The Bridesmaid's Baby Bump

The Billionaire Bachelor S Baby When Party Planner Eliza Dunne Meets Billionaire Jake Marlowe At A Wedding, She Decides To Finally Give In To The Sparks That Have Always Fizzed Between Them The Connection Is So Intense That Jake Can T Resist Eliza But With The Divorce Only Just Final After His Unhappy Marriage, He S Not Ready For Anything Serious But When Eliza Tells Him Her Shocking News She S Pregnant With His Baby He Has One Certainty He Wants To Be At The Center Of His New Family, As A Husband And FatherThe Bridesmaid's Baby Bump

Kandy Shepherd left a fast paced career as a magazine editor to write award winning romantic fiction.Kandy lives in a small farm in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia, with her husband, daughter and a menagerie of four legged friends.She believes in love at first sight and real life romance they worked for her

➪ The Bridesmaid's Baby Bump Read ➲ Author Kandy Shepherd –
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • The Bridesmaid's Baby Bump
  • Kandy Shepherd
  • English
  • 07 March 2017
  • 9780373743940

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    This is the third book in the Syndey Brides Series, The Bridesmaid s Baby Bump What a disappointment it was I had looked forward to this book because of the feelings I thought Jake had for the heroine and then he really messes up the whole thing He never redeemed himself in my opinion and I would never willingly read it again And where the heck was the groveling Our heroine and hero are Party Planner Eliza Dunne and billionaire businessman Jake Marlowe Jake is good friends with our heroes, Dominic from book one and Crown Prince Tristan from book two He and Eliza were Bridesmaid and Best Man Groomsman at both of their weddings.Jake s wife wanted a divorce and he had tried to make it work but she was unwilling It wasn t that he loved her still, it was about failure and Jake didn t fail at anything It hurt his pride.He first met Eliza at Andie s wedding in book one They talk and are immediately attracted to each other Then when Tristan married Gemma in book two they reconnected but his complicated divorce had not yet been finalized Jake wanted to be with her that n...

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    Most H s are bullies, but really, attempting to steamroll a woman who is extremely ill during a high risk pregnancy is a deal breaker for me It just brings too much of real life into the mix, because it shows a lack of decency and sensitivity that can t be learned What kind of person sees someone he cares for gaunt and ill and recently out of the hospital and decides that it s the p...

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    Just didn t like the heroHe was such a jerk I couldn t buy into his love for Eliza Not contacting her after their four day affair was just wrong to me He did date ot her women but when he kissed them he didn t like it, he recoiled he said, and he didn t sleep with them I don t think but it still irked me I understood too why the h didn t tell him Him ...

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    Paskutinioji Sind jaus nuotak dalis At jo ir valdingosios, visk apskai iuojan ios Elizos eil I siskyrusi ir beveik pasiekusi 30 met slenkst nesitiki laimingos istorijos, kaip jos draugi ir kolegi Nors ak patrauk D eikas, kaip ir ji patrauk jo d mes Tik vienas nesklandumas jis dar ...

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    I was really looking forward to this one I have loved the first two books in this series and I was very much looking forward to seeing Eliza get her HEA and with none other than billionaire Jake Marlowe you see they were best man and bridesmaid at Andie and Dominic s wedding and then again at Gemma and Tristian s weddings and that spark that started with the first wedding grew with the second one and bought them together in the magical European castle such a fairy tale but there were still obstacles in their way so it took another 6 months before they were in contact again and wow.Eliza is part of the Party Queens party planning company and loves her job she has been married and divorced and is one of the most independent and determined to do everything herself people there is she will not be told what to do and can be very stubborn about it Eliza is not the sort of girl who is into affairs but she cannot deny the pull between her and Jake so when she decides to take a much needed four day break at Port Douglas Jake is the last person she expects to run into at the airport but that spark cannot be denied.Jake Marlowe is a self made billionai...

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    The Bridesmaid s Baby Bump is the third book in Kandy Shepherd s Sydney Brides series This was a great story about attraction turning into a test of will between two fiercely independent individuals The main characters were carefully created They had depth, they had flaws and of course they were realistic I rooted for Eliza Dunne she is passionate, talented and fragile Jake Marlowe on the other hand is strong, independent and roguish but in the end he proved himself as a worthy father and life partner Eliza and Jake meet up at their friend s wedding and they discover the ...

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    I m a huge fan of Kandy Shepherd s books While I have to admit that her Dolphin Bay series is my favourite so far, I completely fell in love with the Sydney Brides series too What s not to love about three sassy, intelligent and determined women who call themselves the Party Queens and are destined to meet the love of their lives under the most unusual circumstances After Gift Wrapped in Her Wedding Dress and Crown Prince s Chosen Bride , The Bridesmaid s Baby Bump is the 3rd and last instalment, and it lived up to my expectations.This is the story of Eliza, the organizing whirlwind behind the party planner trio She bumped pardon the pun into hunky billionaire Jake on two occasions two weddings nonetheless, now if that isn t an omen and sparks flew The problem Jake was battling a divorce, and Eliza has been burned by her own unhappy marriage But this time when they meet, all bets are off The two of them give in to desire during a short holiday, and it was a treat to read how well they got along and how much chemistry and they shared The title sort of gives away the story, but that didn t take anything away from the suspense and struggle It s no lie to say I was biting my nails at one point, and shouting at Eliza and then Jake and then again Eliza to stop being so blind and stubborn But they got their happy ending, and it felt so wonderfully right.It was nice to meet the previous characters an...

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    The conclusion of Ms Shepherd s Sydney brides is fantastic Take billionaire Jake Marlowe,with a past he keeps a secret, put him at a wedding with Eliza Dunne part owner of Party Queens, add a physical attraction to each other, add that he is not quite divorced yet and add that Eliza wants him but has issues with him not being totally free If that doesn t get you roped into this wonderful book how about she meets him again when he is finally divorced both decide to spend a few days together and that time produces an unexpected complication Eliza gets pregnant, which doctors said was impossible Put extremely handsome, overwhelming wealthy Jack who from issued in the past trusts no one , in the middle of this miracle baby Never wanting to be a father for reasons known only to him, he approaches Eliza with his decision on how to handle this Get mar...

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    Been waiting for this book after previewing the sample on Harlequin website and iBooks, the suspense was killing meIt was pretty difficult at first to digest what had happened between Jake and Eliza leading to their first time meeting at Dominic and Andie s wedding and then at Gemma and Tristan s wedding before Jake s divorce become final.I would act like Eliza did when meeting Jake by accident at the airport, mad at him but somehow did not have the h...

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    A wonderful tale of renewal, healing from the past and finding the courage to give love another chance, The Bridesmaid s Baby Bump is an uplifting, feel good and emotional contemporary romance guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings and have you reaching for the tissues.When party planner Eliza Dunne met drop dead gorgeous billionaire Jake Marlowe, it was love and lust at first sight As one of Sydney s most renowned party planners, Eliza has put her heart and soul into her event planning business and she has neither the time nor the inclination for romance and after her previous relationship had ended acrimoniously, she is even determined to keep her heart under lock and key and give any kind of romantic attachment a very wide berth But that was before she had clapped eyes on sexy Jake Marlowe Self made billionaire Jake has got his own reasons for turning his back on relationships After his marriage had ended in a bitter divorce, Jake had been wary about getting involved with anyone else With his film star go...

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