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Follow Me Into Darkness Five Tales Of Carnivale RomanceCarnivale Is A Time For Decadence, For Revelry, And For Mischief A Time When We Shed The Figurative Masks We Wear In Everyday Life In Favor Of New Ones Ones That Allow Us To Be A Little Bolder, A Little Adventurous, And Perhaps A Little Truer To Ourselves Follow Me Into Darkness Is A Compilation Of Original Tales Of Queer Romance By Five Of The Premier Authors Of Contemporary Romance.Hurricane By Santino HassellInteresting Things Never Happened To Zay He Was The Wallflower Everyone Forgot About As Soon As The Booze Began To Flow, And Mardi Gras Had Never Been An Exception But After A Chance Encounter With A Devil May Care Grifter, This Year S Celebration Brings Adventure And Whirlwind Romance.If We Be Friends By J.C LillisSeventeen Year Old Ven Should Be Flying High He S Playing The Title Role In A New TV Drama About Hamlet S Teen Years, And Tonight They Re Having A Mardi Gras Cast Party In A Possibly Haunted Castle But Ven S Lost All His Mirth Since His Boyfriend Suggested They Take A Break, So He Plans To Skip The Bash And Brood In His Trailer All Night Then The Exasperating Guy Who Plays Horatio Challenges Him To A Shakespearean Soliloquy Off, And Ven Knows His Actorly Honor Is At Stake He Says Yes To The Duel, Trudges Off To The The Party To Meet His Fate And Finds That Awaits Him Onstage Than A Battle Of Wits And Words.Masked By J.R GrayBlistering Heat And Half Naked Masked Men As Far As The Eye Can See, But Heath Runs Into The One Face It S Taken Him Fifteen Years To Forget Javier Is Plagued With A Life Of Regret, But When A Second Chance Confronts Him, Can He Let Go Of His Hang Ups And Seize The Moment The Queen S Reflection By Kris RipperIsah Plays The Role Everyone Expects Malleable And Cautious, A True Queen But What Others See As A Queen S Appropriate Modesty Is Really Just A Disguise For What Isah Has Never Told Anyone, The Thing No One Can Ever Know.This Body, Dressed In The Queen S Gowns, Is A Lie.Once A Year, At Carnival, Isah Dons Someone Else S Clothes And Becomes Them For A Night A Young Cook In Stained Whites, Or A Stableboy In Worn Breeches As Long As No One Gets Too Close The Pretense Holds.Until Two Strangers Look Past All The Characters And Isah Finally Exposes The Person Behind The Mask.Touched By Roan ParrishSometimes When He Touches People Philippe Rondeau Sees Their Future It S Erratic And Inconvenient, But Mostly He S Learned To Deal With It Sure He Hasn T Found True Love Yet, But He Has Friends And Lovers, And Is Kept Busy Running His Family S Jazz Club In Prohibition Era New Orleans But Now It S Mardi Gras And All Bets Are Off In The Space Of One Night, Philippe Falls Under The Spell Of Jazz Musician Claude And Learns A Terrible Secret About His Powers If Philippe Is Certain Of Anything It S That The Future Can Be Tricky, But The Chance At Love Makes It All Seem Worthwhile.Follow Me Into Darkness

When not staying up all night writing, J.R Gray can be found at the gym where it s half assumed he is a permanent resident to fulfill his self inflicted masochism A dominant and a pilot, Gray finds it hard to be in the passenger seat of any car He frequently interrupts real life, including normal sleep patterns and conversations, to jot down notes or plot bunnies Commas are the bane of his exi

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    throw me some beads, bitchez i came to party.OMG NEW LILLIS I HAZ AN EXCITE shakes tits happily ok, here s what i thought if we be friends, by j.c lillis both darkly hilarious and sweetly whimsical, this short packs in feelz of all stripes i d have gone for the traditional suburban dance battur instead of what turned out to be a wonderfully clever soliloquy off, but i suppose that s one reason why j.c lillis is j.c lillis and i am picking lint out of my belly button right now truly, a delightful story four stars.touched, by roan parrish really kind of unpleasantly overwritten at the outset, with a number of unsuccessful similes jumbled up together senselessly and yet i was nonetheless engrossed by the wonderfully rich atmosphere and authentic feel to the setting i enjoyed myself and as the story went on and despite that wobbly beginning and a frankly unsatisfying ending, i found the creepy detours and haunting revelations to be richly rewarding three stars.masked, by j.r gray ouf the polite way to put it would be to mumble about craft issues, but that s not happening here this story is under baked, with lots of grating repetitions, awkward syntax, and every mm cliche ever couldn t get through the whole thing without a rage quit, particularly once getting condoms became a plot point why not three pages on whether they tied their shoes properly, too and i dunno what those betas were doing, but they sure weren t remind...

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    Deleting review because of reasons They are easy enough to find if you care to.I m leaving my original rating and review under a spoiler tag to evidentiate I did read it and the majority of this space is dedicated to the book view spoiler Original rating 2 starsHurricane by Santino Hassell3.5 starsAs ever, I enjoyed the writing immensely Hassell can draw you into a story in 2 sentences and make you love a character and live their experiences with them in about 2 paragraphs Zay and Kee were a delight to read Sadly it was cut way too short and I think this just goes to show how short stories have to be extremely well executed for me to love them So, while I really liked it, I didn t love it Zay was perfect thou.Totally not important, but I also would have loved to read New Orleans take on king s cake From what little I could find on a quick search in Wikipedia it s quite different from what we call rosca de reyes in M xico And it s history doesn t appear to be the same either But I admit, I didn t actually do a research.If We Be Friends by J.C Lillis4 starsHoly shit was that good Ven and Farley are hilarious Poignant in it s rendering of teenage heartbreak without diminishing the feelings Only can such an accomplished writer like Lillis can have you laughing your ass off in one paragraph and crying in the next I also applaud the absolute respect Lillis must have for teenagers One thing I hate with a passi...

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    My review on Prism Book AllianceThis is the second anthology by these authors and, like the first one, it has some really great stories that I highly recommend reading The first antho, Lead Me Into Darkness, is even available for free.Connected through the theme of carnivale, this time the authors focus on the masks we wear every day or just on some days and how valuable it is to let them slip or get rid of them all together.As with every anthology, there are stories that I like than others, and that s perfectly all right.Hurricane by Santino HassellOh This was surprising Let me tell you why The plot was unpredictable. From the meeting in the bar, over the visit to the Voodoo Queen s tomb, to the ending, with all it s revelations and turns in between Loved that There wasn t an uninteresting minute through out the whole story The characters surprise themselves and also us. While we get to know Zay from the start, since he tells the story, we only slowly get information on Kee While Zay has to throw his protective mask of reclusiveness away, Kee is revealed to us bit by bit, in a way I d never...

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    Nope, because

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    Before I delve into the individual stories, I must say I was very impressed by this anthology Anthologies are not generally my cup of tea, owing to the short nature of the stories This one intrigued me both because of the theme, but because I am a fan of the authors included The stories included are unique, hopeful and haunting, and I definitely recommend you grab this one, particularly since it s currently on sale Hurricane by Santino HassellInteresting things never happened to Zay He was the wallflower everyone forgot about as soon as the booze began to flow, and Mardi Gras had never been an exception But after a chance encounter with a devil may care grifter, this year s celebration brings adventure and whirlwind romance.This was a great short by Hassell I admire when authors can give us clear characterization in a short story without cluttering the movement of plot with info dump I loved Zay, I loved seeing his defensiveness, his fear, the way his needs slowly unfolded for the reader The end was lovely As always, I wished there was , but it ended on a p...

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    This collection of LGBTQ short stories has a Carnivale theme and delivers some heat, some sweetness and some dark mystery All the stories have some romantic elements and some have a happy for now ending Here is a review for 3 of the 5 stories in the anthology.Hurricane by Santino HassellThe decadent whirlwind that is Carnivale in New Orleans is captured in this sexy tale Convinced by his friends to head out for the night on Mardi Gras, a stop in a less well known and quieter bar away from Bourbon street leads to a chance meeting for college student Zay with a grifter, Zee, who makes his home under the cemetery stars There s a little bit of everything in this story, heat, action, and atmosphere as the city s most famous night comes under scrutiny from two people daring to share a bit of themselves with each other It s a one night story, with a happy for now ending that suits the tale 4 stars.Masked by J.R.GraySet in Brazil, this is a story of second chances for two young men who d been friends as teenagers while living a street rat existence When Heath had confessed his true feelings for Javier, it had split them apart for fifteen years, during which time things had changed for both of them Heath became a US trained doctor and his return to Brazil for Carnivale was a way to sort out what to do next in his life, ...

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    With anthologies, you re always going to get one or two stories that resonate with you than the others This collection of stories from some of my favourite m m romance authors was no different Santino Hassell s Hurricane was too short by far I definitely wanted of loner Zay and the mysterious Kee and I hope he revisits th...

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    In the light of recent events, removing my rating and my review is not enough Because it isn t just a catfish case What s important, it s a potentially illegal case We re dealing with swindle money out of people under fa...

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    Got this just to read If We Be Friends by J.C Lillis 5 stars

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    I reviewed this anthology for Ever After Romance here

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