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If The Ring Fits Read Author Melissa McClone Petrasrobert.eu Legenda Itu Mengatakan Sang Pangeran Harus Menikah Dengan Wanita Yang Jarinya Pas Dengan Cincin Pertunangan ItuNonsens Pangeran Richard De Thierry Tidak Percaya Keajaiban Atau Cinta Sejati Hal Itu Tidak Menghentikan Setiap Tamu Wanita Yang Datang Ke Kerajaannya Untuk Mencoba Mengenakan Cincin Bertuah Itu Untungnya, Cincin Itu Tidak Cocok Di Jari Siapa Pun Sampai, Christina Armstrong, Ahli Waris Hartawan Amerika Yang Sering Menimbulkan Kekacauan, Mencobanya Dan Cincin Itu Macet Meskipun Kecantikannya Yang Menggoda Membuat Jantung Richard Berdebar Keras, Dia Tahu Christina Tidak Akan Cocok Jadi Pengantin Kerajaan Gadis Itu Berani, Lincah, Dan Lucu Dan Sangat Tidak Cocok Untuknya Jadi Mengapa Dia Tak Bisa Berhenti Membayangkan Gadis Itu Bersanding Dengannya Dan Mengapa Mereka Tak Dapat Melepaskan Cincin Itu Dari JarinyaIf the Ring Fits...

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband, two daughters, son, dog and too many cats I write sweeter contemporary romance novels for Harlequin and Tule Publishing.

[PDF] If the Ring Fits... By Melissa McClone – E17streets4all.co.uk
  • Paperback
  • 260 pages
  • If the Ring Fits...
  • Melissa McClone
  • Indonesian
  • 05 February 2018

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    This was nice, the hero Prince Richard doesn t believe in the legend of the Ring as all his subjects do According to the legend, if the prince is not married by the age of 30, the ring will find his true love and can only be removed if both of them fall for each other and this time the ring fits Christina, an American Heiress and Richard s nightmare because he tried really hard to find a bride and he thought he had but she dumped him and she was an American and then there is Christina and her klutziness.He tries to hide her but the news gets out and Christina agrees she does not want to marry him, all her life she s been the odd one in her family, hounded by the press, she only wants a common simple life and marrying a prince doesn t fit that, so they try everything to remove the ring and fail and along the way Christina starts believing in ...

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    Once upon a time, there lived a prince who could not find a bride Fearing the family line would end, the princes mother gave him an enchanted ring that would fit only his one true love Maidens traveledfrom near and far to try on the ring, but to no avail Then, one day, the daughter of a visiting merchant slipped the ring onto her finger a perfect fit Upon the royal wedding, the prince fell in love with hisprincess bride, and his marriage thrived Untold prosperity, happiness and peace befell the citizens of his country And all lived happily ever after.As the years passed, the legend of the royal engagement ring evolved and became tradition To this day, if the ruling or crown prince has not wed by his thirtieth year, unwed females of marriageable age are encouraged to try on the ring If the ring fits, within seven days the prince must marry the woman wearing it, or abdicate the throne.And our story begins Prince Richard de Thierry of San Montico dosn t believe it He doesn t believe in magic, true love, everlasting happiness, everything that connected with the legend of the ring He s a crown prince with a duty, which is to bring his country and his people to modernization No myths and legends But he s turning thirty, not married yet, and San Montico needs an he...

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    3.5 stars The heroine was so funny, cute and nice

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    Buku ini merupakan kisah klasik cinderella Tapi kalau cinderella kehilangan salah satu sepatu kacanya, di buku ini Christina tidak sengaja memakai cincin keramat kerajaan, yang tidak bisa dibukanya kecuali ia sudah menemukan cinta sejati Legenda itu juga mengatakan bahwa cincin akan menyangkut di jari seseorang yang sudah ditakdirkan sebagai pendamp...

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    inget banget sama buku yg satu ini buku ini salah satu buku yg aq bc saat awal2 aq suka HKI itupun ktemuny dirental Bukunya udah lecek Tp happy bukan main krna ini ceritany real cindrella,,,Sosok christina cewek kaya nan kikuk dan cuek dgn penampilanny belum lg cenderu...

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    It was a good story, a bit of fantasy, there is a ring which identifies your true love, a bit like Cinderella s slipper I wasn t keen on the prince, he is jaded but he is arrogant and insulting, i think its supposed to endear him to the reader but i wanted to say go girl and take the ring with you.

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    Salah satu harlequin yg gw suka

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    lOVE IT..IT SPEKTAKULAR.Melissa ist brilliant

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    gile, baru tau ada versi bahasanya udah lama selesai baca tapi yang versi englishnya musti dicari nih versi bahasanya untuk isi bukunya, baguusss D

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