Ferocious Fluffity

Read Ferocious Fluffity By Erica S Perl Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk Mr Drake S Second Grade Class Has A New Class Pet Fluffity Appears To Be A Cute And Docile Hamster But The Kids Soon Discover That She Is Not The Cuddly Pet They Expected From The Moment Her Cage Door Opens, Fluffity Becomes FEROCIOUS Biting And Chasing Everyone Down The Hall And Into The Library Will The Class Be Able To Tame This Beast And Bring Peace Back To Their School The Bestselling Team Behind Chicken Buttand Chicken Butt S Backhas Crafted Another Laugh Out Loud Tale That S Sure To Be A Hit With Any Child Who S Ever Wanted A Pet Erica Perl S Pitch Perfect Rhymes And Henry Cole S Over The Top Animal Character Make For The Perfect Classroom Read Aloud.Ferocious Fluffity

WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU O.J Sydney Taylor Award Notable Book, Best Book, multiple state book lists including MN, FL, VA, VT and RI and

[ PDF / Epub ] ☂ Ferocious Fluffity  Author Erica S. Perl – E17streets4all.co.uk
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Ferocious Fluffity
  • Erica S. Perl
  • English
  • 26 July 2017
  • 9781419721823

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    This is pretty funny, and teaches a valuable lesson about respecting your pets Sometimes, children s books try too hard to be funny, and they just end up seeming stupid Ferocious Fluffity strikes just the right balance, h...

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    Rated by my son

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    It s a shame for hamsters that they are so cute they really don t make good children s pets at all They re nocturnal, territorial, and for the most part dislike being held I m not a big fan of classroom pets in general, but hamsters are one of the ill informed choices Ferocious Fluffity may be a bit realistic than most teachers or kids would like On one hand, this rhyming book does teach a lesson about getting to know your pet before asking too much of him Fluffity obviously hates being held, but it took an entire classroom and teacher getting bitten for them to understand this There was a nice moment when the kids offer Fluffity things that make her happy an exercise wheel and toys to play with However, despite having such a bad experience with Fluffity, the teacher gets...

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    The author and illustrator of Chicken Butt return with another uproariously funny picture book Mr Drake brings a new pet into his classroom It s a tiny hamster They aren t allowed to hold her, but one day when Mr Drake is late, the children take her out of her cage But Fluffity is not as sweet as she looks She bites all of the children Then she chases them down the hall and continues to bite them as they hide in the library When Mr Drake discovers them all, Fluffity bites him too and won t let go They finally get Fluffity back into her cage and figure out that she needs exercise and lots of things to chew on to be happiest In fact, they do so well that Mr Drake brings in a new pet for the classroom Now, I must admit that when I start a picture book and it is in rhyme I tend to worry and even shudder a bit Here Perl handles her rhyme with panache, using it to up the frenzied action and to increase the humor as well The rhyme adds a galloping pace to the book that is wonderful as well as making it a treat to read aloud The humor is bro...

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    As an educator there will be pets and critters of all kinds in your classroom it s inevitable They will be there as welcome or surprise guests or as permanent members for the school year If you are a teacher librarian in your building the number of animal visitors increases.Classrooms want to share their pet bringing it to the library for a lesson, individual students bring in their much loved pals and then there are those students who ve captured something from the out of doors they can hardly wait to show you These gals and guys come to you before school or between classes carefully carrying a jar with a lid punched full of holes or a larger box in a similar state You learn over the years to quickly and cheerfully ask what is in the container You may be asked to identify the animal, discover its favorite habitat or meal and always to share in the joy of look what I found ...

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    So funny I laughed out loud throughout this wonderfully silly book Can t wait to try this one on the kindergartener in my life Henry Cole s illustrations of the biting hamster are hilarious and his comeuppance at t...

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    Laugh out loud funny Perfect to share, whether or not you have a class pet The pictures will have the kids rolling on the floor I mean, just look at Fluffity s cute widdle face The words beg to be read and reread over and over Winner Winner What s Fluffity eatin for dinner

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    It was cute so I just had to pick it up This brings back bad memories of our 3rd grade class pet She was a biter too I wonder if he wrote this book based on personal experience HA

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    Perl, Erica S Ferocious Fluffity A Might Bite y Class Pet, illustrated by Henry Cole PICTURE BOOK Abrams Books, 2016 16.95 Content G.Mr Drake s students are thrilled when their teacher unveils the new class pet They all vow not to touch Fluffity until she is bigger and accustomed to the classroom But when Mr Drake is late one day, the children can t help it They take turns holding Fluffity and getting bitten The terrified kids try to escape, but their class pet runs right after them, teeth ready to chomp Oops Maybe they should have listened to their teacher after all.This rhyming tale is graced with hilarious text and illustrations, and I m already looking forward to reading it aloud to my students when school is back in session It seems like it will be a fun one to perform, as well as a good start for discussions about how to treat new pets and listening to adults suggestions despite temptation Okay, the latter sounds like a bit of a snooze, but I think we c...

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    A cute little book about a hamster named Fluffity I felt so bad for little Fluffity She was stuck in a classroom in a little container The kids didn t know what to do with her and wanted to entertain themselves with a pet they didn t really know about She needed a big place to live with lots of things that would keep her safe and have things...

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