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Without Herbs And Spices, The Food We Prepare Would Be Bland And Boring They Are Critically Important To Create Seasonings That Deliver Uniquely Flavorful Dishes, Which Appeal To Our Senses Of Taste, Small And Visual Find 75 Truly Amazing Recipes For Rubs, Blends And Mixes Each Provides A Jumping Off Point For The Home Chef To Add Their Own Flair And Adjust The Flavor Profile To Their Own Tastes Or Try Mixes From The Four Corners Of The Globe You May Have Never Tried Before To Get The Unique Flavors From Places In Africa, Latin American, Europe And Asia Find Recipes For Seasoning Mixes For Meat, Poultry, Pork, Lamb And Fish Ingredients For Mixes Can Be Found From Every Corner Of The Globe Specialty Bless Are Included For Salt Free Alternatives And Salad Dressings Order Your Copy Today And EnjoyHerbs & Spices

Writing is a mixture of OCD and schizophrenia Each time I finish a novel or short story I wonder why I put myself through so much hard work and frustration But you know what they say about forgetting the pain of birth once you have the joy of holding your baby I know full well that the characters in my head will insist I carry on I hear their conversations, they drive me back to the keyboard.

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  • Kindle Edition
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  • Herbs & Spices
  • Jay Howard
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  • 15 February 2017

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    Herbs Spices Rubs, Blends and Mixes An In depth Guide to Creating Your Own Seasonings by Jay Howard Starts with info about Encore book club and how to join.Other works by the author are linkable.Table of contents covers recipes for certain food groups.Intro talks about what herbs and spices and rubs can do for the food you eat.Herbs and spices details the spices and each has a type, aroma flavor, cuisines and dishes.Makes it easy to find the foods you are preparing and select the right flavors to go along with it.Everything from A to z Next chapter are listings for seasonings by meat group.Each recipe has a title and list of ingredients There are no instructions or pictures or nutritional information.Next chapter is about regions and the seasonings the different countries use.My favorite chapter would be ...

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    Truly an in depth guide to knowing your herbs and spicesThis cookbook guide starts with an introduction to a lot of herbs and spices Then we head into the recipes, which are broken down into continents, giving several different types of rubs and mixes Several are very popular versions, so are tried and true The next sections are house mixes, salad dressings...

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    Very completeGreat resource for cooks of all flavors a good starting point for experimentation an emergency resource when you run out of pre mixed Well done Mr Howard and thank you.

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