Aller Liebe Anfang

PDF Aller Liebe Anfang Judith Hermann Stella Is Married, She Has A Child And A Fulfilling Job She Lives With Her Young Family In A House In The Suburbs.Her Life Is Happy And Unremarkable, But She Is A Little Lonely Her Husband Travels A Lot For Work And So She Is Often Alone In The House With Only Her Daughter For Company One Day A Stranger Appears At Her Door, A Man Stella S Never Seen Before He Says He Just Wants To Talk To Her, Nothing She Refuses The Next Day He Comes Again And Then The Day After That He Will Not Leave Her In Peace When Stella Works Out That He Lives Up The Road, And Tries To Confront Him, It Makes No Difference This Is The Beginning Of A Nightmare That Slowly And Remorselessly Escalates Where Love Begins Is A Delicately Wrought, Deeply Sinister Novel About How Easily The Comfortable Lives We Construct For Ourselves Can Be Shattered.Aller Liebe Anfang

Judith Hermann is a German author.She holds a Masters degree in German and Philosophy and attended the Berliner Journalistenschule, a highly selective professional academy for journalists During this training she did an internship with the German language newspaper Aufbau in New York.

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    Aller Liebe Anfang Where Love Begins, Judith HermannStella is married, she has a child and a fulfilling job She lives with her young family, in a house in the suburbs Her life is happy, and unremarkable, but she is a little lonely, her husband travels a lot for work, and so, she is often alone in the house with only her daughter One day a stranger, appears at her d...

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    I like the sparseness of the narrative and the dialogue Quite a different read My View I like the sparseness of the narrative and the dialogue No words are wasted and if you look a little closely at some of the prose you will find some brilliant insights reflections on relationships, life, death and love There is something intense, an anticipation of what is to come, a sinister creepiness that keeps you glued to the pages This is unlike any book I have read before there is something about the simplistic prose, the sparseness of the words yet the words are not empty, they convey so much feeling I think the feeling of dread is summoned from what is not said, than what is said The same still is applied to the description of love Such small details, such insignificant things, like the holding of hands, the rhythm of breathing have so much meaning That evening Stella sits by Ava s bed until Ava falls asleep A...

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    Giving a rating to this is difficult I really liked it, but I feel sure all the details of the story will slip from my mind very easily it seems designed to be forgotten there s something curiously elusive about it, and you feel like you are never quite getting to the heart of things Part of this, I think, is due to its uneventfulness Stella, a nurse and mother to five year old Ava, finds herself bothered by a neighbour who rings the doorbell and asks if he can talk to her When Stella refuses, he comes back the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that, gradually filling her mailbox with notes, letters, photos and objects But this is not a prelude to some thriller like plot, and if tension builds, it does so imperceptibly Stella rarely even looks at the missives left by the man she comes to regard as her stalker.Another part of this book s elusiveness is the cool, matter of fact style in which it is written comparable to How to Be a Good Wife, but with a less dramatic plot The initial setup is also quite similar to Hilary Mantel s short story Sorry to Disturb It s so straightforward that it should, by rights, be really boring, but I never felt that way about it.So much about Where Love Begins is deliberately non specific The characters names seem, for the most part, so u...

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    Aller liebe Anfang Judith hermann _ _ .____________________

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    Judith Hermann kann nicht schreiben und hat nichts zu, halt, kleiner Scherz Aber wenn ich auch das harsche Urteil von Reents aus der FAZ nicht ganz teilen kann, stimmts leider doch, um mit Judith Hermann zu sprechen, irgendwie Man wei nicht recht, was das Ganze soll in einem King Thriller beispielsweise ginge es ...

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