Under the Witness Tree

After Inheriting An Old Plantation House From An Aunt She Didn T Know Existed, Dhari Weston Heads 800 Miles South To See The Place And Meets Intriguing Dr Erin Hughes, A Local History Professor With A Passion For Old Houses Dhari S Life Is Complicated Enough Without Meeting Such An Attractive And Intelligent Woman Her Mother Needs Her, Her Father Relies On Her And Her Girlfriend Worries Her But When Erin Finds Old Letters And A Diary, Dhari Knows She Can T Leave Until She Finds Out The Truth.Marianne K Martin Is The Best Selling Author Of Five Novels Including Mirrors And Love In The Balance.Under the Witness Tree

A graduate of Eastern Michigan University, Ms Martin taught in the Michigan public school system for twenty five years, has worked as a photo journalist, a photographer, and coached both high school and collegiate teams as well as amateur ASA teams Her coaching career produced many Tri County and MHSAA championship basketball and softball teams and championship ASA softball teams She was founder

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  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Under the Witness Tree
  • Marianne K. Martin
  • English
  • 19 September 2018
  • 9781932859003

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    Lambda Literary Award Finalist Under the Witness Tree is a multi dimensional love story woven with rich themes of family and the search for roots This is a novel of discovery that reaches into the deeply personal and well beyond into our community and its emerging history Marianne Martin achieves new heights with this lovingly researched and intelligent novel Katherine V ForrestDhari s life is complicated already, with a girlf...

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    Nice little romance When you re the juggler trying to keep all the balls in the air your job, your lover, your family splintering because of your crazy mother, your own sanity, the last thing you need is an aunt you ve never heard of leaving you a plantation A plantation, mind you in a region of the country you ve never been to Add the beautiful and interesting Erin as a consultant for historical houses add Nessie, ancient holder of fa...

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    This is what i all a hallmark type book Very feelingsy, very fried green tomatoes and all those movies ive never seen a city woman from the middle of the country inherits a big, pre civil war house outside of atlanta, from a relative she didn t know existed right now, the book sounds AWESOME how awesome would it be to get something like that love dealing with issues such as her mom s craziness and insecurities about her girlfriend, she is prejudiced and distracted about selling the house and the south as a whole she just wants to get it over with but then she meets some people who change her mind about the south and goes through the house, learning its secret i use that word hesitantly, because it wasn t much of a secret at all i won t spoil and say what this is no mystery, no big reveal thing in truth, the only ...

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    I enjoyed the first part of the book It would have been good if the author explained a bit where the main character s fears came from Yes, mention is made of the bipolar mother but I would have liked that theme to be fles...

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    Great story woman inherits house with secrets and history Likeable characters, both main and secondary Lovely setting the tree itself But at 210 pages, it just isn t long enough to delve deeply into the various story lines Dhari s mother, Erin s adoption, Addy s secrets The writing is gene...

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    entertaining readThot this was a nice story with a clever ending and a bit of historical fiction which I always enjoy, plus a nice amount of romance I will read others by this author.

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