.When Her Request Is Granted, She Realizes That Closeness To Her Mother Also Means Closeness To Her Mother S Dreadful Sister, Bessie Benson.Bessie Is Loud And Crass, And Her Sons Make A Lifestyle Of Rotating In And Out Of The County Jail The Only Benson That Kallie Has Ever Been Able To Tolerate Is Her Cousin, Andi Andi, Too, Once Dreamed Of Getting Out Of Brookville, But Unlike Kallie, She Never Quite Made It Now An Out Lesbian, Andi Drags Her Intimidated Partner, Della, To Local Bars And Out Of Control Family Affairs Della Seems So Miserable That Kallie Finds Herself Reaching Out To This Beautiful, Fragile Looking Woman Who Just Doesn T Seem To Belong Among The Bensons As Kallie And Della Become Friends, Kallie Witnesses The Verbal And Emotional Abuse Andi Heaps On Della Then Comes The Terrible Night When Andi Is No Longer Able To Confine Herself To Words And Slams Della To The Ground, Permanently Scarring Her Face.Della Flees To Kallie For Protection In Relative Safety, She Struggles To Face The Fact That She Is A Victim Of Lesbian Domestic Violence She Is Also Falling Hard For Kallie, Her Rescuer Kallie, Meanwhile, Is Keeping Some Secrets Of Her Own She Wants To Be With Della As Much As Della Wants To Be With Her, But She Is Afraid To Embark On Her First Lesbian Relationship Their Love Blossoms When Kallie Risks Her Life To Save Della From Another Of Andi S Vicious Attacks But It Doesn T Take Andi Long To Realize She S Been Betrayed Furious, Drunk, And Carrying Her Father S Hand Gun, She Vows That This Time She Will REALLY Make Della And Kallie Pay.Black and Blue Love

Judy was born in Oklahoma and raised in Kansas With the end of a sixteen year same sex relationship, Judy has devoted her time to her love of writing.In the past four years of the single life, and retirement, Judy has been busy writing lesbian romance novellas To date she has published sixteen on , with another fourteen waiting to be edited and published As usual, she is busy writing yet

[Ebook] ↠ Black and Blue Love  Author Judy Folger –
  • 131 pages
  • Black and Blue Love
  • Judy Folger
  • 17 October 2018

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    Heartwrenching This is a very well written tale of an abused woman finding new love It highlights how quickly domestic violence can escalate and how deadly it can turn You can feel the pain and sufferi...

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    Two women realize they have feelings for each other One is a lesbian in an abusive situation The other thought her self straight but falls in love with her The lesbian s girlfriend turns violent A very interesting book with well developed characters.

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    ViolenceI read this book quickly Kallie and Della met Only one problem Della was attached Of course attraction overruled Now comes the downside Domestic violence is never a good time A good read even with the darkness Read their story.

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    Good read Loved the journey of attraction, recognition, understanding love as it developed intensified between Tamsin Diane all while in the midst of a redefining self discovery of understanding acceptance their transformed identities, was crafted marvelously

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    FiveStarsAs the title suggests this is a tale of growing attraction and deepening love between Kallie, an attorney, and Kallie s cousin Andrea s partner, Della, and the circumstances and actions which result in domestic violence.Kallie starts off as a strong, forceful professional woman, Della the quiet, gentle one, however, as the story unfolds we see the roles becoming reversed Ms Folger does an excellent job with these intriguing characters, I was particularly impressed with the way she developed the character of Andrea, the protagonist Obviously well researching the characteristics associated with domestic violence, Ms Folger manages to make us understand Andrea, and, to some extent her actions, without ever condoning the horrors which are domestic violence.Despite the serious and horrifying aspects of this story line Ms Folger keeps her novel uplifting and yes, enjoyable, there are many light hearted moment involving each of the main characters families and the story is so well presented I found myself unable to put it down until I found out how the characters and tale would finally unfold.This is the first novel I have read by this author but I will certainly be reading I was given this in return for an honest review by Inked Rainbow Reads.ChrisfourstarsThis book is well written.It dosent have alot of twist and turns, Its pretty straight forward but its written well enough to hold your attention and be a easy read It is very emotional It will break your heart, ...

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    Original review on Molly LollyFour stars I enjoyed this book I thought Judy Folger handled the domestic violence topic well She was even able to show a bit in Andi s head her trying to justify and explain her actions I liked how Della and Kallie s relationship progressed It was hard to understand Della s feelings since they changed a few times I could tell Della was warring with herself and trying to reconcile the Andi she fell in love with and the Andi she was with now But it could have been explained a bit better to make it a battle of conscious and not just wishy washy feelings The ending wasn t what I was expecting It was kind of happy But at the same time not It was also a little bit rushed The scene with Kallie and Andi s mom was interesting, but it left me hanging a bit I would have liked those revelations to be explored I d also would have liked to see of how Kallie and Della work...

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    Very good bookThis book was a good representation of domestic violence is a problem that exists in the world whether you are straight or gay It also explained how families can destroy a person with their homophobia Kallie and Della s love story prevails above all the adversity A...

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