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Reading Listen, Liberal Author Thomas Frank From The Bestselling Author Of What S The Matter With Kansas, A Scathing Look At The Standard Bearers Of Liberal Politics A Book That Asks What S The Matter With Democrats It Is A Widespread Belief Among Liberals That If Only Democrats Can Continue To Dominate National Elections, If Only Those Awful Republicans Are Beaten Into Submission, The Country Will Be On The Right Course But This Is To Fundamentally Misunderstand The Modern Democratic Party Drawing On Years Of Research And First Hand Reporting, Frank Points Out That The Democrats Have Done Little To Advance Traditional Liberal Goals Expanding Opportunity, Fighting For Social Justice, And Ensuring That Workers Get A Fair Deal Indeed, They Have Scarcely Dented The Free Market Consensus At All This Is Not For Lack Of Opportunity Democrats Have Occupied The White House For Sixteen Of The Last Twenty Four Years, And Yet The Decline Of The Middle Class Has Only Accelerated Wall Street Gets Its Bailouts, Wages Keep Falling, And The Free Trade Deals Keep Coming With His Trademark Sardonic Wit And Lacerating Logic, Frank S Listen, Liberal Lays Bare The Essence Of The Democratic Party S Philosophy And How It Has Changed Over The Years A Form Of Corporate And Cultural Elitism Has Largely Eclipsed The Party S Old Working Class Commitment, He Finds For Certain Favored Groups, This Has Meant Prosperity But For The Nation As A Whole, It Is A One Way Ticket Into The Abyss Of Inequality In This Critical Election Year, Frank Recalls The Democrats To Their Historic Goals The Only Way To Reverse The Ever Deepening Rift Between The Rich And The Poor In America.Listen, Liberal

Thomas Frank is the author of Pity the Billionaire, The Wrecking Crew, and What s the Matter with Kansas A former columnist for The Wall Street Journal and Harper s, Frank is the founding editor of The Baffler and writes regularly for Salon He lives outside Washington, D.C.

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    Thomas Frank stirs up my aggravation with our political system as no other person can He excoriates the Democratic Party for selling out the American People those not part of the Top Ten Percent I read many passages of this book aloud to my wife, and both of us were like, Damn, Thomas Frank Tell it I don t mean to get all political on Goodreads, but Frank does a brilliant job breaking down the empty promises of Democrats during election season since the Clinton era and the things they actually accomplished for working class people which is very little to nothing Frank s dissection of th...

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    Monica Lewinsky saved social security.I am a lifelong Democrat.I am a working man.I am so depressed by this book.I highly recommend it.

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    Damning critique of the neoliberal wing of the Democratic party I pretty much agree with most heck all of Franks analysis, although he veers into a full blown sarcastic polemic Which is ok I guess, I mean, I agree with his points and his arguments but sometimes the anger is so seething that it distracts from the argument I guess the emotional someone gets with their arguments the leery I get and I do have to say I often have trouble myself in avoiding this trap It s not always easy to decouple emotion from one s arguments easier said than done But that said Franks presents a strong point by point critique throughout his book and I generally agree with his assessments.Ever since the election of that man who shall not be named there s been a lot of writings out there mirroring Franks critique of the neoliberal wing of the Democratic party and how this powerful elite has turned its back on the working class, and even large segments of the middle class This has provided an opening for the Republicans to use cultural and identity issues as trojan horses to capture large segments of the working class, these issues providing cover for their less popular economically regressive agenda that s my interpretation of their general economic positioning It s been a brilliant strategy, and ever since the 70s when Democrats started turning their back on the working class Republicans seized this opportunity to drive a wedge into this demographic, peeling off large segments and assimilatin...

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    There was a time when America worked Not just for the well born and expensively educated But for millions of working class men and women whose jobs paid enough for them to live comfortably, own a home, maybe send the kids to college.How did we go from this And this To this And this.It took a new consensus A bipartisan consensus Democrats like to blame it all on Ronald Reagan whose policies are not without fault But as Thomas Frank explains in this furiously angry, brilliant book the triumph of Clinton marked the end of the Democrats as a party committed to working people and egalitarianismit wasn t until Clinton was seated in the Oval Office and the Democrats in Congress had gone down to defeat that the old New Deal and Great Society consensus on domestic matters finally collapsed Repeal of Glass Steagall Capital gains tax cuts Blocking derivative securities regulation And worst of all for the families of Detroit, the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement Only the Lewinsky scandal saved Social Security from a bipartisan attempt by Clinton and Newt Gingrich to privatize the plan The last vestiges of hope for Detroit died with welfare reform and a crime bill that made mass incarceration the go to solution for whatever ailed inner cities Only smiling Bill Clin...

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    Hot damn This is a gallon of lighter fluid for that liberal fire you ve been stoking in your heart Far too few writers are willing to take our own Democratic Party to task for its failings and flaws Must read for anyone hoping for politics that value people over profits.

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    Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted illegally Like many others, I was shocked and saddened to witness the election of Donald Trump as President last month and given that the way he won was by tens of millions of people voting for him who had directly voted for Obama in just the last election, I thought it was high time I finally learned a little about why the American electorate chose to do this in the first place besides the typical pre election blowoff that they re all a bunch of racist Nazis , and so over the next few months I ll be reading a series of books recommended to me by others that supposedly help explain this This was the first book of the list to become available at my local library, written by the former founder of Chicago 90s liberal intellectual magazine The Baffler and it turned out to be half eye opening, although unfortunately the other half turned out to be eye rolling, leaving a mixed bag when it comes to whether to recommend it or not.The eye opening part, and definitely the part most worth your time, is Frank s detailed history of the Democratic Leadership Council, the organization that ultimately put Bill Clinton in the White House but that I and my fellow Generation Xers largely didn t even know existed when we voted for him in 1992 Started in the early 1970s by a group of young idealistic hipp...

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    A valid critique of the Democratic Party, which has been historically cast as the ally of the working man Frank points out that recent decades have seen a shift in the party toward the center, as it embraces well moneyed and socially liberal professionals as its new base, effectively leaving the poor behind While the Clinton and Obama presidencies saw many of the vital protections for the poor and working class eroded, Democratic leadership has been a boon to the wealthiest members of society As an example, Obama s Affordable Care Act has strengthened the biggest insurance and pharmaceutical companies The former were entrenched as permanent, ubiquitous fixtures of health care coverage for all Americans, as Obamacare made no provision for a public option The latter threw their support behind the president in exchange for a promise that he would in no way challenge the practice of charging outrageously high prices for essential medications Perhaps most egregious of all, however, was the failure...

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    Wow Even allowing for exaggeration Frank, a truly outraged liberal, piles the vituperation on here with all the fury of a betrayed lover this is a dismaying expose of the failures of the Democratic party And I ll admit, to my shame, that I would probably have written him off as a disgruntled radical before last month s presidential election That was an eye opener, though, and now, along, I assume, with many others, I m open to taking a closer look at where and how the Democrats lost credibility with so many of the union members and other blue collar workers who, until recently, were their faithful supporters I listened to this as an audiobook, read by the author, and while that was a plus in that he reads with great expression and conviction and he has a fine, clear voice , it was a drawback for pretty much the same reason well, except the fine voice part He does a lot of ranting, and he tends to go on and on about things long past the point where you want to say, All right I get it Now can we move on If I d been readi...

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    Frank s thesis in this book is that Democrats have not been effective creating a party that changes with the demands of the country Democrats lost the last presidential election, not because Trump was so good, but because the Dems were so inadequate When it comes to the defining challenge of our time, however, many of our modern Democratic leaders falter They acknowledge that inequality is rampant and awful, but they cannot find the conviction or imagination to do what is necessary to reverse it He also makes the not inaccurate point that the intellectual elites all think they deserve status because they are the best of the best After all they went to school and learned a few things, and now they might think they can tell everyone else where their thinking is deficient I have a certain amount of sympathy for both sides in this argument Intellectuals are picked to solve difficult problems because they know how to approach the problems Folks that think difficult problems are solved by wishing t...

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    Democrats in the postwar period used to be the party of the people They stood on the side of unions and working people That is not today s Democrats Obviously, the Dems are the only sane option these days They eschew homophobia, overt racism, and xenophobia and have sane policies However, they could be doing the American people a lot better and actually working for the 90% of the population who have seen their lives collapse economically since 2008 This book is not about the 1% it is about the top 10% the professional class that did good in school and likes to think itself worthy of middle class entitlement It is the group the Democrats cozied up to after it ditched the working class and unions in the seventies These are kids who did well at school and are fairly opened minded on social issues It, however, feels itself to be an entitled meritocracy It is socially liberal and economically conservative It is the core constituency of the DLC and were fans of both Clinton and Obama It s solutions to inequality is the chant of opportunity and education which are noble goals Lifting a few smart kids from the poor identity groups and sending them to Harvard doesn t help the rest of their peers left behind in the winner take all economy These are the people the Democrats have left behind as they break the glass ceiling for their well heeled meritocrat constituency Professionals don t feel much solidarity with the poor and uneducated They may b...

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