FLASHed Is An Anthology Of Linked Flash Fiction In Comics And Prose By 45 Star Cartoonists And Fiction Writers Edited By Josh Neufeld And Sari Wilson, The Stories In FLASHed Are Arranged In Triptychs Each Grouping A Kind Of Call And Response Among The Respective Contributors So FLASHed Is Than An Anthology It S A Conversation Among Some Of Today S Most Exciting Prose Writers And Cartoonists And Between The Forms Of Prose And Comics.Why Flash Fiction It S The Perfect Form For A Project That S All About Pushing Boundaries And Cross Fertilizing Creative Communities Contributors Include Myla Goldberg, Aimee Bender Junot D Az, Steve Almond, Sheila Heti, Lynda Barry, Gabrielle Bell, Dean Haspiel, John Porcellino, And Many As Contributor Goldberg Says, FLASHed Is Like A Telephone Exquisite Corpse Mash Up, Which Would Make It An Exquisite Telephone Corpse ExactlyFlashed


[PDF / Epub] ★ Flashed  By Josh Neufeld – E17streets4all.co.uk
  • Hardcover
  • 184 pages
  • Flashed
  • Josh Neufeld
  • English
  • 19 November 2018
  • 9780990636427

10 thoughts on “Flashed

  1. says:

    Pressgang s Flashed Sudden Stories in Comics and Prose, edited by Josh Neufeld and Sari Wilson, is one of the most fun reading experiences I ve had all year Those who read Flashed after its February 2016 release will likely be saying the same thing as they...

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    A combination of some of my favorite formats, what could go wrong In fact, nothing This was a wonderful collections of stories and comics that not only combined to create something greater, but also had elements of improv that I enjoyed as well.Every story and comic opened up different interpretations and gave me pause to think deeply about the joined narratives I was reading, it was a rewarding experience, tripled I especially enjoyed Gabriel Bell s contribution about a hole in the wall and the whole triptych of Bronte, which I felt was especially clever and well done.At the...

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    A fascinating anthology of flash prose and comics I would consider teaching it in my comics course to show varieties of short narratives and ways artists and writers can draw inspiration from one another Much of my own writing is flash fiction and I highly recommend this book for any readers and writers of flash, micro, short short...

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    This is a lovely book in so many ways Josh Neufeld and Sari Wilson had the enviable job of sparking collaboration between writers of comics and writers of prose They took a handful of seed works and asked artists to grow a new work from the seed The result is a stunning compilation of tr...

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    The concept is pretty cool Three authors collaborate to make a story All have three sections made up of comics and writing Some have two comic sections, some have only one Some of these works are related than ...

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    Like any prompt, the concept of this book inspired a few excellent pieces and a lot of so so ones It seems like it was a lot of fun for the writers and artists Worth a read, but expect a mix of quality.

  7. says:

    Good concept, iffy execution.

  8. says:

    Flashed Sudden Stories in Comics and Prose was an interesting premise for an anthology, featuring flash fiction in both comic and prose formats, each in conversation with each other I find flash fiction to be a strangely neglected format, as it can take a lot of skill to pack so much feeling and mood into so compact a package, and I feel the contributors here do a good job of it I always enjoy being able to flip through so many topics and voices in one anthology In Flashed, a variety of themes, a work was chosen from some prominent writer or cartoonist, from Linda Berry to Steve Almond, with two others responding wi...

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    A really cool idea that works out quite well and makes for some really interesting takes on the stories.I would love to see volumes in this series.

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