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Download Jane Steele Author Lyndsay Faye Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Reader, I Murdered HimJANE STEELE Is A Brilliant Gothic Retelling Of JANE EYRE From Edgar Nominated Lyndsay Faye, For Fans Of LONGBOURN And PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES I Loved It Elly GriffithsJANE STEELE HAS BEEN NOMINATED FOR AN EDGAR AWARD FOR BEST NOVEL 2017 Like The Heroine Of The Novel She Adores, Jane Steele Suffers Cruelly At The Hands Of Her Aunt And Schoolmaster And Like Jane Eyre, They Call Her Wicked But In Her Case, She Fears The Accusation Is True When She Flees, She Leaves Behind The Corpses Of Her Tormentors A Fugitive Navigating London S Underbelly, Jane Rights Wrongs On Behalf Of The Have Nots Whilst Avoiding The Noose Until An Advertisement Catches Her Eye Her Aunt Has Died And The New Master At Highgate House, Mr Thornfield, Seeks A Governess Anxious To Know If She Is Highgate S True Heir, Jane Takes The Position And Is Soon Caught Up In The Household S Strange Spell When She Falls In Love With The Mysterious Charles Thornfield, She Faces A Terrible Dilemma Can She Possess Him Body, Soul And Secrets And What If He Discovers Her Murderous PastJane Steele

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Jane Steele book, this is one of the most wanted Lyndsay Faye author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 432 pages
  • Jane Steele
  • Lyndsay Faye
  • 12 December 2019
  • 9781472217561

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    The first 1 3 1 2 of this book was really great.Jane Steele is being called a retelling of Jane Eyre, but it isn t The narrator presents the story as an autobiography and claims to have read Bronte s most famous novel and the work inspires me to imitative acts And Jane Steele s life does indeed resemble that of Jane Eyre.But with a huge twist a lot blood, murder and vengeance.Regardless of whether you like Jane Eyre or not and I do , it s hard to not be pulled in by Jane Steele s narrative voice Her mother dies, leaving her orphaned and at the mercy of her constantly disapproving aunt, who later sends her to a strict, miserable boarding school But that s not before she commits her first murder.Steele is fuelled by fire and vengeance She is not afraid to get her hands dirty And even though she seems increasingly nuts and lacking in human empathy, the author somehow manages to convince the reader that her crimes were warranted From attempted rapists to sanctimonious religious hypocrites, Steele is a serial killer with strong and often understandable motivations.Her time at boarding school is my favourite part of the story because that place is horrid Nothing drags you into a story like a nice serving of despair and unfairness to really piss you off And...

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    It was the boarding school that taught me to act as a wolf in girl s clothing should skulking, a greyer shadow within a grey landscape It was London which formed me into a pale, wide eyed creature with an errant laugh, a lust for life and for dirty vocabulary, and a knife in her pocket I hereby commence my account with the unembellished truth Reader, I murdered him. This is a very, very loose retelling of Jane Eyre in which Jane is a serial killer And reader, it was awesome If you re very, very canon about your Jane Eyre, stay far away If you want to be entertained, if you have a secret or not so secret preens dark and twisted side, come and dive right in.This is not a book for middle schoolers It is seriously dark, with sexual violence and child abuse, some of it happening to Jane as a very young child On the last occasion we had shared a drive in the trap, the candied aroma of clover in our noses, Edwin had parted his trouser front and shown me the flesh resting like a grubworm with...

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    Oh, I knew who I was a scarlet toothed tigress, one forever burdened by the iron weight of her own black stripes.many thanks to the great anmiryam for passing this arc my way, because it was so exactly what i wanted to read, i don t even feel bad about letting it cut the line of book suitors already vying for my attentions i read a lot of reviews here on goodreads.com and while i have a pretty good memory for books i have read, i frequently forget the specific content of reviews after i read them if the book interests me based on a review, i add it to my to read list, like the review, and move along so in my head, i misremembered this book as being a retelling of Jane Eyre in which jane herself was a serial killer but that s not it at all it s much cheekier and interesting than that.this follows the life and bloody trail of jane steele, whose experiences mirror Jane Eyre in some ways, but is a much easier character for a modern reader to applaud don t get me wrong, Jane Eyre is a great book, but i personally get a little impatient with the way she sabotages her own happiness based on her notions of propriety or morality and the conventions of her time it s all perfectly reasonable behavior when you re r...

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    Jane Steel by Lyndsay Faye is a 2016 G P Putnam s Sons publication There are only a few times in my life when I ve honestly felt as though an author sat down and penned a book just for me This is one of those times While marketed as a retelling of Jane Eyre, in truth, our protagonist, Jane Steele, sees a dark parallel between her life and that of Jane Eyre, and is inspired to write her own memoir, so technically it s not really a retelling in the way we commonly refer to it But, as a huge fan of classic Gothic stories, Jane Eyre, in particular, this book literally rocked my world Right away I recognized the writing style The languorous phrases and the slow, tantalizing pace, the deliciously dark characterizations, all of which drew me right into the familiar, well loved, adored, and cherished atmosphere of the Gothic novel Jane Steele is vulnerable, but also has criminal, murderous tendencies However, she never does anything out of pure malice She loves and cares for people deeply, but literally has no qualms about taking matters into her own hands, vigilante style, not once, but multiple times Though I no longer presumed to have a conscience, I have never once lacked feelings Jane Steele often compares her own circumstances to those of Jane Eyre, but points out various ways Eyre lacked the chops to do what needed doing and wasn t all that gre...

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    This book enchanted me It reminded me of how passionate I was about learning to read when I was 5 or 6 so that I could read all the stories I wanted to whenever I wanted to and not have to wait my turn to have my parents read them to me.It also reminded me of my first impressions of classics such as the writings of the Bronte sisters and Daphne duMaurier Yes, there was darkness there yet juxtaposed with light There was romance and the struggle away from and toward it There was murder and mayhem and the questions of how and why these occurred.All those are found within Jane Steele and there is deprivation and betrayal friendship and hope despair and cruelty kindness and love.There are secrets As Jane says, I warn the tempted secrets decay, as corpses do, growing ranker over time These secrets themselves, and the healing by revealing for those hanging on to them underscore the story Incidents happen like tentacles spreading outward, and when one tentacle is cut off, it sometimes sprouts to re surface later in the story, enmeshed with another tentacle that was not observably connected earlier.The story itself is riveting, and the prose was like an intoxicant for me Metaphor and similes made me pause and see an even deeper meaning to the story As an example, Mr Thornfield describes the Khalsa army thus a hundred...

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    I received a copy of Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye through NetGalley Thank you to both NetGalley and to Lyndsay Faye for the opportunity Truth be told..nay, never here If you easily get your petticoat in a bundle, then this book is certainly not for you Nuff said, dear reader.And then in walks a dark, slight figure of a young girl who traipses across these pages on silent tiptoe like the vermin in the underbelly of old London Although innocence is her Victorian calling card, bold reality states otherwise Who, exactly, is this slip of a girl that would make Charlotte Bronte shudder at the pure thought of her Jane Steele lives with her mother, Anne Laure, in a small cottage on the distant grounds of Highgate House Anne Laure is frail both in mind and body The two are not welcomed in the main house of Jane s Aunt Patience Barbary Ol Patience has no patience with Jane and she is subjected to cruelty and ridicule Moreover, Jane s cousin, Edwin, is a beast of a boy and you will be the audience for hi...

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    What fun

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    Reader, I murdered him I m going to try to keep this review short, mostly because it depresses me to think that I actually am giving this such a low rating Out of all the books on my Must Read of 2018 list, I was most excited for this one I was also the most positive that I would five star it, but here we are I also read Jane Eyre this year in preparation for this book that celebrates that story, which is even funny because I ended up five starring it Sadly, Jane Steele did a good homage to the original source material, but I could just never bring myself to care Which is extra sad, because in this story Jane is a serial killer And much like in Jane Eyre, this book has a very dark and feminist tone It really showcases that people never want to believe women, especially not young girls, but would rather give powerful men the benefit of the doubt Jane only kills to survive, and each life she takes is because the person will not take the word no seriously from a girl Reader, I was so damn bored I was a little intrigued at the start I mean, it is hard to not get hyped about a serial killer who loves Jane Eyre But as and time went on, I just cared less and less Also, ...

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    I m going to have to apologise in advance because I will be FOREVER fangirling over Charles Thornfield.

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    What a wild ride While I enjoyed the first half of this far than the second, I still really liked this as a whole and am v happy to have read it Honestly this would have been a 5 star if I hadn t been bored an...

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