Flight (Hybrid #3)

Librarian S Note Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN B0109H2VJ6Everyone Wants A Piece Of The Dakaran Human Hybrid Chesara, From Her Two Human Mates To The Entire Human Federation The Simple Task Of Staying Under The Radar Of The Authorities Proves To Be Complicated Than The Fugitives Could Imagine Especially With The Additions Of A Feisty Nut Cracking Human Girl, And A Ship Wrecked Dakaran Male To Her Admirers Maybe Three S Company But Five May Well Prove To Be Much Of A Crowd Contains Graphic M F And M F M Scenes And Some Violence It Is Intended For A Mature Audience Only Word Count 54,000 Plus 10% Excerpt From Hybrid 4 Fight This Book Was Formerly Published As The First Part Of Cat Clan Hybrid 2 Fight Or Flight.Flight (Hybrid #3)


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  • Kindle Edition
  • 190 pages
  • Flight (Hybrid #3)
  • Emma Jaye
  • English
  • 22 June 2017

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    4 I didn t see that comin starsI needed a little time to fall back into the story I was expecting to be reunited with my beloved trio threesome and their adventures on the run But instead of Chesara, Connor, and Tenset, there are new characters introduced at the beginning I m not entirely sure what to think of Darin and Rustek yet I will give Rustek some time to prove himself And Darin well, finally we met a Dakaran They are interesting species I m impressed with their complicated mating ceremony I mean, poor Chesara, she has no idea what she is.There was also another new character I liked Silk from the first scene She s amazing Go, girl, show men you can take care of yourself Chesara really needs a friend like her Especially now She was so adorable when she was all jealous, trying to protect Tenset and Connor Ok, she was adorable until she hasn ...

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    A great continuation to the tale that incorporates some great new characters in tantalising situations Highly recommended

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    These books keep getting better and better I love Silk as a new character I can t wait to see what they do with her Chesara hits her first heat in this book She feels so guilty for using the men, bit I don t think they mind too much so far Excuse me now I need to get to book 4

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    Best in the series so far I literally could not put this book down Every time I pulled away and tried to be productive I found myself drawn right back to it I finished the book in one day, and then couldn t sleep as I ran through all the possibilities of what would happen in the next book It was with great strength that I fought the urge to start book 4 in the middle of the night The Dakaran world is becoming a living, breathing thing It is so intricate and fascinating I loved beginning the book with Darin I d been curious about Dakaran males, and the society as a whole and the little glimpse he gave into that world was very rewarding I really appreciated that he was shown to be kind and compassionate Proving that Chesara s kindness was not just a result of her human DNA I immediately connected with him, empathizing with his loneliness I m not sure where this arc will take us, or how he will fit in down the road, and I can t wait to find out I loved seeing the dynamic of the relationship between Chesara, Connor, and Tense...

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    Again I found myself drawn into Chesara s world, and that of Conner and Tenset, her two put upon lovers This instalment sees Chesara meeting up with another female on a space station, going by the name of Silkash, or Silk for short Chesara is instrumental in bringing the young red head back to full health Silk is, in a way kidnapped by the trio and taken away from her life of hostessing, not even realising that she had been healed of all her ailments During this trip Chesara is in heat, and all manner of problems ensue Once Silk wakes up from her unconscious state, she expresses a wish to be dropped off on the next planet, which just so happens to be where the key to Chesara s past lies.This story had me turning the pages yet again, in fact the whole series so far has kept me riveted I am real...

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    Flight is the third book to the hybrid series, I hope you guys are keeping up The I read into this world the I think these books get better and better The trio is in for fun when they learn and meet the spit fire red head and temporally take her hostage This situation turns out a little troubled then the 3 expected.Let not forget about the new character that was also introduced as well Darin is going to start issues for the trio when he learned that his kin might be being held captive I found my self a little sad that we did not get to read about him in this book but I am sure that I will get to see him in the next book YAY me So exciting to see how Chesara reacts to him and what she thinks about the whole situation.Emma Jaye had me on the edge of my seat, biting my nails guessing what was going to happen next I am telling you the I read the I want I am addicted and obsessed I did not want to go to bed last night because all I...

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    First, let me say that I love the Hybrid Series and Chesara, Connor and Tenet are as engaging as ever My big problem with this installment is that it felt unfinished Books 1 and 2 ended with clear signals of to come, but the basic plot had been nicely tied up Flight just sort of stopped I was also mildly frustrated that my favorite m nage trio didn t put in an appearance until 25% of the way in That said, once they showed up there was all the excit...

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    The book starts with a little information on what happened when Chesara s mother was taken, enter a male Dakaran character who has been stranded on the planet where Chesara s human DNA came from.Back with Chesara and her two guys, they meet a red haired ass kicking girl who they end up having to take with ...

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    Continuation of events was not expected That made The read even better And fall for The plot and characters.Ad First New characters appear, who are They one of Them is Dakaran male, The other Young boy Who are They How They Connect with Chesara story After That we get back to our trio Here Also New character appear New girl, with The attitude I Loved so much Then They are on The ship Silk...

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    Another awesome addition to this series New characters in this one, that add so much to the story line New characters in this one and insight on Chesara s people and their background Solid story, with steamy scenes done very, very well

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