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KINDLE Writings Electronic Mediations Vil M Flusser Horsebackridingnorthcarolina.us Ten Years After His Death, Vil M Flusser S Reputation As One Of Europe S Most Original Modern Philosophers Continues To Grow Increasingly Influential In Europe And Latin America, The Prague Born Intellectual S Thought Has Until Now Remained Largely Unknown In The English Speaking World His Innovative Writings Theorize And Ultimately Embrace The Epochal Shift That Humanity Is Undergoing From What He Termed Linear Thinking Based On Writing Toward A New Form Of Multidimensional, Visual Thinking Embodied By Digital Culture For Flusser, These New Modes And Technologies Of Communication Make Possible A Society The Telematic Society In Which Dialogue Between People Becomes The Supreme Value.The First English Language Anthology Of Flusser S Work, This Volume Displays The Extraordinary Range And Subtlety Of His Intellect A Number Of The Essays Collected Here Introduce And Elaborate His Theory Of Communication, Influenced By Thinkers As Diverse As Martin Buber, Edmund Husserl, And Thomas Kuhn While Taking Dystopian, Posthuman Visions Of Communication Technologies Into Account, Flusser Celebrates Their Liberatory And Humanizing Aspects For Flusser, Existence Was Akin To Being Thrown Into An Abyss Of Absurd Experience Or Bottomlessness Becoming Human Required Creating Meaning Out Of This Painful Event By Consciously Connecting With Others, In Part Through Such Technologies Other Essays Present Flusser S Thoughts On The Future Of Writing, The Revolutionary Nature Of Photography, The Relationship Between Exile And Creativity, And His Unconventional Concept Of Posthistory Taken Together, These Essays Confirm Flusser S Importance And Prescience Within Contemporary Philosophy.Vil M Flusser 1920 1991 Was Born In Prague And Taught Philosophy In Brazil Andreas Str Hl Is Director Of The Film Department At The Goethe Institut Inter Nationes In Munich Erik Eisel Works For A Software Technology Company In Southern California.Writings (Electronic Mediations)

Vil m Flusser was a philosopher born in Czechoslovakia He lived for a long period in Brazil and later in France, and his works are written in several different languages.His early work was marked by discussion of the thought of Martin Heidegger, and by the influence of existentialism and phenomenology Phenomenology would play a major role in the transition to the later phase of his work, in whic

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  • Writings (Electronic Mediations)
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  • 20 December 2018
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    Having studied the cinema in academia, I was naturally introduced to theory relating to New Media, and came across references to Flusser, though I never read him I now count him, at this late date, a major discovery The first thing to note is that Flusser is a philosopher, but one of the essayistic type than of the academic type to crib his distinction This means basically that he is erudite but eminently digestible, and that in his encounters w ideas and their metasystems, he as a thinking individual is inextricably bound up His principal interest is w a kind of commanding paradigm shift that he sees as marking the transition from the historical era into the posthistoric era He sees posthistory as represented by the movement from sequential, durational thinking impossible to divorce from writing, into an era of images, surfaces, and networked technocracy It was at first difficult for me to swallow this idea of a posthistory that suspends the constriction of written discourse At times it seemed like I was reading some kind of wild utopian speculation a complaint that Flusser preemptively engages time and again When I finally came to the essay Mythical, Historical, and Posthistorical Existence, everything fell properly into place it is in this essay that Flusser most concretely anatomizes the theoretical zone in question There is so much of value in this book, and so much that in hindsight seems ja...

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    Surprised this has no reviews Flusser s writings are beyond excellent Like Borges meets Marshall McLuhan, then simplified for ease of understanding Most philosophical books are full of, well, bullshit Guys pontificating trying to make themselves sound smart Flusser doesn t do that He uses simple ...

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