Your Secrets Safe With Me 2

Download Your Secrets Safe With Me 2 Author Phoenix Rayne Natus Withholding Secrets Can Hurt, So Can Revealing Them, But When It Comes To Cambria Price S Secrets, They Re Not Safe Dorian Has Broken Off Their Engagement And The Both Of Them Are Trying To Move On, But Desire Eats At Them And They Try Hard To Resist Cambria Has A Decision To Make And It S The Most Important Decision Of Her Life This Book Is Intended For Mature Audiences THE SENSUAL SERIES OF CAMBRIA AND DORIAN CONTINUES In The Hotly Anticipated Follow Up To YOUR SECRET S SAFE WITH ME.Your Secrets Safe With Me 2

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[Epub] ↠ Your Secrets Safe With Me 2  Author Phoenix Rayne –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 135 pages
  • Your Secrets Safe With Me 2
  • Phoenix Rayne
  • English
  • 11 August 2018

10 thoughts on “Your Secrets Safe With Me 2

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    Book 2 of this gut wrenching tale of two lovers that came together under dubious circumstances and then plans go awry This story continues on the emotional roller coaster ride for these two star crossed lovers Dorian and Cambria engagement has ended and they both are suffering Cambria is still at the beck and call of a mystery person She has met her father and reconnected with her sister Her life is rapidly descending into hell and she doesn t know how to stop the descent.Dorian is still in love with Cambria but is trying to move on His life is not a bowl of cherries but it s better than Cambria s While he tries to move on, he realizes he will never stop loving Cambria but doesn t know how to fix their relationship.Buy the book and take the second ride with this amazing couple and see where the ride ends Phoenix is on fire with this couple and I m loving every page of their story It also ends in a cliffhanger but I am so in...

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    Can Cambria redeem herself Can she escape all this And still keep Dorian I was full on terrified mode with this book, worrying about Cambria Not only her physical, but her mental well being Dorian never really stops loving Cambria, she is his heart Plain and simple Some of the stuff Dorian pulls, like introducing Cambria to his fiancee OUCH I can t say I would hav...

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    Wow, I loved this second instalment to a very intriguing storyThe story continues exactly where the first book finished and you get captured in the web that it weaves, I m so routing for my HEA with Cambria and Dorian, but this book is full of surprises, well worth reading but frustrating as well because I want to read the rest of the ...

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    Awesome Follow Up The second book was awesome it pick right back up where the first one left off The storyline flowed from the first one right into the next one This author is good at leaving you in suspense and wanting Your secret s Safe with me part 2 was full of emotions that you felt on every page you turned.The characters in this story was so well dev...

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    This book starts six months after Cambria is arrested and she and Dorian have broken up Dorian is there for her and once the court case is over Dorian come over to thier old place and has dinner and an after dinner snack just he climaxes he drops a domb on her That Dorian has ...

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    DaaammmnnMy nerves are shot after that one I need part 3 asap It has been awhile since reading the first book so I m glad this one brought it back to me and then gave me a heart attack Love the characters can t wait to see how it...

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    How safe is her secretWell.the cats out the bag But Chain need to be dealt with.Why Hayes so mad I m lost butI guess they can never beWhat s up with Ross

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