Unbreakable (Fallen Aces MC, #2)

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 325 pages
  • Unbreakable (Fallen Aces MC, #2)
  • Max Henry
  • English
  • 19 August 2018

10 thoughts on “Unbreakable (Fallen Aces MC, #2)

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    I didn t understand why they stayed apart all those years Then it was like they just daid, ok, let s get back together with nothing having changed from all those years prior Frustrating and pointless Not a feel good for sure.

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    Picking up right where Unrequited left off readers are thrust into the middle of King and Elena s dangerous and life threatening love triangle Max Henry fills the first chapters with a perfect amount of adrenaline and information that makes your heart beat fast and palms feel sweaty Desperate for their well deserved happy ever after, Elena and King dream of the calm after the storm, but in true Motorcycle Club MC fashion, the storm is wild, brutal and relentless Told in dual points of view and over a seven year period, we witness the love, loss and the scattered bits of happiness endured by Elena and King With a myriad of storylines unraveling and secondary characters holding their own in the story line, Max Henry knows how to deliver an action packed story.This story is real, raw and heartbreaking Depicting the contrast between exhilaration and exhaustion perfectly, Elena and King s journey is not just a tale about two people who are in love Unbreakable extensively goes through the motions It shows off the good and bad of both its main characters exploring the depths of their choices and the complexities of all the consequences With both Elena and King displaying strengths and weakness, this couple will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride as they try to balance the good and the bad.Unrequited was my first Max Henry book and Unbreakable was proof that I will be coming back for Sh...

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    The first book started out great and set up everything nicely, then it just went to hell This book was just a waste, I truly started to dislike the characters King is probably one of the most selfish heros I have ever had the misfortune of reading about Even for the few times he realizes it he doesn t change anything Now for Elena, I guess I am just annoyed, not just with her but with the way everyone around her is viewing her situation She had PERFECT reasoning for leaving King yet she would doubt herself and take on petty arguments He LEFT her pregnant with a MURDERING psychopath who would most likely kill her because it wasn t really in his clubs best interest at that moment to save her Yet everyo...

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    A thrilling conclusion to King and Elena s story Full Review to come on release

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    The conclusion of King s and Elena s story.Although our two finally sort their private lives out, there is still the problem of Carlos.This particular story doesn t get us far in the Carlos side of things, but Tormented is up next, and that should give us some answersI m...

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    Unbreakable Fallen Aces MC 1.5 Max Henry4.5 starsThe conclusion to King and Elena s story This is the final book that will tell us exactly what went down and how King and Elena found their way back to each other If you have read The Butcher Boys then you already know King and Elena are an item but we never got their back story or why things were the way they were between them Now we have the entire sha bang Unbreakable picks up right where we left King and Elena and things aren t good The war is on The club is not in a good place and things are falling apart The only thing King wants right now is to get Elena back He should have never let her go or left her with Carlos King is being pushed to the Edge and Apex isn t helping Something is very wrong there Not only is the war with Carlos about to break wide open but the Blood Eagles are on the radar as well Elena, Maria and Sully are trying to find a way out Elena so far has hidden her secret from Carlos but he eventually will find out He has shown her his worst or so she thinks until her husband throws even into the mix Once out she cant bring herself to forgive King for leavi...

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    WOW This was powerful and the moment you think things are going to go well something happens and it pulls the rug right out from underneath you This is the conclusion to King and Elena s story and we pick up right were we left off Everything seems to be falling part, there is a war going on, the club isn t in a really good place, and King only wants Elena He knows he shouldn t have let her go off with Carlos.Elena knows that Carlos is worst kind of monster after all he has shown her his worst At least she thinks that he has but Carlos is the kind of character that always seems to be evil then you can imagine Elena is trying to find a way out and once she does forgiving King for leaving her with Carlos is not going to come easy for her After all she knows that his club will always come first and she has already done that As I said this was one powerful read and I...

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    Halle freaking lujah I m so glad I read these back to back, the end of part one left me reeling and I needed to jump right back into the story.So we have King still trying to do the right thing and Elena wanting out of a situation she new dreamed would be her life.King and Elena are hooking up whenever they get the chance even though it could get the both killed King is hiding Elena from the club which is a huge no no and Elena is hiding something even bigger from Carlos.Unbreakable takes us on a much deeper emotional journey as far as Elena is concerned, King I wasn t sure about I st...

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    I loved book 1 so was really looking forward to finding out how King and Elena would resolve their problems This book was disappointing on so many levels From a promising start where Elena is plucky and brave and has to fight to save her own life the book descends into threads of half stories What happened to Sully and Maria Did she really care to know What was the back story of Carlos s son and why and how did they give him back Why mention it if the explanation is going to be so sketchy It felt as if I should have read ...

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    Holy crap on a cracker Elena and King the conclusion. I so wanted to jump into the book in several parts and bang their heads together This book was exceptional it made me cry and it made me feel The cruel vile things Elena had to endure at the hands of the sadistic Carlos was nothing short of heartbreaking and for her to make it out alive and still be the spitfire strong sassy lad...

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