Escaping From The Clutches Of A Sadistic Torturer Is Only The Start Of A Terrifying Ordeal For Human Dakaran Hybrid Chesara Hunted Through The Wilds Of Kalzir And The Depths Of Her Own Mind, Hard Truths About Her Own Abilities And The People She Has Always Trusted Become Overwhelming Watching The Woman He Loves, Locked Within Herself Is Heart Breaking For Connor Temple, Particularly With The Added Guilt That He Is As Responsible For Exploiting Her As The Rest Of Humanity Releasing Her From Slavery Would Mean Turning His Back On His Entire Way Of Life, If It Were Even Possible Resigned To Becoming Merely Her Captor Again, The Return Of A Man From The Grave Sparks Hope For All Three Of Them Contains Reverse Harem Scenes M F M And Some Violence It Is Intended For A Mature Audience Only.Experiment


[PDF] Experiment By Emma Jaye – E17streets4all.co.uk
  • Kindle Edition
  • 206 pages
  • Experiment
  • Emma Jaye
  • English
  • 07 January 2018

10 thoughts on “Experiment

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    4 Connor Chesara Tenset starsThe second book continues right where the first one ended on the run across the foreign planet That means we are thrown in the middle of the action I really liked that up to the point, when everything went down I hoped that Chesara and...

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    Very addictive, read it so quickly I got very invested in the characters and really started to care about what happened to them A very good read.

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    In this second book of the series, Chesara and Connor have to try to heal from physical and mental trauma, try to find a way to escape the federation, and get back with Tenset.Unfortunately, the federation performs a memory wipe on Chesara so she doesn t even know who Tenest is, or that the federation owns her Read for yourself to find out what happens.But I will tell you, prepare for a few intense love scenese, that I personally wanna save for reading later over and over Now where i...

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    Unique storyI m enjoying these books The plot is intriguing and there s solid character development I kind of though the memory wiping was too easy of a fix, but it fit with the storyline and it may pop back up.

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    I was quite anxious to find out what happens next, and was happy to find the action continues where Book 1 left off With a few unexpected but happy turns, I am looking forward to finding out how the adventure continues to unfold in the following books.

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    A fantastic continuation of a unique story After finishing Discovery I was very excited to start Experiment I love Chesara and her story I will admit that I was very turned off that the first sexual encounter was a rape scene and it was almost enough to make me put down the book, that and the fear that Chesara was headed right back to the torturous dungeons she d just escaped I hadn t enjoyed reading about the torture at the end of the last book and I was not inclined to continue down that path Luckily for me I pressed on and I m glad that I did I came to understand that the brutality of the beginning of the book was necessary to set the stage for the path that Chesara would take That moment changed her course entirely, it was the catalyst for everything that came next, and although uncomfortable for me to read I will admit it was necessary to the story as a whole.This book delved even deeper into the erotic m nage genre, and it was certainly enjoyable, even for a nube like me As I mentioned in my review of the last book, this is my first foray into this genre of romance and at times I do find the logical side of my mind trying to argue that Men wouldn t behave this way in reality Someone would get jealous, someone would try to be dominant However, because of the Chesara Effect as the author has so aptly called it, the men are not only enticed by her alien pheromones but they are also subdued into a happ...

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    I received this book in exchange for an honest review.First I want to start off saying that his book belongs to a series I don t know if any of you remember but I read and reviewed the first book to the Hybird series which was called Discovery Bonus We get to see the characters from the first book, I am not sure yet if they will be in every book but I am hoping on it So I have come along way with these characters I have seen them break, and I have seen them grow into stronger people Which makes me hope in the 3rd book we can see and learn about them.This is an Alien book, OMG YES I love aliens I love this universe that the author writes as well They have created it beautifully But we get glorious three way in this book I have to be honest and say this is not the first time I have read about a three way and I am sure it will not be my last The chemistry between the 3 are great, I like how there is not much jealousy but buckets full of love Emma Jaye has a flow to these sex scenes that I admire.The lovely Chesara has issues in this book, she is put through a lot and she does come out on the other end The psych part of this book was pretty good Emma Jaye s writing style is unique, she does a great job of painting a beatiful, drama filled and emo...

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    This book was the perfect sequel to Discovery The story began with Chesara and Connor escaping together Despite learning about how the Federation was using her, she doesn t blame Connor and the bond between them only gets stronger When they are almost clear of the danger they are running from, they run into problems Chesara is taken captive again, and experiences a traumatic event that compromises her role in the Federation The actions they take finally force Connor to choose between Chesara and his job I m not sure how much I can say without giving spoilers, but this book was very awesome and I loved the happy ending I could really feel Chesara s pain and felt sorry for her, but I was...

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    Lusty sci fi fare to get you going This was a very good follow up to Discovery We find Chesara going through a melt down after being rescued from the planet she had been kidnapped on As a result of the melt down, the powers that be decide to wipe her mind, back to a time just before she was sent to the planet in question The only downside to this was the fact that she would forget about her time with Conner Temple, and she would forget about Tender Shamir altogether, but it only meant that she would have to learn to love them again.The only thing I could...

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    Aliens, threesomes, and danger Oh, my I was looking forward to reading the second installment in this series, having enjoyed the first one I was not disappointed Hybrid 2, Experiment is a fast paced adventure with plenty of steamy scenes We get satisfaction from the demise of some baddies Chesara has some difficulties that make my heart ache for her This book is full of three dimensional characters I think I m in love with Dagus at this point...

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