And Then There Were Two

Playboy Marcus McBride Travels The World As A Flight Attendant For Air International Leaving His Mark At Each Destination While Working A Flight To Sao Paulo, Brazil He Meets Latina Model Consuela Fiore Consuela Takes A Liking To Marcus And Invites Him To A Party Hosted By The Owner Of The Hottest Magazine In Brazil, Brazilian Heat Marcus Enjoys Himself As Consuela Sets Out To Ensure His First Trip To Brazil Is One To Remember The Table Turns When Consuela Takes A Liking To Marcus And They Continue Their Relationship Stateside.And Then There Were Two

J Asmara is a national bestselling author of several works of fiction to include romance, erotica, suspense, and drama The Beaufort, South Carolina native grew up as a small town girl destined for great things As with most people, her life was not always fair, however she endured and overcame adversity Her passion for writing evolved in March 2014 with her debut novella When It Raynes and she

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 44 pages
  • And Then There Were Two
  • J. Asmara
  • English
  • 10 November 2017

15 thoughts on “And Then There Were Two

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    This was my 1st read by this author I thought this was a good read Marcus was a busy dude had the right job for meeting new potentialsI thought he had met his match with Alicia Tiff s confession was surprising I was so hoping he would do right by herGood storyline

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    TwoThis was a short sexy romp A male flight attendants sexcapades across the US and Brazil Whew This was interesting.

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    Short and sweetThe ending surprised me It was so sweet This book was like a bite of pepper A flash of intensity cooling off to a mellow warmth Great job.

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    This novella was absolutely refreshing After some romance books with kind and generous heroes that didn t quite do it for me too good to be true some character flaws hidden under the nice cover , outspoken and self confident Playboy Marcus really got me Yes, he is a player, arrogant and nymphomanic but he s got two very strong points in his favor First he loves all women because the female species is beautyful in all sizes, shapes, and colors who couldn t adore that in a man and second he always takes great care not to say anything that can be understood as a commitment So everyone getting on with him knows exactely what she can expect That he is only in for one thing, just for fun and the taste of it There is absolutely nothing wrong with that So be aware when you read this What you see is what you get If you re not down with that, don t read it Really, if I didn t know this was written by a female author but do I really I d have thought it a typical male fantasy It s so very much his point of view, the author makes him tell the story so down and ...

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    Marcus Mcbride International male ho as his female friend and co worker, Tiff, refers to him Marcus loves the ladies, and the ladies love Marcus His job as a flight attendant provides him the benefit of meeting and talking to some of the most beautiful women around the world Tiff can t help but wonder if Marcus will ever just settle down.One special woman, Consuela Fiore, a beautiful model ...

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