The Sweet Spot

PDF Epub The Sweet Spot Author Stacy Barnett Mozer When Thirteen Year Old Sam Barrette S Baseball Coach Tells Her That Her Attitude S Holding Her Back, She Wants To Hit Him In The Head With A Line Drive Why Shouldn T She Have An Attitude As The Only Girl Playing In The 13U League, She S Had To Listen To Boys And People In The Stands Screaming Things Like Go Play Softball, All Season, Just Because She S A Girl Her Coach Barely Lets Her Play, Even Though She S One Of The Best Hitters On The Team All Stakes Now Rest On Sam S Performance At Baseball Training Camp But The Moment She Arrives, Miscommunication Sets The Week Up For Potential Disaster Placed At The Bottom With The Weaker Players, She Will Have To Work Her Way Up To A League, Not Just To Show Coach That She Can Be The Best Team Player Possible, But To Prove To Herself That She Can Hold A Bat With The All Star Boys.The Sweet Spot

Stacy Barnett Mozer is a middle grade author, a book blogger, and an elementary school teacher Stacy started writing novels when one of her third grade classes told her there was no way a real author who wrote real books could possibly revise as much as she asked them to revise She s been revising her own novels every since Stacy is an active SCBWI Society of Children s Books Writers and Illus

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  • Paperback
  • 212 pages
  • The Sweet Spot
  • Stacy Barnett Mozer
  • English
  • 13 January 2017
  • 9781945017001

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    A quick, light, uplifting read for all genders especially for anyone who has ever faced down a discouraging coach or teammate.

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    This is an important book for girls and boys In a world where two former female West Point graduates can kick butt in Ranger School, there is NO REASON why a girl who loves baseball and plays as well or possibly better than the boys shouldn t be allowed EXPECTED to play In Mozer s novel, the sweet spot is that place on the baseball bat that s just right allowing the batter to hit it out of the park But there s also a sweet spot in life and it s when EVERY PERSON is in the place where they get to be the best version of themselves Mozer s book isn t an easy fix It s hard to figure out who and what you re supposed to be with other people throwing aroung ignorant labels, sterotypes and abusive behavior The Sweet Spot reminds us that even though it isn t easy, one of the best ways to attack adversity is with determination and a positive attitude I m so delighted to know there are authors like Mozer out th...

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    I am writing this review for Dr Syke s class, READ 3307 02 The Sweet Spot is a wonderful book for children in the 5th 8th grade Written by Stacy Barnett Mozer, it is a book for girls in the middle school grades The presentation of the book is made with water color, which truly attracts the reader s eye The main character is a girl named Sam Barette Sam is strong, and interested in playing for the boy s baseball team one day Her athletic ability is above and beyond the norm for her age She is taunted throughout the story by men and boys who think she belongs in softball The theme of the story is coming of age, as well as standing up for your passions It s a coming of age book about a girl with a boy best friend who begins to become than a friend With a sensitive and well written tone, this book will help guide girls through the difficulties of becoming assertive and passionate in ...

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    The book, The Sweet Spot, is about a girl named Sam has a passion Her passion is baseball She has played baseball all her life, with mostly boys Sometimes there were a girl or two on her team but mostly all all boys She was a very good player two, and when she registers for a baseball camp, under the name Sam, they assume she is a boy and almost don t let her in Meanwhile, her best friend Mike, says he thinks she can t succeed in baseball because of her gender I would defiantly recommend this book to all people that love sports like me I really loved this book because it made me understand that things like this do happen and not all peopl...

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    The Sweet Spot is a realistic look at the obstacles one 13 year old girl faces when she goes after her dream to be a baseball player in a sport dominated by guys The heroine, Sam, is lovable but flawed, a completely believable and relatable character The dominant theme of the book is definitely how Sam overcomes the sexism she faces at an all boys baseball camp, but other subtle themes about family and friendship give the book a richness that make it a truly compelling read ...

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    What a great book I read this book from start to finish in one day because I couldn t put it down My daughter read it and she recommended it to me and I loved it as well I love the character development throughout the book and it was very easy to follow right from the start a refreshing concept after the last book I read It s a great book for anyone to read who isn t quite sure where they fit in any circumstance o...

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    The Sweet Spot is a fantastic story about a young girl who overcomes a gender boundary that shouldn t exist in the first place In a 2015 world, it s an empowering story that girls AND boys should read and learn from My girls will definitely hear about how Sam Barrette wouldn t take no for an answer and how she proved herself extremely valuable time and time again It supports what I always tell them you can do or be anything you want to Don t let anyone try to ruin yo...

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    The Sweet Spot is a great book for athletic middle school and upper elementary girls The main character is a strong girl interested in making it in the mostly boy s world of baseball She is taunted and demeaned by men and boys who think she belongs in softball It s also a coming of age book about a girl whose relationship with her best friend, who just happens to be a boy, is changing Lovely and sensitive, this book will help guide girls throug...

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    A very enjoyable story from start to finish THE SWEET SPOT is an engrossing story about a girl who plays baseball and the challenges she faces just for being a girl One would think that in 2015 we wouldn t need a book like this but we do The characters...

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    Wow There is so much to love about this book First off, it s about baseball, the one sport I love to watch Second, Stacey Mozer has created authentic characters who grow and mature through the book Sam Barrette loves baseball and is also very good at it She s the only girl on her team and her coach rides her hard and complains about her attitude When she goes away to baseball camp she has to deal with misogyny, but manages to ...

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