Why Men And Women Cant Be Friends

Reading Why Men And Women Cant Be Friends Oliver Markus Federicoscridel.eu With Candid Honesty Oliver Markus Malloy Explores The Age Old Question Can Men And Women Ever Really Be Just Friends Women Think So But Every Man Knows That It S Impossible Read This Book And Find Out What Really Goes On In A Man S Mind You Will Never Look At Opposite Sex Friendships The Same Way Again.EXCERPT One In Two Marriages End In Divorce Often Because A Couple Doesn T Notice How They Slowly Drift Apart, Because We Have In Common With Someone Else And Develop Emotional Intimacy With That Someone Else We Find Some Other Shoulder To Cry On, Or We Can T Wait To Tell That Someone Else About Our Day And Then Eventually People Cheat With These Co Workers Or Friends Of The Opposite Sex.Your Marriage Has A 50% Chance Of Falling Apart So When You Feel Insecure And Jealous About Your Significant Other S Close Opposite Sex Friend, You Re Not Being Paranoid, You Re Being Realistic And If You Have A Close Opposite Sex Friend, You Can T Blame Your Partner For Worrying That Sooner Or Later It Will Break Up Your Relationship Somehow.Divorce Statistics Don T Take Into Account All Your Other Relationships That Fell Apart If You Dated Nine Men Before You Got Married, That Means Your Relationships So Far Had A 90% Failure Rate And Most Likely Meeting Someone Of The Opposite Sex Maybe When You Went To College, Or Started A New Job And Getting Close With Him Had Something To Do With That Do You Really Need A Close Intimate Friend Of The Opposite Sex That Increases The Odds Even Further That Your Current Relationship Will Break Apart Too We Men Know That Most Of You Women Want To Have An Emotional Connection With Someone Before You Sleep With Him We Men Know That A Lot Of You Women Think It S Romantic To Be Friends First, And Then The Friendship Blossoms Into A Relationship Men Know That We Have To Jump Through All These Hoops First, Before We Can Get Laid And That S Really All Romance And Courtship Is To A Man Hoops We Have To Jump Through To Get Laid We Men Pretend To Be Just A Friend At First, Even Though We Want To Sleep With You From Day One Otherwise We Wouldn T Be Spending Any Time, Money Or Attention On You, Because These Are Limited Resources And We Need These Resources To Attract A Mate We Can T Afford To Squander Them So We Apply These Resources To The Female That Looks To Be Our Best Bet To Get Laid But We Also Know That We Can T Tell You On Day One That We Want To Sleep With You, Because You Ll Think It S Creepy So We Play Along With The Illusion That It S Just A Friendship That Suddenly Developed Into , When You Finally Feel Inclined To Sleep With Us Because We Have A Deep Connection But That Was Really Our Goal From Day One.You Can Do A Simple Test Next Time You Talk To Your Best Male Friend, Tell Him That You Feel Very Close To Him And That You Have Been Thinking About What It Would Be Like To Sleep With Him, Because You Two Have This Deep Connection Ask Him If He Would Be Open To That Of Course He Will Say Yes Because That Was The Whole Reason Why He Was Courting And Wooing You In A Slow Process That You Mistook For Just Being Friends.Why Men And Women Cant Be Friends

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    Why Men and Women can t be Friends Honest relationship advice for Women by Oliver Markus Malloy is all about how men play a game to woo women If you actually love your current partner, and you want to build a future together, then opposite sex friendships are toxic That is why long lasting couples broke up with each other because every affair first starts out as a casual opposite sex friendship.Well, the content is blunt, but it also tells about some old age traditions regarding marriage and relationship The author also states some study and facts which indicate that one in five women in America has been raped by their partner or acquaintance This book is a guide for women who think that men and women can be friends The author tells that what is going on a man s mind when a women talks to him Desire in men is a hunger, in women only an appetite If it wasn t for sex, men would avoid women like plague If it wasn t for sex, men wouldn t even talk to women This boo...

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    Great readI ve been around awhile, being a 60 yr old grandmother The book was very blunt , very interesting, honest and a little comical I have to say I agree that men think and feel that way I don t have a problem with it It is ...

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    The cover is vile, the author is despicable And although I agree with the title premise this book is an absolute literary waste.

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    Just one comment WTF Well written but the contents were ghastly Luckily it was a free download from and I didn t pay for it

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    The title of this book alone made my eyes roll which is the reason I decided to read it Because it can t be as sexist, and misogynistic, right Right Cats women, and dogs men I m a cat woman I don t know what it s like to be a dog man ExceptI do I have dissociative identity disorder An alter is male I understand a bit about men than the average non Multiple woman should, probably.Mallow goes from generalizing all men to explaining how even women who cannot understand men because women cats and dogs men, and cats don t know what it s like to be a dog because they re cats.He essentially saying it s the fault of women who have big tits for attracting men and that women s sole goal in life, when they work to look nice, is for men Because how dare a woman think she s looking good for herself When you show off your curves, what you re really doing is advertising to the whole world Look at me I m a healthy female I d be a perfect mate Come mount me Then, after several pages of criticizing Christians and manipulating scripture to justify his arguments for men not seeing women equally, he explains that the Bible condones and that God supposedly said rape is okay all by means of copy pasting into the book opinion pieces from websites like BuzzFeed and Time No authors are named, so I know not who wrote any of the articles.Then comes this childish POOF after these copy pasta passages from opinion columns I ve used opinion columns for journal...

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    This book tells us that men and women cannot remain friends If a guy is my friend then they have a ulterior motive which obviously is sex I don t know whether to agree with the author or to disagree But I ve experienced it myself so I agree that men and women cannot stay friends I ...

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    Nothing earth shattering but so true.I was in denial of what this book says for years Finally I get it I don t want it to be so, but it is and denial did not serve me Saw the book, downloaded and read it in one sitting. unusual for me Good information and an easy read.

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    What was I thinking This books keeps appearing in my feed, just like The subtle art of you know what The cover is, well, it is what it is.I started reading it on the bus as I left work The first pages sounded funny, and had some very valid points But then it got repetitive and blah.Not my cuppa.

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    While some of this was already pretty evident, there was some information that was a bit surprising This book had me laughing so many times that I read it twice and told every female friend I know that this was a must read Oliver provides some fa...

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    If you are easily offended by adult language, do NOT read this book While this book might be offensive to the majority of people, it lays out some undeniable truths about relationships between men and women and the differences in how they think Using examples from various eras and locations throughout history, as well as...

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