The Living Room of the Dead

KINDLE The Living Room Of The Dead Eric Stone Natus Falling In Love Has Consequences There S Nothing New About That But When An Elite Brit Falls For A Russian Prostitute And Wants To Get Her Away From Her Pimp In Macau And Marry Her, Those Consequences Become Deadly.Journalist Ray Sharp Doesn T Need Someone Else S Troubles, But When His Colleague Pleads For Help, His Conscience Won T Let Him Say No What Seems Like A Simple Favor Entangles Ray In A Maze Of Horror And Violence That Leads From The Glittery Nightclubs And Sleazy Brothels Of Macau To A Chamber Of Horrors On An Island In The South China Sea And Finally To Russia S Mafia Infested Pacific Seaport Of Vladivostok.Based On A True Story, The Living Room Of The Dead Takes Place In The Milieu Of The Decadent Ex Pat Life In Hong Kong And Macau At A Dizzyingly Dramatic Time These Cities Are About To Fall Back Under Chinese Rule Fearful, People Grab For Whatever They Can Get The Air Itself Reeks Of Sex, Money, And Power Here The Only Thing A Person Can Count On Is What S Inside Himself For Ray, Even That Is Something To Wrestle With.The Living Room of the Dead

Eric Stone s most recent book is SHANGHAIED , the fourth book in his Ray Sharp series of detective thrillers set in Asia and based on true stories The previous books in the series are FLIGHT OF THE HORNBILL, GRAVE IMPORTS and THE LIVING ROOM OF THE DEAD He is also the author of Wrong Side of the Wall a true crime sports biography Eric worked for many years as a journalist in the U.S and

Free ↠ The Living Room of the Dead By Eric Stone –
  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • The Living Room of the Dead
  • Eric Stone
  • English
  • 12 October 2019
  • 9780765312976

10 thoughts on “The Living Room of the Dead

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    Very gritty novel about a journalist, based in the Hong Kong area, has been asked to intervene in a romance between a Brit and a prostitute on contract with a very bad Russian mobster.

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    I didn t like this book at all I felt the prose was simplistic and the treatment of the subject matter quite superficial Ray Sharp, a journalist living and working in Hong Kong, is asked by a colleague to help him reason with the colleague s brother, a wealthy Englishman who s fallen in love with a Russian prostitute in Macau The colleague wants his brother to dump the girl and return to the family Ray goes to Macau to avail himself of the whores there every chance he gets so I could see why the Englishman s brother asked for Ray s help what I never got was why Ray agreed to do so Maybe it s because Ray himself is in love with another whore from Russia, who now lives and works in Indonesia It s a strange kind of love, though, because there doesn t seem to be much of a relationship other than a few phone calls between them throughout the book Ray, who s always tired but never seems to connect his incredibly high consumption of alcohol and the resultant hangovers to his exhaustion, forms another one of his distinctly shall...

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    I m getting a late start on Eric Stone s Ray Sharp series, but I m glad to finally be on board This is the first of what are currently four novels about an American journalist living in Hong Kong and frequenting Macau I like novels with foreign settings because, for the time I m reading, I can teleport.In this case, I visited not only new locales but a new lifestyle altogether See, Ray Sharp hangs with a lot of hookers As one might imagine, this embroils him in trouble than he set out for, and provides a crisp backdrop for a gripping thriller Stone s writing style is engaging I liked experiencing this adventure while looking through Ray Sharp s lens on the world.The sad part of the book is that it is based on real events involving the mafia, slavery, and the sex trade in Asia Time spent reading is always time well spent, but I do appreciate a tight novel that is able to both entertain and raise awareness Recommended for thrille...

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    I chose this book to read primarily as it featured Macau I lived there a short while ago and was looking foward to the journey of being back there via print The violence didn t really affect me too much as I thought it was part and parcel of the ...

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    This book is fiction based on a true story It is based in Hong Kong and delves into the world of sex trade and slavery The main characters are expatriates Very enlightening.

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    I think the style is only mundane, but the atmosphere is fascinating,and many fine details food, drink, slang

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