Controlling Circumstances (Circumstances #1)

For A Brief Moment, Belle Believed She Was In Love In Her Young, Naive Mind, She Had Assumed Love Was All Consuming And Everlasting, Capable Of Withstanding The Test Of Time Sometimes, When You Re Young, You Can Become Easily Blinded By The Desires Of The Heart, Leading You To Make Poor Choices In The Name Of Love Belle Had Been No Different Her Dream Man Turned Out To Be Her Worst Nightmare Her Assumption Of Love Proved To Be Completely Off Track, Erecting Walls To Form Around Her Heart Now At The Age Of Thirty, Belle Is Left Questioning Why Life Isn T As Easy As She D Expected Gabe Watched Her From A Distance From The First Flash Of Her Red Hair And The Way She Walked, Looking So Focused On Nothing But Where She Was Going, He Felt A Sudden And Fierce Magnetic Pull To Her Their Eyes Met Just Once Before She Crossed The Street, But Gabe Felt It That Deep Longing That Filled His Chest And Threatened To Suffocate Him He Needed To Know Herall Of Her But He Needed To Control Himself First With Danger On The Rise, Can The Love Of One Man Be Enough To Control The Situation Or Will It Be Just Another Circumstance Left To ChanceControlling Circumstances (Circumstances #1)

Just a small town girl with a big dream.I have been writing short stories and poetry since I was young and always wanted to expand my stories and characters I had the need to write So here I am, going for .One Simple Memory LIVE Controlling Circumstances LIVE Jake s Redemption LIVE Circumstances Unraveled LIVE Reunion Co Author with C.G Lee TBADom TBA

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  • Paperback
  • 140 pages
  • Controlling Circumstances (Circumstances #1)
  • Jean Kelso
  • 21 November 2018
  • 9781513708454

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    Controlling Circumstances Boy, was I on a roller coaster with this book The outline of the book is basically explained in the title It s about control Finding the control you lost and realising that it it takes one person to build up your trust That the walls you made to protect yourself will come down crumbly because you have nothing to hide from him Here comes Gabe and Belle These two were made for each other He excelled in control as he was his own boss He reigned Belle in when she thought she was alone He showed her that loving someone won t make you weak or lose the control you ve been searching for It s about putting all your trust into the one person who wants nothing but the best for you Belle was dealt a bad Life Card She was rewarded with her best friend and lover but I was proud of the fact that she was able to find love after a bad experi...

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    This is the first book I have read by this author and I was not disappointed It was the perfect mix of love, pain and suspense that kept me wanting Belle has been dealt a tough hand After dealing with a traumatic incident while in college that she never really recovered from, she is hit again with so horrible news In walks Gabe, like in crashes Gabe He is a very unexpected surprise in Belle s life and she isn t sure the timing on right but Gabe isn t one to take no for an answer and Belle isn t sure she can say no What happens when Belle s present issue and her past collide We know Belle is strong enough and determined enough to deal with it but Is Gabe willing and strong to take a chance or will it send him running for the hills You will not want to pass this book up, it ...

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    I was gifted this copy by the author Thank you, Ms Kelso for that.Belle is still suffering the shocks waves from an attack at college, 8 years later Its her 30th brithday and her friend drags her out to celebrate Gabe works the bar and he has been watching Belle for some time, not in a creepy stalker sort of way, but in a I need this woman in my life, sort of way When said attacker is release on early parole, it all goes to hell and back, and Gabe is not only fighting to keep his woman, to for her very life too.This book is dark in places, lighter, funnier in others, it has the whole gammut of emotion, all in a short book, which meant, at times, it flew, far too fast, and others it plodded along just right Gabe is Belle s first relationship, first proper boyfriend since the first one doesn t cou...

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    This was the first book I ve read By Jean Kelso and I really enjoyed it Belle and Gabe have an interesting story Belle has a pretty big obstacle to overcome and Gabe is just what she needs to help her through it I like that she wasn t the typical size2, young, model like heroine Belle was very relatable I like how she was damaged but still strong She had a little self doubt at time like we all do but still got help when she needed it The sex ...

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    Honest review for an ARC 4 stars is a bit generous, it was a 3.5 star book Had great potential, but whoever the editor was really was slacking on the job The missing words and errors that I found were very distracting to me I found Gabe to be a bit stalkerish in the beginning, and with B...

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    I enjoyed the book It was dark in some places and sexy and entertaining in others I was gifted the book for an honest review Belles story is one of bad luck on top of bad luck and trauma but she overcomes trials with the help of her best friend and...

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    I liked this book It has good writing and it flows really well I like the strength of the characters and I feel like Belle had a very believable history She is so hard on herself in the beginning of the book that I want to pet her and love her and call her George If you get that reference, then 10 points for you LOL Anyways, this poor girl has so much happen to her in a short space of time that it s ridiculous It s a wonder any one would have come out of that situation sane much less open to love Belle and Gabe have a very whirlwind romance and I almost wonder if it s because of the events that transpire and push them together than actually falling in love, if that s makes any sense I m sure there s a technical term for it but it s eluding me right this minute.The one thing that bothers me is that the reader never learns very much about Gabe The whole story is centered on the trials and tribulations that Belle has to go through and Gabe is just a really hot accessory He starts to get interesting with his s...

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    I was given a copy by the author for an honest review.Poor Belle, everything it seems like on her thirtieth birthday her life just went on this downward spiral Then she meets hunky Gabe who she doesn t feel like she is good enough for because he s Mr Hunk and she considers herself fat and ugly No worries, he s had his eye on her for months in a sweet bordering on stalker kind of way He sticks with her through a cancer diagnosis and treatment then a psycho ex boyfriend just released from prison coming after her.I enjoyed this book My biggest complaint is she did have SO much bad stuff happening at one time it seemed a bit too much Can t a Girl get a break Other than that I found the characters to be real a...

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    I was given an ARC for an honest review and honestly I LOVED IT There was a part at the beginning that almost made me not read it because it was too close for comfort family member had it and I really don t like reading books with this illness However, I went on and so glad I did Belle has had her share of bad things happen to her in her life and then when Gabe shows interest in her she thin...

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