Watermarked (Lambert and Hook #7)

Ebook Watermarked Lambert And Hook 7 By J.M Gregson Petrasrobert.eu The Body Of The Dead Woman Has Been In The Severn For Some Time, Slowly Drifting Downstream Until Lodging In The Exposed Roots Of A Willow What Remains Is Not A Pretty Sight The River Has Washed Away Much Of The Forensic Evidence There Is Enough Left, However, To Suggest To Superintendent Lambert And Detective Sergeant Bert Hook That She Did Not Meet Her Death By Accident And That She Was Killed Elsewhere Before Being Dumped Into The River Slowly And Patiently, They Build Up A Picture Of A Woman Of Contradictions A Woman Who Harboured Secret Passions Their Investigation Leads Them To Each Of The Key Figures In Her Life Her Husband, Daughter, Estranged Son, Business Manager Each Have Secrets Of Their Own To Hide And Putative Alibis That Declare Them Incapable Of Committing The Act Of Murder During The Time Frame Indicated By The Coroner Yet Beneath The Surface Of Each Of These Individuals Bubbles Resentment And Anger, Passion And Pride, That Could Easily Have Led Them To Not Only Wish Laura Pritchard Dead, But To Act On That Desire As Lambert And Hook Chase Down Leads And Probe Into The Backgrounds Of Their Suspects, The Killer Watches And Waits, Ready To Strike Again Watermarked Is An Intense Thriller With Many Twists And Turns That Keep You Guessing Praise For J.M Gregson Lambert And Hook Gritty Realism And Hard To Solve Mysteries Booklist The Series Is Recommended For Its Gritty Realism And Hard To Solve Mysteries Booklist Well Done, Suspenseful And Engaging Library Journal For Morse Fans Grieving The Recent Demise Of Their Hero Gregson Makes An Agreeable Successor Booklist Compelling Characters Who Deserve The Attention Of Procedural Fans Booklist James Michael Gregson Taught For Twenty Seven Years In Schools, Colleges And Universities Before Concentrating On Full Time Writing He Has Written Books On Subjects As Diverse As Golf And Shakespeare His Other Crime Novels Include Stranglehold And Body Politic And He Is Much In Demand As A Lecturer And Public Speaker Most Of His Detective Novels Are Set In His Adopted County Of Gloucestershire, In The Attractive Country Of The Forest Of Dean And The Southern Cotswolds.Watermarked (Lambert and Hook #7)

James Michael Gregson taught for twenty seven years in schools, colleges and universities before concentrating on full time writing He has written books on subjects as diverse as golf and Shakespeare.

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  • Watermarked (Lambert and Hook #7)
  • J.M. Gregson
  • English
  • 27 March 2019

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    A woman s body is found floating down the River Severn The body has been on the water for several days so it is not a pretty sight Lambert and Hook must first identify the body and then interview the woman s nearest and dearest and see who might have wanted her dead Identifying her is fairly easy as a woman fitting her description has been reported missing Her daughter doesn t seem too upset and her husband is in Spain on a golfing holiday No one seems to have wanted her dead apart from her son in law who wants her money to bolster up his business and her down and out son who blames her for his father s breakdown and death But things are never quite what they seem and some painstaking police work will be needed before Lambert and Hook can identify the murderer.This is an excellent series well written with intriguing plots and well drawn characters The series can be read out of order This is number seven in the series if you do want to read the...

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    4 and 1 2 starsThe Severn is the longest river in England, flowing for 210 miles In this river, a body is found The body is that of a woman The cause is murder The pathologist believes that the woman has been in the river for about a week Of course, the forensic evidence is badly compromised by predators and the water by the time the body is found.Superintendent John Lambert and Detective Sergeant Bert Hook are assigned the case The woman is identified as Laura Pritchard Lambert and Hook set about interviewing those who knew Mrs Pritchard relatives, acquaintances and employees They discover some interesting facts They learn she had quit her choir a year earlier without telling anyone They learn that she has an estranged son who apparently is very difficult to locate They learn about many alibis They learn that not all is what ...

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    The body of a woman is found in the Severn river The coroner determines she didn t die by accident Lambert and Hook and their team start to learn about the woman in question The they learn, the they discover many who hate her Can they figure out which one did it Well written story Enjoyable.

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    I received this arc from Netgalley This was a pretty good read It kept me guessing whodunit Moves along at a fairly, steady pace I will be reading books by this author.

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