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Negroni Is A Talented Aviation Journalist Who Clearly Understands The Critically Important Part The Human Factor Plays In Aviation Safety Captain Chesley Sully Sullenberger, Pilot Of US Airways 1549, The Miracle On The HudsonOne Of The Wall Street Journal S 3 Books Every Geek Should Read This Fall A Fascinating Exploration Of How Humans And Machines Fail Leading To Air Disasters From Amelia Earhart To MH370 And How The Lessons Learned From These Accidents Have Made Flying Safer.In The Crash Detectives, Veteran Aviation Journalist And Air Safety Investigator Christine Negroni Takes Us Inside Crash Investigations From The Early Days Of The Jet Age To The Present, Including The Search For Answers About What Happened To The Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 As Negroni Dissects What Happened And Why, She Explores Their Common Themes And, Most Important, What Has Been Learned From Them To Make Planes Safer Indeed, As Negroni Shows, Virtually Every Aspect Of Modern Pilot Training, Airline Operation, And Airplane Design Has Been Shaped By Lessons Learned From Disaster Along The Way, She Also Details Some Miraculous Saves, When Quick Thinking Pilots Averted Catastrophe And Kept Hundreds Of People Alive.Tying In Aviation Science, Performance Psychology, And Extensive Interviews With Pilots, Engineers, Human Factors Specialists, Crash Survivors, And Others Involved In Accidents All Over The World, The Crash Detectives Is An Alternately Terrifying And Inspiring Book That Might Just Cure Your Fear Of Flying, And Will Definitely Make You A Informed Passenger Christine Negroni Combines Her Investigative Reporting Skills With An Understanding Of The Complexities Of Air Accident Investigations To Bring To Life Some Of History S Most Intriguing And Heartbreaking Cases Bob Woodruff, ABC NewsThe Crash Detectives

I write about all kinds of aviation and specialize in airline safety I follow the relationship between humans and machines I also travel frequently and write about the places I go and the ways I move on the journey My Flying Lessons aviation blog and on my travel blog GoHowKnowHow can be found on my website christinenegroni dot com.

[Epub] ➢ The Crash Detectives  ➣ Christine Negroni –
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • The Crash Detectives
  • Christine Negroni
  • 12 November 2017
  • 9780143127321

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    I had the same thoughts about this book as another reviewer first, I thought the title was misleading and, second, I thought it could use some editing and a change in focus The title Crash Detectives led me to think the book would be about the people who actually investigate plane crashes Instead it s of a scattered collection of stories about various airplane mishaps and, in some cases, the politics behind assigning blame At times the book felt like a summary of other people s books about air disasters rather than a complete narrative I almost always wanted details, either about the disaster itself, the crew, or the passengers And I wanted her to tell me a story from start to finish rather than jumping away in the middle while acknowledging that she was leaving the reader hanging If you know you re leaving me hangin...

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    I am not the ideal person to have read this book because flying terrifies me And to be honest, those reviews who contend that the book is somewhat mis titled are correct I ll get to that in a minute.First, I have to thank My Book Box because I doubt I would have read this if it hadn t been a selection for Oct 2016 Negroni s somewhat mis titled book isn t about those who investigate the crashes of airplanes, but about why those crashes occur Once you realize this,...

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    I ll echo what some other reviewers have said this is an interesting topic, but the book badly needed an editor to impose some order The stories and topics are all jumbled up, as if the author put everything in a blender, then poured it onto the page In particu...

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    An excellent book about many recent air crashes, why they happened, and why they didn t Among the evidence the collision of two jumbo jets on Tenerife in 1977 was an example of everything gone wrong exacerbated by one pilot s desire to keep his on time record intact the crash of a sightseeing jet over Antarctica was due to bad preparation, bad documentation and governmental cover up nobody shot at TWA 800 over Long Island in 1996 the crash was most likely a flaw in the way fuel is stored Among the myths debunked are that the disappearance of an Air France Rio to Paris flight over the South Atlantic had anything at all to do with terrorism.Commercial flying has never been safer, but in the era of fly by wire and nearly total computer control of avionics and the flying process, new ills emerge Some governments overstate their air traffic systems ability to follow aircraft in their space, which helps explain the multiple misstatements and incompetencies surrounding Malayasian 370, in a country where civilian and military control of aircraft are under the direction of the same government minister Christine Negroni is our leading civilian expert concerning crashes like these, and C...

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    This is an interesting book about aviation disasters and the author clearly knows this space well I found it hard to follow in spots due to the way the book jumped between air disasters Nonetheless an interesting read.

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    This is in my wheelhouse and there is some good stuff there, but I put this away after 70 pages, not being able to get over the weird colloquial style and a lot of grammar mistakes Not sure if the author or editor is to blame, but this reads like a rushed blog post.

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    Commercial air crashes have attracted a great deal of attention recently With the crashes of the Boeing 737 MAX Lion and Ethiopian , the safety of flying has been forced back into the public consciousness In The Crash Detectives, Christine Negroni has done a fantastic job of putting together an engaging, accessible, and interesting volume on why planes crash.The biggest advantages of this book are its breadth and readability Negroni covers a huge number of different accidents, and her book is a Greatest Hits tape of all the crashes I would expect an observer of aviation to know well In other words, if you want to become familiar with the key case studies in plane crashes, this is a great starting point While the book doesn t often provide as much detail as I would expect from someone studying the field, Negroni s writing than makes up for it in accessible prose The book is an engaging page turner.In any book attempting to summarize air crashes, however, there are two major challenges The first difficulty is that almost all accidents have a number of causal factors that combine human and technical elements This makes it tricky to write about beca...

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    The Crash Detectives by Christine Negroni was a good read To begin with full disclosure I was given this book through a Goodreads Giveaway While the title alludes to detectives, there really isn t much of that in the narrative But that aside, the tale was still very interesting The book is a reporting of many of the major air mishaps over the last 50 years Since the middle aged reader will remember many of the incidents from newspaper stories and television newsreelsthis book is really a recounting of these accidents, and of what went on and what was determined, if anything, to be the cause Many of the disasters the reader will have heard of yet some will be new The author also makes a point of laying out a compelling case of what she thinks happened to Malaysia Flight 370 that took off from Kuala Lumpur in 2014 and seemingly disappeared It is a quick read and it is a page turner, but probably not something you want to take with ...

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    I wish this had been so much detailed it seemed very superficial and it was a shame I wanted to get really deep and into details which each case and that just didn t happen, unfortunately I also wish the stories hadn t been mixed togeth...

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