Return to Paradise

Do You Believe In Destiny Guest Ranch Manager Madison Carter Certainly Does Abandoned As A Small Child, She Knows Little Of Her Past But Is Convinced That Uncovering It Will Lead Her To Healing And Home On A Journey Of Self Discovery To The Town Where She Was Born, She Meets Lacey McAlpine The Self Assured, Straight Talking Entrepreneur Lacey Is Blessed With Loving Family And Friends And Has Always Shaped Her Own Destiny Or So She Believes.The Sparks Fly Almost Immediately, But The Women S Contrasting Personalities And What Lacey Perceives As Madison S Secretive Nature Keep Them From Igniting Just Yet Their Friendship Deepens To Passionate Romance, However, When Madison Moves Into Town To Open Her Own Guest Ranch And Begins To Open Up About Herself.A Lock Without A Key, A Box Of Childhood Treasures And A Scruffy White Horse Begin To Illuminate Madison S Shadowed Past Despite Her Miss Fix It Attitude, Lacey Will Soon Learn That It Will Take A Little Destiny To Repair A Broken Soul.Return to Paradise

Laina Villeneuve admits that her real life courtship would read like a blatant plot manipulation But it all worked out in the end and she and her wife live in Southern California with their three children An English professor with a passion for lesbian fiction, she also has a lifelong love for horses.

[[ BOOKS ]] ✬ Return to Paradise  Author Laina Villeneuve –
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Return to Paradise
  • Laina Villeneuve
  • 21 March 2019
  • 9781594935107

10 thoughts on “Return to Paradise

  1. says:

    Loved it 4.5stars One of the things I love about all of Villeneuve s books is that they tie previous characters from her other books together and keep you updated without taking away from the story at hand This is definitely a stand alone book and you dont have to read the previous ones but why wouldn t you, they are great too Ok so this bookI really loved it It is told in the lovely town of Quincy and from two different perspectives, Madison and Lacey From their second, or maybe third, interactions with each other, ypu would think this book would be about unrequited childhood love and Fate And in a sense it is, but not in the sense of the conversation they hadforeshadowing or irony or one of those literary terms Anyway, the characters were well flushed out and as frustrating as Madison was she was still likable A...

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    It was an interesting read, the pace was a bit slow but not too bothersome and it felt original The characters were fleshed out quite well and you could empathize with them and understand how their characters are overall i d give this book a 3,6 star.

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    Interesting exploration of how a young woman who feels she has no parents, no home and no community finds all three where she least expects them The characters are well drawn, the interrelationships interesting and the concept of feeling like you belong nowhere, that nobody picks you, only to find how much you are valued, is well conceived O...

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    I have always been extremely skeptical about romance novels, but I gave this one a try after receiving a copy for free at ClexaCon this year Imagine my surprise when I fell completely in love with this book I really enjoyed the pacing And Houdini is hilarious D...

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    This book was everything I dreamed it would be and Madison Carter moves back to the town she was born in to open up a guest ranch She s got her life savings a whole lot of heart to pour into the property her father once owned She s hoping to find a place where she finally feels she belongs and the family she s been longing for all her life By chance or by Fate Madison lands herself in Lacey s shop her first day in town They clash and they clash time and again after that But then comes a tentative friendship and then something Will Madison find what she s looking for And will Lacey be a part of that This hit all the notes for me And it was than just a brilliant romance this was a beautiful story about finding yourself, finding home, finding family and finding love The romance was sweet and perfect and oh so lovely and it was only made stronger by the other relationships in their lives And if this wasn t enough for me to be head over heels in love with this book Well, I love books where the characters have renovations to do honestly my favourite kind of book And I always have a special place in my heart for books set in Northern Cal...

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    Never read this author before, glad I picked up the book in the library The building of the relationship seemed a bit rushed at times and I would have liked a bit of the back story on Shawneen I loved the bits of Houdini sprinkled here and there, specially whe...

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