The Voices Within

PDF Epub The Voices Within Author Charles Fernyhough A Wide Ranging Look At The Voices In All Our Heads, Examining How We Think And What It Means For Our Lives And Sense Of Self.Close Your Eyes And Have A Thought Profound Or Mundane, Hold The Thought Savour It Replay It In Your Mind Now Ask Yourself A Question What Was It Like To Think That Thought What We Usually Call Thinking Is Often A Kind Of Speaking By, And A Listening To, The Multiple Voices Of Our Consciousness.The Voices Within Eavesdrops On The Voices In Our Heads The Kindly Ones, The Guiding Ones, The Voices Of Conscience And Memory, And The Sometimes Terrible, Sometimes Beneficent Voices Of Those Who Hear Others Speaking When There Is No One Around It Illuminates The New Sciences Of Language And Thought With Engaging Case Studies And Historical And Artistic Examples, And Makes The Reader Think Differently About How Words And Thoughts Weave Together In Our Consciousness.Authoritative And Engaging, Drawing On Some Of The Most Up To Date Research And Thinking, In The Voices Within Psychologist Charles Fernyhough Interviews Young Children And The Elderly, Novelists, Practitioners Of Meditation, Visual Artists And, In Particular, People Who Hear Voices And Reveals How It Seems That The Inner Voice Of Introspection Is Real, And That It Plays A Vital Part In Our Thinking Psychologists Are Demonstrating That Inner Speech Could Have An Importance Far Beyond Our Previous Thinking, Helping Us To Regulate Our Own Behaviour, Motivate Ourselves For Action And Even Become Conscious Of Our Own Selves.The Voices Within

Charles Fernyhough is a writer and psychologist His non fiction book about his daughter s psychological development, The Baby in the Mirror, was published by Granta in 2008 His book on autobiographical memory, Pieces of Light Profile, 2012 was shortlisted for the 2013 Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books His latest non fiction book, on the voices in our heads, is published by Profile

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  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • The Voices Within
  • Charles Fernyhough
  • English
  • 25 February 2019
  • 9781781252796

10 thoughts on “The Voices Within

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    While this topic is very interesting, I don t think anything in this book was groundbreaking in it s approach It basically told me everything I already knew about listening to voices , the only difference was that there was a lot of scientific terms thrown around and a lot of conjectures that the book itself say...

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    I found this nonfiction book, The Voices Within by Charles Fernyhough, stimulating and refreshing like cold, fizzy ginger ale for your brain The author explores some fascinating similarities differences among public speech, private speech talking to yourself , inner speech the silent talking that goes on in your head, including both telegraphic and dialogic forms , silent reading, reading aloud, inner outer dialogue, and that complicated amalgam of logic, language, imagery, memory, feelings, and sensory impressions that we call thought I have always been curious about these issues, and even so since I recently started meditating and observing my own thoughts As a child, I remember the exact moment when I first learned to read silently as opposed to aloud I recall reading and softly until I unexpectedly made the leap into inner space, reading the words silently in my head I noticed how much faster and easier it felt And deliciously private Very freeing.Did you know that, according to many researchers, the first documented description of the practice of silent reading is from AD 385 St Augustine was amazed to see a bishop doing something very strange appearing to read without speaking aloud.The author periodically invites the reader to explore his her own thoughts For instance, Stop reading now, and close your eyes, and think of something, anything Then open y...

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    It was wonderful to find a book all about inner speech, since inner speech is the basis of the language learning model I have developed over years of teaching English in Taiwan the Echo Method I ve gleaned some good quotes from the book for my research and writing, something that overall has been pretty difficult to come by, since there seems to be relatively little research on the topic so far, especially as relates to language learning ...

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    There s a bit too much space given to the auditory hallucinations of the schizophrenia spectrum disorder, but overall a good book about our inner dialog The section about how some fiction writers literally just listen in to the conversation of their character as if the...

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    Immensely readable as always with Charles Fernyhough s books Fascinating insight into the ways and reasons we use our inner voices to aid our thinking, solve problems, be creative Excellent survey of the history of voice hearers and their social contexts It speaks to each of us directly because we can all identify with the ideas within our own experience.Although his res...

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    I think this book deserves 5 stars, but some things just bugged me to much to let go.This book is decidedly about an original topic No where else have I come across anyone studying inner voices like this, and I think the author is right in thinking it is very important if we want to understand hallucinations, and generally how we think The book induces distraction, because you spend half the time reading trying to pay attention to your own reading voice This gave me the illusion of boredom, but it really is interesting, both the topic and the way it is presented.The book is an overview of what has been observed so far Most things haven t been rigorously put to the test like other language related topics, but clearly they are still in the exploratory phase, and so rightfully are keeping an open mind In fact the author quite admirably presents other s opinions gratuitously and generously, even when they contrast his own He provides many accounts from people who head voices pathologically and just accounts of the internal voice most of us have He details stu...

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    A fascinating subject the inner voices that nearly all of us hear in one form or another is given serious and capable exploration by the author When reading about complex subjects however, exploration of research often leads to any central argument getting lost amongst endless summaries of research papers and inconclusive findings My interest in this book varied as some chapters felt like they were genuinely providing insight and knowledge, while others we...

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    Next time you talk to yourself, it won t be a just crazy habit but a series of your mental processes I think that awareness is the biggest takeaway for me The book though interesting in the beginning, slowly begins to lose its charm half...

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    There s good evidence that most but surprisingly, to me, not all of us hear voices that have no external auditory stimulus In most cases we attribute them to ourselves thinking Charles Fernyhough, an English psychologist and novelist, has written this account of what is conjectured and known about the voices in our heads I originally it picked up because I thought it might say something about the process of thought and in fact it does For example, using MRIs psychologists are beginning to map the structures within the brain that are active while we engage in reflective thought The book also deals with issues I had not considered, such as the issue of the source of the source of the voices For example, sometimes I will attribute the ideas being expressed by my voice within my head to my conscious thought, me speaking with my voice, but there is also the case where I hear my voice express an opinion that I was not aware I held me hearing my voice used by my unconscious How are these two processes different within the physical brain His own main area of study appears to be the case where we hear the vo...

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