The Children's Story

It Was A Simple Incident In The Life Of James Clavell A Talk With His Young Daughter Just Home From School That Inspired This Chilling Tale Of What Could Happen In Twenty Five Quietly Devastating Minutes He Writes, The Children S Story Came Into Being That Day It Was Then That I Really Realized How Vulnerable My Child S Mind Was Any Mind, For That Matter Under Controlled Circumstances Normally I Write And Rewrite And Re Rewrite, But This Story Came Quickly Almost By Itself Barely Three Words Were Changed It Pleases Me Greatly Because I Kept Asking The Questions Questions Like, What S The Use Of I Pledge Allegiance Without Understanding Like Why Is It So Easy To Divert Thoughts Like What Is Freedom And Why Is So Hard To Explain The Children S Story Keeps Asking Me All Sorts Of Questions I Cannot Answer Perhaps You Can Then Your Child Will.The Children's Story

James Clavell, born Charles Edmund Dumaresq Clavell was a British novelist, screenwriter, director and World War II veteran and POW Clavell is best known for his epic Asian Saga series of novels and their televised adaptations, along with such films as The Great Escape, The Fly and To Sir, with Love James Clavell 2007, November 10 In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

[Ebook] The Children's Story By James Clavell –
  • Paperback
  • 96 pages
  • The Children's Story
  • James Clavell
  • English
  • 20 September 2018
  • 9780340332979

10 thoughts on “The Children's Story

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    Wow I feel like I shouldn t give such a high grade to this book, for fear of being associated with many of the reviewers who loved this book while entirely misinterpreting and perverting Clavell s message This isn t an anti Communist, pro G...

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    As a teacher, this book reminds you that young children can hang on to every word and idea a teacher supports It reminded me of an incident in my elementary classroom few years ago I can t remember the specific topic of discussion, but one of the students said, I like how you present information I told her that it is very important to do your OWN research, not rely on news media outlets, especially in today s world She said, Well, I am going to rely on you You do enough research for this class, you must read it all I immediately said, Don t EVER rely on someone else to do your research YOU must research to fully understand your beliefs, your ideas It scared me to think at the age of 11, she was so willing to believe what another person said In my classroom, I make sure multiple sides are covered I make sure students understand why each side thinks the way they do, or might behave the way they do But, I do know that this is not what happens in all classrooms.This book is an example of what could happen and in some respects, has happened already Teachers, if we do not explain why we do, study, or practice, what we do in the classroom, we are conditioning children to do things without thought, to do without understanding why, to perpe...

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    In a conquered U.S., a classroom of young kids is given a new teacher who, in less than an hour, brainwashes them and makes them evil little communists Or something I know I m supposed to find this book chilling, but I didn t really buy it Though Communism is never explicitly stated to be the Big Bad, this book has the Cold War era in which it was written stamped all over it Clavell s New Teacher gets the students to quickly dismiss such symbols as the Pledge of Allegiance and the American flag which, frankly, are just symbols She also gets them to question the power of prayer, which as a godless heathen myself, I m sure you can guess worries me deeply Sigh I don t know While the idea of reeducation is very scary indeed, I think the examples Clavell chose are lame, and the idea that anyone especially a little kid would make the leap from the Pledge of Allegiance is kind of stupid t...

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    There are many lessons that can come from such a short story Yes, there are details about certain things that children should know before reading this book with them However, after learning for example the meaning a our nation s pledge, children in 5th grade and up can generate lively and informative discussions If your family has a firm foundation in your faith and they are firm in their patriotic duties, then this book should not be feared Read it first and decide if it will be right for your own family If it is, then ...

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    Very short yet very powerful book that show how very easy it is to influence a child s mind To turn a child against something to someone and to bend their will to a specified agenda Scary how easy it is to someone who knows exactly how to do it.

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    Extremely weird and mysterious, although extremely thought provoking After watching the video version I m sort of shaken up though I question what we teach and don t teach to our children.

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    An interesting parable on the perils of ignorance, a sad commentary on the state of our civic awareness which I m sure is worse than it was when this was written , and for me at least a reminder of the strange power teacher s can have over children I have to admit with all the fiery rhetoric from both sides this story initially struck me as an overstated scare tactic something Glen Beck might come up with as an accusation against myself and other public school teachers currently serving we are government employees after all and government is evil , but Clavell is carefully vague in a way that benefits symbols and parables, leaving the depth of interpretation and the specifics of symbols to the reader After reconsidering, it works clearly as described above, and IS ...

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    I remember when I read this book feeling chilled at how easy it is to control impressionable minds Now, than ever, this is a book to illustrate how mind control works It s not really about communism taking over the world It s not about the sarcasm alert h...

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    I m glad I read this book, so I could read all the paranoid left wing and right wing reviews about what it s supposed to mean It s amazing how many people are afraid that someone, somewhere, might be pulling a fast one...

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    I don t want to reiterate what everyone has written Yes, the book was written as an anti communist book, however it can also be read in terms of any nation that publicly educates children in the way of civic duty Compelling and thought provoking at the least.

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