Running Girl

BOOKS Running Girl Author Simon Mason Meet Garvie Smith Highest IQ Ever Recorded At Marsh Academy Lowest Ever Grades What S The Point Life Sucks Nothing Surprising Ever Happens.Until Chloe Dow S Body Is Pulled From A Pond Garvie S Ex Girlfriend.Inspector Singh Is Already On The Case Ambitious, Uptight, Methodical, He S Determined To Solve The Mystery And Get Promoted He Doesn T Need Any Assistance From A Notorious Slacker.Or Does He Smart, Stylish, And Packed With Twists And Turns From Start To Finish, Running Girl Introduces An Unforgettable New Character To The World Of Crime Fiction So Lazy He D Only Get Out Of Bed For Murder.Running Girl

Simon Mason was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, on 5 February 1962 He was educated at local schools and studied English at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford He splits his time between writing at home and a part time editorial position with David Fickling Books, an imprint of Random House and publisher of his 2011 children s novel, Moon Pie.He is the author of the Quigleys series for young readers The Qu

[KINDLE] ❅ Running Girl By Simon Mason –
  • Hardcover
  • 432 pages
  • Running Girl
  • Simon Mason
  • English
  • 08 December 2019
  • 9781338036428

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    Highly enjoyable YA crime fiction story to be had here with a really most tremendous main protagonist in Garvie Smith and a brilliant foil in his Police Officer sidekick ok so DI Singh defnitely wouldnt consider himself a sidekick he s the main man surely A seriously good yin yang relationship that brings this book an extra layer of ironic fun.Garvie used to go out with Chloe who was beautiful but not necessarily particularly nice so when she is murdered he takes a vague interest Well, he s like a dog with a bone and ends up delving into the case and getting in Singh s way except really there is a very good chance he might crack it I loved the feel of this story its kind of old school but with a modern twist if I had to describe it I d say it might be something that Agatha Christie may have written if she had written Young Adult books today The mystery element is terrific with beautiful construction, some little twists and turns and an exciting resolution.But what makes this is the characters for sure Garvie is at turns hilarious and ironic, he s so laid back he might fall over but when he s obsessing about something that is it his quite brilliant if rather random brain cells get ticking over and he see s what others do not and ponders those things that seem illogical Very Miss Marple If Miss Ma...

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    I have really mixed views on this read I honestly can t work out if I enjoyed it or not All in all I would give it between 3.5 and 4 stars So this novel follows the story of a young girl who has been found murdered in a pond The protagonist of the novel is a teenage boy named Garvie Smith, Garvie used to date the girl who has been murdered and decides to take it upon himself to find out who murdered her Garvie is a very intelligent guy and outwits the police throughout the entire novel He also has the very keen ability to see the small and supposedly insignificant details in things and see how they fit in to the wider story not unlike Sherlock Holmes For the first half the book the story is reasonably light hearted almost like a game We as the reader are working alongside Garvie and trying to figure out who the murderer is But around midway through the novel things take a pretty dark turn I mean there were already dark themes being discussed earlier on but it got seriously dark come the middle end There seemed to be a point where Garvie realised that it wasn t all just a puzzle to work out and that a girl had actually had some awful things happen to her and now she was dead I would warn anyone who may be deciding whether to read this novel or not that there are themes of paed...

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    Great mystery story Interesting how we follow Garvie and learn about the clues as he does Recommend

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    I bumped up my rating from four stars to five out of spite after reading through all the other reviews.As someone who enjoyed and identified with Garvie, I don t quite understand many reviewers dislike towards his character Yes, he s a cocky showoff who s too cool to make an effort at being a good student but he is, after all, a teenager And a very clever one at that Perhaps it was just in my personal experience but I remember teenage years being a blatant showcase of everyone s worst traits on full display before they got tamed into socially acceptable fa ades years later Clever teens tend to be rough around the edges, if only for their shortsightedness and exasperation motivated by the feeling that they ve already figured everything out It s only after they get older and mature that they learn to hone their cleverness into a palatable package for social interactions with people who may not be similarly minded While they are young, though, they can t help but wear and flash it around for everyone to see like a badge of honor and burden all at the same time.Even then, Garvie never displays any instance of malice or cruelty in his interactions with the other characters nor does he belittle anyone on purpose other than the police at their seeming incompetence He treats his friends with respect in his own way and eventually the people who earn it from him, like Singh.I believe his character truly comes into view in...

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    Chloe Dow was as beautiful as she was a bitch at least in the eyes of her peers But still, she did not deserve to meet such a tragic end.The community is shocked by her death and DI Singh has been entrusted with the task to bring the perpetrator of her crime to justice If only, teenager Garvie Smith kept his nose out of it, it would make his job a lot easier.Unfortunately, Garvie who is a brilliant mind and equally the greatest underachiever in his school was yet to have his mind stimulated until the case of Chloe Dow came along to DI Singh s dismay Running Girl is a very well balanced piece of literature with the right amount of crime ingredients mixed in with YA elements It is well paced, heavy with mystery and enough clues dropped along the way with a good build up to the culminating moment revealing the murderer, which by the way I did not suspect at all.What I enjoyed the most however was watching the frosty relationship between Garvie and DI Singh thawing into one of friendship and mutual respect Those two definitely formed an unlikely duo, and were complete polar opposites Outside of the obvious adult vs teenager elements, we get to know a DI Singh with a rather rigid and method based approach to investigation which ends up to be completely blown out by a young man s keen sense of observation.The layers under the plot however raised some rather interesting questions One of them...

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    A cracking crime novel ideally suited to the younger reader Meet Garvie Smith Charming, brilliant and completely bone idle If anything can get his attention, it might just be a murder Running Girl is a riveting read full of fast paced, action packed drama and intensity that is sure to encourage young teens to read The clever twists and turns within the electrifying storyline keep you sat in suspense throughout, while Simon Mason intentionally writes in such a way as to shock you when least expected Personally, I however have mixed views on this book as I did find it increasingly difficult as I read on to connect with the main character Garvie Ultimately I do on the whole find it easier to relate to female protagonists within fiction, yet in this instance I wasn t expecting to feel so disconnected with the young boy His cocky, arrogant and at times repugnant attitude that I found somewhat off putting even though there are elements of truism when depicting the typical teenage lad This element sadly contributed to the downfall of what could have been a spectacular story of such premise, yet the characters in a tale do make the story come to life I may have felt deflated by the main protagonist nevertheless the scintillating storyline and plot as ...

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    I have really mixed feelings on this book As a Crime novel it was brilliant So cleverly written with lots of twists and turns which kept you guessing right until the end I liked how everything was turned on its head several times and being made to rethink things over and over again as the story went on The story with the girl who died was almost a bit twin peaks esque without the weirdness as you got to find out a darker side of a girl who on the surface looked perfect However I really really struggled to connect wit...

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    This has to be another favourite for 2016 A great British YA crime drama with fantastic characters Definitely not a romance novel, of a Sherlock themed detective thriller While I enjoyed the character of Garvie, it was the relationship between him and DI Singh and how they played off against ea...

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    The slouchy, too cool for school kid that everyone who went to state comprehensive experienced Coupled with a high IQ and a twist of Sherlock Holmes, Garvie Smith is the newest teen detective on the council block Good,...

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    oh my god this was good I don t normally go for any type of murder mystery as they scare the shit out of me and give me anxiety but Garvie is such a sarcastic little shit I knew I had to do it The plot was brilliant, keeping you guessing and wondering the who...

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