2 Bodies For The Price Of 1 (Body Movers, #2)

With Fugitive Parents, A Brother Dodging Loan Sharks, A Hunky Cop Who S Made Her Outlaw Family His Business, And Her Ex Fianc Back In The Picture, Carlotta Wren Thought Her Life Couldn T Get Any Complicated And Then Her Fugitive Parents Phone Home Her Identity Is Stolen By A Look Alike Her Look Alike Is Found, Well Dead Under Suspicion For Murder, Carlotta Discovers That Her Devious Double Might Have Been Bumped Off Accidentally And That She Could Be The Real Target Throw In Dealing With Her Motley Crew Of Family, Friends And Wannabe Lovers, And Carlotta Begins To Think That Jail Isn T Such A Bad Alternative After All.2 Bodies For The Price Of 1 (Body Movers, #2)

USA TODAY bestselling author Stephanie Bond was seven years deep into a systems engineering career and pursuing an MBA at night when an instructor remarked that she had a flair for writing and suggested that she submit to academic journals But Stephanie, a voracious reader, was only interested in writing fiction specifically, romantic fiction.Upon completing her master s degree and with no f

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • 2 Bodies For The Price Of 1 (Body Movers, #2)
  • Stephanie Bond
  • English
  • 05 June 2017
  • 9780778324843

10 thoughts on “2 Bodies For The Price Of 1 (Body Movers, #2)

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    Almost every character irritates me and yet I can t seem to stop reading these Carlotta can t seem to make up her mind about anything Just when you think she s going to work some things out her identity is stolen And for some unknown reason this woman thinks Carlotta s life is worth taking over Its no wonder she jumped off a bridge And the men in this book So many idiots There s Jack who does the worst next morning mistake speech ever He tried to convince her the romance was a bad idea Yeah, right That s why he fought Carlotta off while rolling around on the floor sarcasm Such a huge jerk, and yet she still seems to like him Idiot girl Then there is the ex He dumped her years ago when she needed him, but suddenly poof he wants her back And, Ladies and Gentlemen Drum roll please She is still interested in him and almost considers marrying him Then there is her brother He needs to wake up desperately He s messing his life up and taking her along for the ride As for Cooper He s a good guy, but he lays so much guilt on her She may never be together enough to appreciate him Then there s the women Geesh Hannah, who usually only sleeps with married men, but is willing to make an exc...

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    This is a series I still haven t determined if I like or not It s definitely a light fluffy read, and somewhat along the lines of Janet Evanovich s Stephanie Plum series However, I don t think it s quite as entertaining In fact I spent at least 80% of this book waiting for the action Sure things happen, but nothing seems to really come of it, it s mostly story setup And when it takes that long to build up a story my hopes for a good ending just aren t there The first story I could really see potential for the series However after this second installment, my hopes are a bit dashed The characters were very flat, and didn t seem all that bright But the fact that the first book really gave them their dimension helped keep me reading through this one I suppose I will likely continue on, with the hopes that the third book is an improvement Now that Car...

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    I liked this book better than the first, but am still annoyed by some things First off, Wesley, he just keeps making one stupid move after another I realize he is a kid, but he is supposed to have a genius IQ, too bad he doesn t use it The second thing that bothers me is the way that Carlotta changes her mind about all the men flitting about her It seems like if she is with one of them, that is the one that she has decided is right for her, but changes her mind once another enters her presence As for the mystery, I was mad to find out who the bad guy was, just one betrayal in a long line of them.I do look forward to reading in this series I want to find out about E and her boyfriend, the Wesley s lawyer, I have a bad feeling there, and finally who will win out in the man departme...

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    This book starts exactly at the moment the first, Body Movers, leaves off with a phone call from her errant, bail jumping father Carlotta drops the phone and through a series of unfortunate incidents is unable to take the call Her life becomes complicated as her identity is stolen and her double winds up dead Her brother is still in a lot of trouble with loan sharks and his probation Three men are pursuing Carlotta for romance but with her identity stolen, her parents on the lam, her disingenous brother constantly making mistakes, she barely has time to think let alon...

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    The main character Carlotta Wren has a lot going on with fugitive parents who having been missing for 8 years She has a brother who is always getting in trouble and believes his parents are innocent Three sexy men that...

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    Even better than the first Loved it

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    So I was super negative about the last book and I still stand by that but I m running out of books in the romance Package so I moved to the second book it was better. still not good but better

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    This book was great I love the way Stephanie Bond writes Looking forward to starting the next book in this series.

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    I m still trying to decide if I love this series or not There are things about the books I don t like but so far, the positives have out weighed the negatives I ve ordered the next four in the series so I should have an answer to that question soon enough In this the second in the series, Carlotta is the victim of identity theft, but after the person who stole her identity winds up dead she finds herself living in a very cramped townhouse with the Detective she hates when she isn t lusting after him.The other men in her life are none too happy about her sleeping arrangements, and she is none too happy about the Detectives wandering ways.I think the main problem I have with this book is the sexual relationships are just a little sick Without giving any of the namesMale1 sleeps with Female1 and also Female2 Male2 sleeps with Female2 while pretending Female2 is Female3 Female2 has also slept with Male3 who happens to be Male2 s father I m as open minded as the next ...

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    This series is starting to get good One woman and 3 men trying to get her attention and someone is trying to kill someone stolen Identities, very crazy interesting read Fast read Cant wait to get started on book 3 Update 6 3 2016 If you are looking for other great suspense action Comedy Laugh Out Loud Romance books check out my other reviews I Recommend this series and the following Rose Gardner Mystery Series by Denise Grover Swank Body Movers Series by Stephanie Bond Rock Chick Seri...

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