Ibrahim Unites

EPUB Ibrahim Unites Author James Lee Nathan III Capitalsoftworks.co.uk James Lee Nathan III, Invites You On A Spiritual Journey Of Hope But Not Forgiveness Ibrahim Unites, Is The Riveting Conclusion To The Series Are There No Dragon Warriors A Depressed Veteran Seeks Answers To His Family S Origins And Receives Help From A Mystical Stranger As Their Destinies Become Aligned In Purpose To Thwart The Rise Of Evil Open Your Eyes And Believe ZION RIVERS, An International Man Of Action And The Last ALLUNDAE GRANDMASTER, Is A Member Of An ALIEN Race That Came To Earth Over 30,000 Years Ago He Searches For The Remnants Of His Kind, To Halt A Growing EVIL In The Guise Of Cult Leader LANDEN MUELLER An Allundae Of Lesser Stock Known As The SANGANESE Mueller Has Developed A Cult Following Numbering In The Tens Of Thousands And Seeks To Corrupt Mankind By Replacing Established Religions With His Own Perversion He Is Allied With An Ancient Enemy Of The Allundae, The FICAR EGO, From The Planet MAKUWE In The CYGNUS Star System SWORN ENEMIES Of The Allundae Who Now Seek To Colonize Earth.available April 15th 2016https Leanpub.com DragonWarriorsSioIbrahim Unites

When I was much younger, my father told great tales of heroes and villains all throughout my youth The stories resonated with me as I began to write my own at age 11 It never occurred to me to share any of the hundreds of stories in my head with anyone other than my comic art instructor Mr Charles Ferguson at the HS of Art and Design That is until 2011 My daughters have always been intrigued

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  • ebook
  • 250 pages
  • Ibrahim Unites
  • James Lee Nathan III
  • English
  • 03 February 2017

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    I discovered this author at the State of Black Science Fiction in Atlanta in 2016 I did not know what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised James is self published so his work is pure and not tainted by an agent s perceptions This made thi...

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    I love, love the cover I do my own covers for my books so when I saw the cover I was thinking, man this must be an awesome book with a cover like this The author s name is a little pretentious but I wasn t going to let it get in the way of a book with an awesome cover like that This is definitely a thinking man s book with philosophers thrown in right at the start And also a lot of time travelling The excess use of bold is distracting but that is merely a technicality Otherwise the cadre of characters remind me of Anne McCaffery s series with Talents and we follow a few characters as they move around in this rich universe Traci Harding s series is similar to this book The dialogue is a bit confusing to follow but I m familiar with this foible as I have the same problem in my own writing this does improve as you read further and you get a feel for the way each character talks.The writing is very thought provoking and worth sticking it out My favourite bit are the characters The names are also ingenious but they don t stand out for being different as there are characters as well with normal names We have Raheem and Zion and people like KG, just to name a few They are all interesting characters with real depth to them which you sometimes miss when you have an ensemble cast like this book does Its one real downsid...

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    5 StarsA thought provoking story I have been hooked on this series since reading the first book Are There No More Dragon Warriors This entire series is very thought provoking and action packed Ibrahim Unites is the conclusion to the tale, and will not disappoint Great character development and fast paced, this book will keep you...

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