The Santa Sleuth

EPUB The Santa Sleuth Author Heather Allison You Re Getting The Hang Of This Parenting Business Kirk S Words Startled Amanda Parenting It Had Been Years Since She D Thought About Having A Child She Didn T Have Time For A Child She Had Goals, Plans.An Elf Approached Them It Was Virginia S Turn To See Santa Would You Two Like To Get In The Picture With Your Daughter Oh, We Re Not Amanda Started To Say, But Kirk Grabbed Her Elbow Yes We Would Like One Of Us All He Urged Her Toward Santa.Amanda Stared Why Was He Doing This Was He Simply Caught Up In The Spirit Of Christmas She Was About To Argue Then She Looked At Virginia The Little Girl Was Thrilled They Were All Together Maybe Goals Could Be Changed.The Santa Sleuth

Heather MacAllister Her published novels have been nominated for the RWA RITA award three times, and readers voted LONE STAR SANTA favorite Laugh Out Loud book of 2006 In addition to awards for best Harlequin Romance and best Harlequin Temptation, Romantic Times Book Reviews has twice nominated Heather for a Career Achievement Award in Series Love and Laughter She has published over 40 books with Harlequin Her award winning romantic comedies have been translated into 25 languages and published in dozens of countries.When she s not writing, Heather spends her time collecting vintage jewelry, watching fireworks displays, and killing plants.

[Read] ➪ The Santa Sleuth  Author Heather Allison –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Santa Sleuth
  • Heather Allison
  • English
  • 13 April 2017
  • 9780373033416

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    Sweet family themed story.This was my first try of this author, and I was quite impressed She s pulled together so many elements to make a lovely, heartwarming story, including an adorable motherless child, a Scrooge like character the heroine , and a handsome single father I really liked the character of Virginia, the daughter She wasn t a caricature like so many kids are depicted in romance Usually, you ll find that the characters of children are very one dimensional, and they ll either be brats or angels Virginia was neither she was a really person with ups and downs just like the rest of us I felt that the author did a really good job of portraying Virginia, and I just loved her The characters of the hero and heroine were also well done You felt like you knew them by the end of the book I also liked that they had real life issues to deal with, instead of silly misunderstandings being what kept them apart These two really communicated, once they got past their stage of mutual antagonism which luckily didn t last too long They felt like real people flawed, but not so flawed as...

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    Story 2.5 5At least this one was holiday inclusive than the last one I like single parent romances This one was fine Cute kid Insta love was boring Characters felt two dimensional Meh Reread NoChallenges 2018 Goodreads Challenge

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    There s much wisdom in the observation that opposites attract In this story, the H h are so alike in character that they are bound to get on each others nerves a month in their marriage They re both Type A overachievers with very demanding professions To be a consistent top grossing realtor signifies that the hero Kirk is highly competitive and works 24 7 Same with the heroine Amanda To be promoted producer of her TV station meant that she too is a workhorse and an ambitious woman Given their work schedules and work ethics, when will they have time to devote for each other and the family they ll make in the future The warning signal is there He skipped his daughter s Christmas pageant for a client meeting This wasn t the first time he has done this he cavalierly misses non business appointments He thinks his actions are justified because his work provides for the family He delegates his fatherly duties to his housekeeper and his office staff because work takes precedence over everything It s this mindset that work is top priority that will soon wedge the couple apart Yeah, he missed that closing at the end of the chapter That was a babystep toward the right direction But what happen next when he encounters another must sell house of the year As for Amanda, she s too much of a bean counter to be able to compromise and put up him She ll make a careful accounting o...

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    SUMMARY Virginia McEnery All she wants for Christmas is a mommy Trouble is, Amanda, the mommy she s chosen, doesn t think she s right for the job But maybe with a miracle and a little help from Santa Virginia can change Amanda s mindAmanda Donnelly Her co workers call her Scroogettebecause she hates Christmas She s not wild about kids, either Then she s assigned to do a TV story on kids and Christmas Isn t life wonderful When Virginia turns out to be a terrific little girl, things begin to look up If only Virginia s father wasn t so delightfully disturbingKirk McEnery He doesn t need any complications in his life Especially not this close to Christmas Then he startes to realize that Amanda might be the kind of complication he could get really interested inREVIEW This was a quick, easy to read Christmas story filled with numerous Santas, lots of trips to shopping malls, and an adorable little g...

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    Amanda is assigned to do a story for her news station on finding the real Santa in the Houston area malls She goes to a school to find the perfect child to help her with this and finds Virginia, a precocious 6 year old with a workaholic dad, Kirk Kirk is married to his work and doesn t seem to want to make time for his daughter He is unreliable, saying he ll be somewhere and then standing them up, all in the name of work Amanda is very similar At one point, she wonders if she even has any friends outside of work, since she s set such high goals for herself and is always working This isn t really a story of opposites attract, yet suddenly, they re attracted Virginia often seems older than she is, but is still a tender hearted, sweet girl Although there...

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    This was cute story that read like a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie I think it would be better as a movie since there isn t much meat to the story The main characters are interesting enough with the little girl, Virginia, being the star of the show The story is dated as the two adults, a realtor and a television producer, do not have cell phones which is unheard of in this day and age Many...

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    This was a fun and cute holiday story Amanda works for Hello Houston and a story she is working on requires a child to visit all the malls and rate the Santa, then after she has visited them all she would pick the best Santa Virginia is chosen to accomplish this task and her father Kirk isn t really much of a help He is a single father Virginia s mom died and Kirk is struggling to raise her and run his business at the same time Amanda steps into the mix and...

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    What a sweet and heart warming Chirstmas story Virginia is absolutely adorable If you are a fan of the holidays and love a good romance, then read this book

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    fun little distracting read

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    a little girl s search for santa brings two lonely

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