Orange Police Sergeant Ret Michael W Streed Is The SketchCop He S A One Of A Kind Crime Fighter Who S Frequently Called Into Action By Police Departments Seeking Help Solving Their Most Difficult Cases.For Over Three Decades, Michael Has Provided Signature Images For The Country S Most Notorious Murders, Rapes, And Kidnappings, Including The Kidnapping And Murder Of Five Year Old Samantha Runnion, As Well As The Baton Rouge Serial Killer The SketchCop Has Fought Crime, Coast To Coast, From Los Angeles To Balti, Salt Lake City To Baton Rouge Along The Way, He Has Papered The Walls Of Police Squad Rooms With Sketches Of Their City S Most Dangerous Criminals.In This Collection Of True Crime Stories, Michael Shares Cases From His Own Portfolio He Describes How He Connects With, And Empowers, Courageous Victims And Eyewitnesses, From All Walks Of Life Using Their Descriptions, The Author Creates Life Like Sketches Of The Assailants With An Accuracy That Has Led To Quick Identifications And Captures.SketchCop Drawing A Line Against Crime Provides Readers A Glimpse At Some Of Michael W Streed S Career Cases And The Significant Role He Plays In The Criminal Justice System.SketchCops

Michael W Streed is an internationally recognized forensic facial imaging expert based in Southern California For 35 years he has blended his rich law enforcement experience and artistic skills to provide forensic facial imaging services to some of the largest, most diverse, police agencies in the United States, including the Los Angeles and Balti City Police Departments.During his dist

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  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • SketchCops
  • Michael W. Streed
  • English
  • 04 September 2018
  • 9781942266310

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    Forensic artThis is an interesting book which stresses the importance of police sketches in solving crime The author boasts 35 years as a forensic artist who has assisted in the capture and arrest of many criminals during his career.The...

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    This is a compelling group of stories of how one cop doing his job hunting down criminals one sketch at a time He gives such compassion not only to his drawings but to the victims treating each one as if they were the first Giving them what the need to feel comfortable to give him the story as he draws what they see in their mind At times not everyone is truthful as you will read it is part of his job to find every little detail even those that are not telling the truth so they can find the right person who did the crime No one is prefect as you will see inside these pages from the victim to the cops who put the bad guys away We all make mistakes it is really painful when at times you make a big one and put the wrong one behind bars Having a drawing help put the write one away along with today s DNA which they did not have years ago Mr Gauffi did a wonderful job of narration it was read in one voice which would have been the voice of the author That is expect since there really isn t any characters this is a story of facts of thi...

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    This book gave a new perspective on the importance of police sketch artists As a lawyer, I appreciated the even handed way that Streed discussed the pros and cons of his work Apart from a few typos here and there, I thought the book was a thoroughly engaging story of how sketch artists help authorities catch criminals As a crime fiction writer, I learned a great deal about this particular aspect of police procedure What I found most interesting was the importance of establishing rapport with witnesses in order to prompt the most accurate memories possible from the witness I also approve of the idea that technology can help create suspect sketches, but that it s...

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    SketchCop Drawing A Line Against Crime by Michael W Streed is a great read for anybody interested in true crime Most true crime books invariably focus on the criminals, but this book does not It focuses on procedures used to help put these criminals behind bars You definitely get the strong impression that Mr Streed legitimately cared about the people he was trying to help and had a strong d...

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    I have always been in awe at the individuals who provide the sketches of the bad guys in criminal investigations This is a very well written and well presented book about Author Michael Streed s career as a police officer and as a sketch artist This book was very educational in that he described the...

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    A good book about how this man combined his love of art with his desire to be a cop It includes crimes that he has helped solve plus how he has put a face on a skull to help identify a missing person I like the fact he included a part about how witnesses or...

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    This was a very informative book about an excellent sketch artist and his 35 year career The history of sketch artists and the cases they are involved in are fascinating This book was also an emotional rollercoaster as the author ...

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    I like this book Would have loved a little information to the sketching But all in all, a good readDetailed review here

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    It was a very interesting read Not an area of police work that I really studied at school and I liked learning a little about this topic.

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    GAB This is an excellent read, covering the growth of the contribution of the police sketch artist in the solving of crimes over the last 35 years in the life of Policeman Streed Michael W Streed began life imagining a career working at Walt Disney Studios, but found his niche as a policeman and sketch cop in southern California and Balti Early days he was used on only the most horrendous crimes, loaned to various cop shops around the area in Orange, Riverside and other counties in SoCa As his talent for teasing the memories necessary to make a working likeness of the bad guys from frightened witnesses, his reputation grew as well Drawing the likeness of the perpetrator of the crime is only possible when you can get past their fear and see through the eyes of the witness Eventually he spent most of his time working with witnesses, helping train other sketch cops in the art of the interview, and perfecting software to help every cop shop devel...

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