The Legend of Ghrakus Castle (Rathen #1)

Rathen, A Former Captain In King Delvant S Army, Retired To A Quiet Backwater Town After The Kingdom S Forces Were Dissolved Following The King S Sudden Death Trying To Forget His Problems By The Copious Use Of Strong Ale, He Is Approached By The Emissaries Of A Powerful Lord To Lead A Team Of Fighters, Healers And Mages To Dispel Brigands From His Lands Rathen Quickly Recruits His Best Friend, An Ex Gladiator And Landlord Of The Local Tavern, Bulo, To Assist Him The Two Join Other Members Of The Group And Begin To Hear Stories Of Magical Creatures And Numerous Dead In The Land They Are Supposed To Cleanse Despite This, They Head For Ghrakus Castle And On The Way They Learn Of The Castle S Dark And Mysterious History.Finally Arriving At Ghrakus, Where The Full Horror Of Their Task Becomes Clear, They Realize That Their Chances Of Returning Home Were Indeed Very Slim And That Betrayal Awaits Him.The Legend of Ghrakus Castle (Rathen #1)

Originally from Pendleton, Indiana, Grant loved to read from an early age Saving up his allowance, he spent it all at the local bookstore buying up as much as he could from the fantasy section Writing has always been a passion of his His first interest was poetry, which he wrote voraciously Some of his early work from as far back as the 1980 s can be found in various poetry anthologies.Complet

[Reading] ➱ The Legend of Ghrakus Castle (Rathen #1)  ➹ Grant Elliot Smith –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 282 pages
  • The Legend of Ghrakus Castle (Rathen #1)
  • Grant Elliot Smith
  • English
  • 08 June 2017

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    Rathen The Legend of Ghrakus Castle by Grant Elliot Smith.The titular Rathen a retired soldier captain leads a band of misfit characters, mostly retired, needing money or companionship, to explore tame mysterious dangers around Ghrakus Castle The first 50% of the novel is the band forming, then it rockets into action that does not cease The promise of betrayals among the party members, an intriguing mystery with castle ruins to explore, and interesting back stories per character are compelling most compelling is a wraith that haunts Rathen s dreams Grant Smith s debut novel reads as an entertaining chronicle of a Role Playing Game RPG scenario Plenty of fantasy RPG tropes are executed well enough a party of 12 members of men, dwarves, clerics, mages go adventuring, promised gold to unravel the dangerous mystery behind Grakus Castle the cultures of orc, half orcs, demons, etc are presented as if the reader is already familiar with them they fit stereotypes as per Dungeons Dragons, Warhammer, Warcraft, Diablo, etc adventuring from location to location, room to room, with time in between to heal regroup resonates the RPG game ambiance On the continuum between guilty pleasure reading and h...

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    This book starts out with the main character, Rathen, agreeing to take a job because he is down on his luck As the story goes on, he finds he d gotten himself into trouble than he bargained for While I liked Rathen and could identify with some of his characteristics, I found a stronger connection to Bulo, who is a battle hardened warrior with a gentle heart and a sense of humor.The style of writing made it an easy read and as the story got going it kept me turning the pages I am not going to give away the details but I enjoyed the story and thought it was original than many other stories out there, including television The ending also left me satisfied with the story s closure, again something that I don t always...

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    Rathen The Legend of Ghrakus Castle at first glance is a simple and straight forward adventure fantasy novel But to me, it was than that.The story of Rathen is inspirational, a man against the unknown, constantly fighting to face his fears and doubts, and his struggles to move forward against all odds.That said, I really enjoyed this book Its simple and straight forward writing and style makes it easy to read, and it isn t cluttered with useless details and descriptions With many cha...

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    Great characters and storyI gave this book 5 stars because the story was great and well written I was able to follow the characters from the first meeting and forming of the group, to their entire journey, and finally to the end after all the events as if I was there All characters are relatable and are easy to remember though each very different and unique with their skillset Everyone in the group contributed a...

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