Momentary Lapse

Download Momentary Lapse Author Toni J Strawn Any Man Can Get Down And Dirty A Real Man Cleans Up His Own Mess One Moment, Book 2 Madison St James S Life Is A Glittering Fairy Tale Until Her Prince Charming Turns Out To Be Prince Cheating With The Help Of A Sexy Stranger, Madison Becomes Someone She S Not For Just One Night Confident, Uninhibited, And Up For No Holds Barred Sex It S Hot It S Sensual And So Real That Madison Doesn T See How She Can Ever Return To Her Superficial Life But With No Money Of Her Own, No Job And No Experience, Madison Is Trapped Just Like Her Manipulative Mother Planned Cole Langford Has One Of The Most Powerful Names In Maryland, But None Of The Money And Prestige That Go With It But He Knows First Hand What It S Like To Get Kicked To The Curb By Power Wielding Megalomaniacs Lately Cole S Libido S Been On Holiday Even His Old Hobby Of Seducing Rich Social Climbers And Leaving Them Begging Has Lost Its Appeal But Madison Is Like Decadent Candy, And Cole Isn T Satisfied With One Tiny Taste Even If Going Back For Seconds Has Disaster Written All Over It Warning Contains An Appetizing One Night Stand In A Hotel, Saucy Sexcapades In A Deserted Stairwell And Proof That Sometimes You Have To Strip Down And Get Naked In Front Of The Mirror To Truly See Yourself.Momentary Lapse

Toni J Strawn loves everything romance Hot, bad, crazy, out of control romance She is a self professed maestro of the one night stand and loves throwing the unlikeliest of characters together to create sizzling hot happy ever afters.When not locked away in her Romansion, a tiny writing shed at the bottom of the garden, Toni can be found feeding her addiction to romance, or hanging with her thre

[Ebook] ➠ Momentary Lapse By Toni J. Strawn –
  • Paperback
  • 226 pages
  • Momentary Lapse
  • Toni J. Strawn
  • 06 May 2019
  • 9781619234000

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    For a momentary lapse in sanity, it sure turned into one steamy relationship After 15 years of being pimped out on the beauty pageant circuit, Madison St James expected the picture perfect life her mother promised, not a man accidental butt dial from her cheating fianc So tonight, she s determined to be somebody else, to forget her problems and drink her night away When she meets Cole Langford, she s intrigued by his good looks, but then the jerk opened his mouth Cole hasn t felt a genuine thrum of arousal in a long time, but the moment Madison walks through the bar, his libido soars back to life The two share one hot, no holds barred night together before Madison has to leave the next morning But Cole isn t giving up that easy he s not felt a connection to another woman like that inever Something about Madison makes him want to open his heart to her, but Cole s been burned before by the obnoxiously wealthy Will he be able to trust Madison with his heart Will Madison be able to step out from her mother s thumb and give a guy from the wrong side of the tracks a chance MOMENTARY LAPSE is the second book in the One Moment series, and I m so glad I gave it a ch...

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    I read a lot of historicals and contemporary books rarely catch my interest This one did In a big way From time to time while I was reading this, I would run into the kitchen and open the freezer door just to cool off my eyeballs Talk about sizzle This book is really hot from beginning to end.Though the tale is very steamy, this one has a delcious bit of wit The main characters were very compelling and realistically written I also enjoyed the way the side characters had a refreshing bit of depth to them They have stories of their own and aren t just there to move the plot along I especially loved Cole s little sister, Jess.The book takes place in Maryland I ve lived in Maryland and she seems to know her stuff because the setting and the little details were very authentic Best of all, I m a plotty person the plot bubbles along nicely, while never being predictable which is always a hit with me And it s hot as hell Did I mention that From the first chapter all the way...

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    I d pre ordered Momentary Lapse, the second book in the One Moment series, after enjoying the first one so much and when it burned its way onto my kindle I wasn t disappointed It is a hot, hot read and yes, I was expecting that, after Moment of Weakness, but I think I enjoyed this story even than the author s debut I felt the novel was even polished, the writing flowed beautifully and the plot was well thought out The emotional depth of the main characters was extremely well developed and I found myself drawn into their love story, right up until the final ...

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    I loved Moment of Weakness and was really looking forward to the second book in the series, Momentary Lapse.I wasn t disappointed Momentary Lapse is just as sexy as Moment of Weakness and it really is a good read.Madison St James is a great character, an ex beauty queen used to smiling no matter how bad things get and putting on a false front.Whereas there s nothing false about Cole Langford, a man who te...

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    This series gets better and better I devoured the second book in Ms Strawn s One Moment Series The story of former pageant girl Madison St James and self made man Cole Langford gripped me from the start Perfectly pitted against each other, Madison and Cole scorch up the pages in this very steamy read with a perfect balance of tension, plot twists and emotional depth But this isn t just a scorching hot read, the characters d...

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    Ex pageant queen meets guy from the wrong side of the tracks with the right nameand we get to see the whole train wreck I thought the characters were believable and solid, with blistering heat and a nice little side story around Cole s business I really enjoyed book 2 by Ms Str...

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    Won this in a giveaway, was definitely a great read Thankyou

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    What do you do when you grow up with a mom who thinks she owns your life You know the ones that say, I gave birth to you so therefore you owe me Well those moms are mild compared to Madison St James s mom Patricia She is a social climber Originally trailer trash who is a poser now She put Madison in pageants as far back as she could remember Taught her manners, how to walk, talk, who to talk to, and where to be seen No one or nothing got past Patricia So, when it came time for Madison to marry well she hand picked him too, Logan, a senator s son There was just one or two flaws in the ointment He can t seem to live within his financial means So to solve that problem, Patricia pays him an allowance which he goes over also But when your daddy is a senator and his wealthy girlfriend s mom want s this he does it Plus this is his father s final warning marry Madison and shape up or get cut off So Bringing us to his second flaw Madison caught him cheating on her and she tells him it is over She then runs out to stay at the very h...

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    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads 4.5 hot starsHaving read book 1 which is Marcus and Abby s story, I was delighetd to get a chance to read another in the series Ms Strawn has a good turn of phrase, and deals with interesting issues head on Her characters have looks and brains, and will change their views if given enough prodding This installments pitted two fundamentally similar, yet superficially different people against each other but with a level of chemistry that neither had the strength to resist Cole is in business with Marcus from Moment of Weakness and Marcus is supportive when needed, although he doesn t feature in the book otherwise Cole has a huge chip on his shoulder, and it takes a lot to get him to rethink his opinion of anyone who has grown up entitled Therefore when he meets the very beautiful, society belle Madison things ge...

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    Sizzling Hot I loved the second book in Toni s One Moment series.The interaction between Madison and Cole was steaming hot, yet moving, drawing you in to their emotional battles.The story is well written great plot, plenty of tension and an emotional ride to the end.

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