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EPUB Queen Victoria S Gene Author D.M Potts Jwdfitness.co.uk A Study Of The Genetic, Personal And Political Effects Of Haemophilia On The British Royal Family Which Questions Whether Queen Victoria Was Born Illegitimately Since None Of Her Ancestors Carried The Gene Also Reveals The Sex Lives Of Queen Victoria S Descendants, And Sheds Light On Such Characters As The Girl Who Claimed To Be Anastasia.Queen Victoria's Gene

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  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • Queen Victoria's Gene
  • D.M. Potts
  • English
  • 23 January 2019
  • 9780750908689

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    One of the first instances of genetic genealogy was the investigation into the roots of the hemophilia that plagued the czarevich Alexei of Russia, the only son of Nicholas II, who probably wouldn t have lived long enough to become czar even if the Bolsheviks hadn t liquidated the imperial family But Victoria s son, Leopold, also died of complications of the disease, and it made its way into the Spanish royal family, as well Where did the defective gene Victoria carried come from There are only two medical possibilities Either she was the victim of a random mutation one chance in about 50,000 or her father was hemophiliac And since her father, Edward, Duke of Kent, did not have the disease, that would mean Victoria was illegitimate, the offspring of a hemophiliac lover of the Duchess of Kent The duchess certainly did have a lover, and it s also possible, from all the evidence, that her husband the duke was sterile In which case, the throne should rightfully have gone to King William III s next closest relative, and who would that have been This is quite a fascina...

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    A couple of weeks ago, I read and reviewed a new book by British author Deborah Cadbury, Queen Victoria s Matchmaking The Royal Marriages that Shaped Europe The book was excellent and while Cadbury didn t write much about the hemophilia gene, I became curious about it Looking through , I found this book, Queen Victoria s Gene Hemophilia and The Royal Family., by DM Potts Published in the 1990 s, the book is well written in a sort of wandering way through Victoria s life and those of her children and grandchildren The gene for hemophilia was either passed down to Victoria by her father or it spontaneously appeared in her gene pool Potts does look at Victoria s parents The gene was passed along to three of her children one son suffered from the disease and two daughters were carriers The two daughters carried the gene by marriage into the Russian and Spanish royal houses Potts does a good job in showing how the hemophilia of the tsarvich Alexei basically destroyed the last Romanov tsar and his family Potts writes about the Russian revolution and the fate of Nicholas, Alexandra, and their four kids I mentioned the publication date above because information about the murders and the dispersal of the bodies was not well known til after this book was published That s a problem with reading a book that is almost 20 years old and is...

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    Despite a sensational title, it was a good book that marked the rise of the Coburg family Haemophilia is a large part of the story, how from a sudden outbreak in Vicky, it went around to many Royal Families, not unk...

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    Very disappointed with this book Writing quality was shoddy, in parts read like an undergraduate essay Some concepts statements were not fully supported or expanded upon sufficiently Authors also made conje...

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    The Royal GeneAlthough dated, this book is still worth reading because it recounts briefly but clearly European history of the 20th century, focusing of course on the various dynasties and in particular Queen Victoria s descendants Haemophilia an...

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    I found this a very interesting read Queen Victoria passed on the haemophilia gene to a number of her children which due to marriages between the royal families of Europe had a huge impact.The book goes into detail about how the gene is passed on initially I thought it would dwell on one possibility that Victoria had been fathered by someone other than the Duke of Kent as this is the most sensa...

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    This book started out well interesting and informative but as it progressed it seemed to get and off topic It s like the authors ran out of things to write about and began including descendents of people related to people who had hemophilia I found it ...

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    I found the topic interesting but the treatment someone dry.To describe the murder of the Romanov family and some of the other tragedies contained herein in such a passionless way is certainly the detachment one might expect from a scientist, but ...

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    Very interesting book with a lot of information about the royal families and how the introduction of hemophilia gene disease really impacted the royal families of Europe and as a side affect, the rise and fall of nations I highly recommend.

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    The theories in this book are based on a lot of conjecture, but the conclusions are fascinating Did Queen Victoria s gene for hemophilia actually cause World Wars I II and the assassination of the Russian royal family An engrossing, thought provoking read.

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