The Flood Girls

February 2016 Indie Next List Pick This Snappy, Sassy Redemption Story Set In Small Town Montana Is A Wild And Crazy Debut Novel By A Talented Young Writer Jackie Collins , Filled With An Uproarious And Unforgettable Cast Of Characters You Won T Want To Leave Behind The Flood Girls Includes Barfights And AA Meetings, A Parade, A Wedding, And A Black Bear, All Of Which Fifield Juggles BeautifullyThe Wild West Earns Its Name All Over Again In This Lovable Chronicle Of Small Town Insanity Kirkus Reviews Starred Review Welcome To Quinn, Montana, Population 956 A Town Where Nearly All Of The Volunteer Firemen Are Named Jim, Where The Dirty Shame The Only Bar In Town Refuses To Serve Mixed Drinks Too Much Work , Where The Locals Hate The Newcomers Then Again, They Hate The Locals, Too , And Where The Town Softball Team Has Never Even Come Close To Having A Winning Season Until Now Rachel Flood Has Snuck Back Into Town After Leaving Behind A Trail Of Chaos Nine Years Prior She S Here To Make Amends, But Nobody Wants To Hear It, Especially Her Mother, Laverna But With The Help Of A Local Boy Named Jake And A Little Soul Searching, She Just Might Make Things Right In The Spirit Of Empire Falls And A League Of Their Own, With The Caustic Wit Of Where D You Go, Bernadette Thrown In For Good Measure, Richard Fifield S Hilarious And Heartwarming Debut Will Have You Laughing Through Tears.The Flood Girls

Howdy Thank you so much for checking out my Goodreads author page My debut novel, The Flood Girls, will be released by Simon Schuster on February 2, 2016 About me Blond hair, blue eyes, six feet tall, Virgo, sober, vegetarian, animal rights activist I won t add any , because it feels like a dating profile Although I will seriously consider every marriage proposal that should come

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  • The Flood Girls
  • Richard Fifield
  • 03 March 2019
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    As a 60 year old woman I find the publishing world wants to sell me on surviving grief and senior sex when all I want are strong, realistic characters who make me feel something other than looming decrepitude I don t know who Richard Fifield thinks he is, but to me he s a master of the female voice His book is filled with so many women I recognize from my own growing up in a small town that I became nostalgic for those sensible, bighearted bitches Something I didn t think possible The town of Quinn, Montana could be anywhere there are imperfect mothers and wayward daughters, boys who don t succumb to proto male conditioning, and townfolk who bond and break over shared experience, whether a sordid affair or softball tournament There have been many writers who try to portray the environment that exists in a place where everyone knows e...

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    I grew up in a very small town where everyone seemingly knew everyone the good and the bad This is probably why I find myself so drawn to stories of small towns, and Richard Fifield s The Flood Girls is no exception in fact, it s one of the best small town novels I think I ve ever read.The Flood Girls gives readers a glimpse into the small little town of Quinn, Montanawhere things are not as peachy and nice as you might think they would be Every new volunteer firefighter is seemingly named Jim leading them to address them by a number rather than a name, the softball team is supported by the town and yet can t seem to win a game if it s not called due to rain, and the local bad girl , Rachel Flood, has arrived to a less than calm welcome Yes, it s the perfect setting for some good, down home drama which is exactly what makes this book so spectacular.There s also Jake, the kid next door who warms up to Rachel nearly immediately and accompanies her on her journey toward making amends in this small town But when Rachel is told she s expected to play on her estranged mother s softball team, things seem like they can t get much worse Will she ...

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    I was given an ARC copy of this book through NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Well, I had to compose myself for a couple of days before I wrote this review The first few chapters were only o.k for me I thought, well another story about quirky people in a small town Then I sat and read for 6 hours straight The Flood Girls is about a small town in Montana, Quinn, and there are very diverse characters for sure The difference with this book is how incredibly well Mr Fifield led me to understand these characters, there was sufficient back story not only on our main character, Rachel, but also the other people of this town Rachel has come back home to make amends for the chaos she caused during her teenage years, especially a betrayal to her mother, Laverna She has gone through AA and has a sponsor back in the city but also one appointed to her in Quinn, who happens to be the police chief.Some of the characters that you will be introduced to include Laverna, who owns the only bar in town, The Dirty Shame, aptly named for all of the things the townspeople get up to in that bar Red Mabel is Laverna s best friend and confidant There are all of the volunteer firemen, three of whom are named Jim and Jim number 3 helps Rachel to restore a broken down trailer house left to her by her father and would very much like to have a closer relationship to Rachel J...

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    Find all of my reviews at Wolfe wrote you can t go home again Fitting that I wound up listening a book about a woman returning to her hometown during my 12 hour round trip solo drive back to the place where I was born and raised for the first time in a decade In The Flood Girls Rachel returns to a town full of trailer parks and alcoholics because she felt she needed to re work Step 8 In case you aren t familiar I ended up in the local watering hole at some point during my brief stay, but I can t say I took the same path Rachel did when I got back to my ol stomping grounds However, I could relate to Rachel s slice of Americana and had a great time learning all about the various Flood Girls as they tried to make it to the regional baseball tourney for the first time ever As well as The Chief and his merry band of volunteer firemen Not to mention young Jake Man This was a winner for me Many thanks to Melki for her 5 Star review She s kind of greedy with the Starzzzzzz just like me so when she hands them out,...

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    Laverna had no doubts about her hometown, knew that it created devils and angels, queens and boy princesses, gritty souls that could survive anything.Rachel s back in town, Quinn, Montana, to be precise a small town filled with souls who have not forgotten that Rachel once had a certain reputation But, she s in an AA twelve step program, and needs to make amends to those she s wronged, so here she is, settling into her late father s trailer home, ready to take on the town gossips, and, gulp, her mother, Laverna, owner of the local watering hole, the Dirty Shame, and coach of the women s softball team I LOVED this book There s a real Northern Exposure vibe to the novel, peopled as it ...

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    I am sincerely torn about this book I wanted so much to say that I loved it and that I thought it was incredible but I think this is one of those stories that will appeal to some readers and would be lost in others For me, I recognize the fantastic effort set forth by the author s debut work However, I don t think I m necessarily the target audience for this kind of story The plot itself is commendable an alcoholic Rachel going through the steps to recovery from Alcoholics Anonymous returns to her hometown Quinn, Montana to make amends with the people she affected with her careless behaviors some 9 years prior But the story just doesn t go further than painting the picture of a bunch of caricatures that do engage in ridiculous antics and can only talk to each other in insults and threats.The story takes place in Quinn, a very small rural town The center of the town seems to be the bar The Dirty Shame owned and run by Laverna Rachel s mother Laverna turns out to be Rachel s biggest skeptic and definitely not her number one fan Quickly we are introduced to a cast of characters as I have never read about before For my taste, they were too over the top and somewhat outrageous in their outlandish and violent behaviors and gratuitous use o...

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    Damn you, Richard Fifield I took a copy of The Flood Girls on a family vacation this Summer, and I couldn t put it down Rather than having ravaging sex with my husband under the midnight sun of Iceland, I feigned sleepiness so I could climb into bed and read about the town of Quinn and it s lively inhabitants I snuck quick chapters in the bathroom as my family impatiently waited for me to be ready to walk into town for dinner Friends ask me to regale them with stories of our adventure, and my mind mies up the waterfalls and the beautiful blonde people of Iceland with the softball games and bar brawls of small town Montana.Jk, Jk For reals, thank you Richard Fifield, for writing a beautiful and spot on book For capturing characters that we all are familiar with but could never use words to describe them in such a witty and magical way as you have Thank you for giving a voice to small town women whose lives always seemed desperate and sad to me, but after reading The Flood Girls, I se...

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    Have to admit, this book was a slow start Once it picked up, it made for an entertaining read Lots of vivid characters and softball with themes of family, guilt, and acceptance This story was both heartbreaking and heartwarming Could definitely see this being made into a movie.

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    While I m not sure I found this to be uproarious as the publisher summary claims and I really hate a book being sold as funny when that isn t its strength , this debut novel is a unique look at addiction and isolation in small town Montana where a trip to Missoula is life changing with its mall and Chinese food Rachel has returned home as part of her AA amends, back to the trailer park where she spent most of her teenage years wasted and having sex with all the volunteer firefighters, married or not Her mother owns the bar in town where the lesbian miners and alcoholics go, and also serves as the center for the local softball league which her mother also coaches The characters for the most part are rough around the edges, tough, feisty, and then there is a little gay boy who we all know is gay because of how he dresses I probably could have done with a little less cliche and a little heart I actually believe the author wants to be diverse in his characters but somehow manages to do this by creating some pretty major stereotypes Gay because fashion Lesbian because flannel I liked some of the minor...

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    This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life.I am still not sure how I feel about this book I loved parts of it but thought other parts were a little too much And that ending I can t even I was really hoping that everything would pull together for a feel good kind of ending It wasn t a feel good ending It was shocking and it broke my heart I really have struggled with how to rate this book I was really somewhere between a 3 and a 4 for most of the book When I take the ending into consideration, I really have to go with 3 stars for this one.This book has one of the most colorful cast of characters that I can remember reading Some of these characters were rude and abrasive most of the time I did feel that the characters were a bit over the top at times I didn t dislike most of the characters but I didn t feel any kind of connection to the majority of them either There were a few stand outs in the cast that did get to me by the end of the story Laverna took a long time to warm up to but once I understood h...

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