Restorations Journey (Unseen Dominion, #2)

Reading Restorations Journey Unseen Dominion, 2 By Robert Roush How Do You Run From An Unseen Enemy In A World You Ve Never ExperiencedTwelve Year Old Ima Fredericks Is A Second Generation Mim Manufactured Image Of Man Born And Raised At The Secret Research Facility Known As CeSiR Tech, She Discovered Early In Life That She Was Different Different From Humans And Different From The Other Mims When The One Person She Trusts Is Murdered, Ima Flees The Only World She Has Ever Known But Escape Was The Easy Part Can She Survive In An Unfamiliar World While Hunted By The Unseen Forces Responsible For The Creation Of The MimsAs A Faithful Warrior Of The Heavenly Host, Adiya Cannot Understand Why She Would Be Assigned To Protect An Abomination Created By The Enemy She Trusts In The Creator S Wisdom, But Will She Be Up To This ChallengeRestorations Journey (Unseen Dominion, #2) a company devoted to providing readers with quality stories and the comfort of knowing that the proceeds from those stories go to support compassion based ministries.

!!> KINDLE ❄ Restorations Journey (Unseen Dominion, #2)  ❁ Author Robert Roush –
  • Paperback
  • 280 pages
  • Restorations Journey (Unseen Dominion, #2)
  • Robert Roush
  • English
  • 12 September 2018
  • 9780692609958

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    In my review of Book 1, In The Image of Man, I stated, If there is one thing that I dislike immensely is reading Book 1 of a series then having to wait for Book 2 when this first book has entertained me immensely, uplifted me spiritually and reinforced spiritual truths from the Bible All the three things that I expect to see and like to see from Christian fiction This author delivers this with ease and expertise Quite a feat and talent for his debut novel.Well, now this applies to Book 2 I sincerely hope that Book 3 will not be too long in the waiting as the ending of this one leaves the door wide open as to what happens to Ima after the events in this instalment Again, Roush has entertained me immensely, uplifted me spiritually and reinforced spiritual truths from the Bible.It was great to be back in the world Roush created in Book 1, In The Image of Man Although I was looking forward to seeing the plot develop between Chris and Sarah, Marilyn and Daryl, Pastor Thomas and others, this instalment focusses solely on what happened to Ima at the end of Book 1 This entire novel is devoted to her and the spiritual warfare between the forces of Mael and his demonic horde and those of the Host of Heaven.This is necessary to further the plot of this trilogy Roush has this plot full of ...

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    Ima, a 12 year old girl, is on the run from the research facility in which she was created She runs from both physical and spiritual forces she does not understand in a new world she does not know Her journey crosses paths with those who would love her and those who would kill her This story is set in the not so distant future of America s heartland Restoration s Journey was both thrilling and satisfying Having read In The Image of Man shortly after it was published in 2014, I was excited to learn that the second novel of the Unseen Dominion series was about ready for publishing Restoration s Journey is a parallel story that actually occurs during the last third of In The Image of Man However, Restoration s Journey can easily be read without knowing anything about In The Image of Man.The flow of the scenes throughout the story were logical and didn t cause any difficulty when switching between the physical and spiritual realms There are some emotional scenes that left me either angry, sad, or overwhelmed with joy as they were intended to do On two occasions my eyes welled up with tears to the credit of Roush s writing prowess.I appreciate the author s dealings with Alzheimer ...

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    Picking up where book one of the UNSEEN DOMINION series leaves off, RESTORATION S JOURNEY follows Ima s flight for freedom away from CeSiR Tech the only home she s ever had away from evil the only company she s ever known away from fear and abuse the only lasting emotion or contact she s ever felt Freedom, to be who she has truly been created to be At the age of twelve, Ima is on her own, armed so she thinks with only the last words of Doctor M Gregor to guide and to comfort her Following that guidance, Ima finds her way to the loving Sherwood residence where she is take in and shown true and unconditional love Unseen to Ima, or the Sherwoods, is a ferocious Spiritual battle, the true nature and value of which is not made known until the end, being waged for Ima a battle that sees the highest ranks of demonic and angelic involvement Bringing to mind C.S Lewis s SCREWTAPE LETTERS, the author plays the ranks of the demonic against Ima and her protectors in a witty manner that shows true insight into the operation of demonic forces in real life spiritual warfare I was fascinated to see the inner workings among the ranks in the demonic realm I never stopped to think of the inner working relationships or rivalries ...

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    I greatly enjoyed reading Restoration s Journey The book offers insight for everyone into the spiritual warfare surrounding us, regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey you will benefit from this reading For me, this book painted a vivid image of the forces influencing our daily decisions As the story unfolds we learn about a twelve year old Ima Fredericks, her special circumstances, her lack of trust in people and her thirst to learn She is guided to a kind unassuming couple that take her in as their own As she grows attached to the couple she fears their rejection She struggles with the thoughts that no one could love her for who she is, that once they learn the truth about her she will be rejected by them Therefore, she is very guarded about sharing her past and struggles w...

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    This book grabbed my attention immediately After reading the first book In The Image of Man I was ready to continue the journey It was filled with suspense, and gave good insight to the human and spiritual world It was a good reality check as to what is happening around us and it flowed nicely between the two I was amazed at the descriptions and little details right down to the c...

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    Restoration s Journey was a fast read I fell in love with Ima in the previous book, In The Image of Man Ima has such a bright, innocent personality despite her deplorable living conditions in her past Everything is new to her as she escapes the facility I enjoyed the characters in this book who helped Ima on her journey of discovery This book brought both tears of laughter and sadness The Unseen Warriors were believable and thought provoking I think of th...

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    Robert has created a fantastic talean adventure of light and life He uses the medium of words like an artist would paint and brush, creating layers of truth embedded in life Bringing to light the unseen spiritual battle that take place all around us, Restoration s Journey invites no, demands the reader to come alon...

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