Loves Soul

Winnie Jacobs Was Finally Getting Married She Had Waited What Felt Like A Lifetime For Her Boyfriend To Propose, But She Was Finally Going To Have Everything She Had Always Dreamed Of Her Life Was On Track And Heading In The Direction She Wanted It To Go, Until She Met Him Granted A Two Week Leave By The Military Before His Deployment, James Holden Decides To Spend It In Love S Corner, Nebraska With A Friend He Did Not Plan On Falling Hard For A Girl With Big Brown Eyes And A Soft, Gentle Smile There Is Just One Problem She S Engaged To Someone Else With Emotions High And Hearts On The Line, Winnie Must Choose Between The Man She Has Promised Herself To, Or The One Who Has Shown Her There Is To Life And Love Than She Ever Knew Will Winnie Trust In God To Help Her Make One Of The Biggest Decisions Of Her LifeLoves Soul

Christy Lawri grew up on a small farm in Iowa where she spent most of her time either reading or on horseback She has been writing stories since she was a child, and is now living her dream as an author Christy has a loving, supportive husband and three beautiful children She loves reading, writing and spending time with her family.Her Love s Corner Series was inspired by the Prayer Shawl Minis

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  • Loves Soul
  • Christy Lawri
  • English
  • 05 January 2017

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    I am so happy to have read book two by this wonderful author Wow, she took me on a ride I was not expecting There were twists and turns that kept me engaged and enthralled I needed to know what was going to happen next Book did not disappoint Winnie is such a kind soul, she is going to school and working, she is walking the right path and sees only the good in people She is engaged to her high school sweetheart, she can t wait to be married or is it the idea of being married that she is excited about.James is in the military and with two weeks off and no family to go home to, he tags along with his best friend and goes home with him His buddy is ready to pop the question to his girl and James can t help but be excited for him While on leave he sees Winnie and has to meet her, with only two weeks he has little time to waste He eventually meets her and the first thing he sees is her engagement ring He understands how she can be taken,she has outer and inner beauty She offers only friendship, James takes what he can get and a lovely friendship begins.For Winnie meeting James seemed confusing, he was handsome, sweet, and showed her so much attention, attention she wasn t getting from her fiance She began to think and realized that her fiance seemed to be going with the flow, he seemed as if he was doing things because they were expected of him, like marrying Winnie He had made plans for when they would be married all of which were thing...

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    Winnie is about to marry her high school boyfriend Everything seems to be going great until two surprise visits happen James Holden is on a two week leave from the Army and goes to Loves Corner with his friend Luke When James and Winnie meet things start to change for them both A friendship blooms for them even though...

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    Winnie Jacobs has her life all figure out Engaged to her high school sweetheart, her career planned out, and her dreams for the future just a degree away As soon as her love finishes college, their life can begin.James Holden is from a long line of Military men He knew all his life this was the path he would take He is proud to serve his country, and support his fellow Brothers and Sisters in the service.Deciding to enjoy his two week leave before his next deployment,James goes home with his buddy Luke to Love s Corner When Winnie and James s paths cross a friendship is born Winnie is happy to have found someone she can actually talk too ...

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    Winnie Jacobs lives in Love s Corner, NE She is engaged to her high school sweetheart Ryan Everything in her life is going how she always wanted it to or so she thought.James Holden is in the Army He decides to visit Love s Corner for his two week leave before deployment with his friend Luke..Winnie and Luke meet and they both realize that they have feelings for each other But with Winnie being engaged they decide that they can only be friends.When Winnie s ...

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    I absolutely love this series and the stories Winnie is engaged to Ryan, but she feels something is off She has given him 5 years of her life, does he love her or is he just playing games Will the wedding commence, or will there never be one What is happening in Love s Corner n...

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