Imperfect Truth

Debra Johnson Learned A Valuable Lesson When Her Pregnant Lover Left Her For A Man Protect Yourself At All Costs She Made A List Of Requirements In A Lover And Uses It As A Shield To Protect Her Heart At The Top Of Her List Is Openness And Honesty.Alex Reed Has To Keep The Secret Of Her Federal Witness Protection Program Or Risk Her And Her Sister S Lives She Longs For A Meaningful Loving Relationship But Fears Exposing A Lover To Danger.Alex And Debra Meet At A Lesbian Meet Up Group With Intentions Of Only Finding An Event Companion Their Undeniable Attraction Keeps Getting In The Way Of That Intention As Debra Struggles To Protect Her Heart And Alex Her Life.Imperfect Truth

C.A Popovich, a Michigan native, has worked in the automotive industry for most of her life During the many layoffs in the unpredictable field, she earned a certificate in dog grooming, an associate s degree in veterinary technology, and worked in maintenance at a condominium complex She s been working as an AutoCAD operator since 2009 and looks forward to retiring to be able to write full time

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  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Imperfect Truth
  • C.A. Popovich
  • 23 November 2018
  • 9781626397873

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    Netgalley ARC provided by The Publisher in exchange for an unbiased review An ok read If one do not do their research on what WITSEC is really about then this is where the storyline had many problems and issues from the writing to whether each characters were really connecting or had any chemistry in addition there was no plotline and way too many ridiculous unwanted scenarios going on in this book that was a bit of an overkill and way too much for me only some good pacing and editing left to s...

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    Imperfect Truth is the third novel by C.A Popovich All her novels are standalones, but with somewhat intertwined characters and some shared activities e.g barrel horse racing The main character here, Debra Johnson aka Debby, was a secondary character in the author s second novel The Courage to Try, and the main characters from both previous novels appear in this one as secondary characters Pros an interesting premise that revolves around people in the Witness Security Program WITSEC without getting into the authenticity of the presentation of that premise likable main characters and characters of the friends from previous novels, and some nicely done animal characters animal characters are the author s forte Cons the plot is stretched out in the middle of the story, it moves forward too slowly the writing is choppy at times, does not flow well the main characters speaking to themselves a lot is kind of annoying the author overused the we can be just friends trope...

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    This is the second book I have read by Popovich I did like it a little better than The Courage to Try, but it was still just in the okay range for me The main characters from Courage are in this book and make a few appearances And while I have not read Edge of Awareness, I believe the two mains from that book also have a small roll in this one.What I did find interesting about this book, was the WITSEC program I can not even begin to imagine how hard it would be to give up your life and start over I think Popovich, did a good job describing how that would be I liked both main characters, thought I felt like I stayed on the surface with them I didn t really get to know them down deep as characters I did feel there was an attraction and some chemistry, between the two My problem was the romance kept stalling a bit There was too much we just h...

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    3.5 rounded to 4 Really wish we could rate with half stars This was a pretty quick read Woman gets cheated on and is very standoffish and not ready to trust again Other woman is hiding out in the Witness Protection Program Both are gun shy, antsy, and feeling a little lonely They go back and forth with the whole, let ...

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    As mentioned in other reviews, the real problem for me was the utter lack of chemistry between the two main charcters The premise was interesting, but things really went slowly.In the end, it was just OK.Arc from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    I normally write a version of my own synopsis but I can t find the motivation with this book I am actually in the same position I was with the Authors other two novels Unenthused.The protagonists don t seem to have much chemistry at all I find it hard to get invested into any story when I can t understand the love between a couple.I also felt that when the characters in the novel where having conversations it was forced and there was t...

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    ARC provided by Netgally and the Publisher for an honest review I thought this premise was really interesting which is why I requested to review this book but after reading it I think that could have been done with the story The characters started off well even if I couldn t get on board with the whole we are just friends thing and I didn t see any chemistr...

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    The copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Hmmm, I m not sure what to think of this book I am very ambivalent about it I both liked it and didn t The whole plot seemed like a great idea, but ended up being kind of pale it just didn t deliver Also, I had a problem remembering these two are in their forties, I don t actually know why And in my opinion, Alex and Debra...

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    This is the first book I have read by this author Witness protection was an interesting storyline that caught my attention I enjoyed the personalities of the main characters Debra Johnson was likable and you cheered for her to find love Alex Reed was likable and you understood her hesitation about getting involved with Debra But the heart wants what the heart wants I really wanted...

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    Slow Slow Slow stab myself in the eye with a sharp stick slow.For a full detailed review check out

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