Reading Ektek Author Victoria Osborne Contra Saustall.eu What If Endangered Animals Decided They Could No Longer Wait Patiently For Their Own Extinction What If They Formed A Secret Group Of Resistance Activists Based In A Zoo Called Bedlam EKTEK Like To Think Of Themselves As An Ace Team Of Environmental Warriors Ecology Technology The Truth Is Surreal Who Ever Heard Of A Frog Flying A Plane Or A Wallaby Riding A Trike Or A Space Ship Powered By Bombardier Beetle Juice Ektek Activists Insist On Their Right To Survive, Their Right To Quality Of Life And Their Right To Liberty How Far Will They Go How Far Can They Go How Can They Improve Their Conflict Resolution SkillsEktek

Hola I m a performer, writer, filmmaker and editor currently based in Spain I work as an English teacher to support my travels I ve been to the UK and France to research my next project a historical novel There s so much history in Europe

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  • Paperback
  • 490 pages
  • Ektek
  • Victoria Osborne
  • 07 November 2019
  • 9780994218131

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    There is a highly sophisticated activist network located beneath Bedlam Zoo known as EKTEK ecology and technology An assorted team of animals affectionately called environmental warriors control this network Two of their primary aims are to ensure that all animals learn to co exist peacefully with one another while defending their rights to live in freedom and not in captivity Organizations such as PETA work closely with the network via the Internet, unaware that they are not corresponding with other humans.Unfortunately, EKTEK s strong organization begins to weaken after serious problems develop Antenna, a numbat and one of the network s top leaders becomes frustrated when faced with these issues Hod, a wallaby with a rebellious streak disregards her instructions while on surveillance duty at the zoo s Last Chance to Eat Restaurant He creates a commotion that almost exposes them Chimera, a flirtatious monkey enjoys batting her long eyelashes and playing innocent when accused of causing trouble This time, she has gone too far so her mates want her banned from the monkey house.Humans capture a crocodile named Hardtack and his wives led by devious Shining Teeth demands EKTEC s help to rescue him Shining Teeth decides to take matters into her own claws when EKTEK does not respond as quickly as she wants and lures Hod into her veng...

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    I like it I wrote it

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