Eternal Darkness (Eternal Darkness, #1)

Download Eternal Darkness Eternal Darkness, 1 Author J.F Johns WINNER OF THE NEXT GENERATION INDIE BOOK AWARDS YOUNG AUTHOR, UNDER 25s AND FINALIST IN BEST COVER 2017 INDIE BOOK AWARDS.The World Is Divided Between Humans And Cyborgs Scarlet Lock Is Neither She Is A Soldier Created To Kill On Command But Her Memory Has Been Erased And When She Awakens In A Government Facility She Soon Discovers That This New World Is A Dangerous Place, Full Of Government Secrets And Cruel Experiments Performed In The Name Of Progress With The Help Of A Group Of Cyborgs, Scarlet Will Fight To Uncover The Truth And Transform The Future Of The New World She Now Lives In Eternal Darkness Is Full Of Suspense, Action And Romance And Will Make Readers Question What It Means To Be Human.Eternal Darkness (Eternal Darkness, #1)

J.F.Johns is 25 years old and was born and raised in Spain She studied English Literature and Creative Writing at ARU in Cambridge, UK.She s an animal lover, and spends her free time playing with her adopted dog, drinking too much coffee and posting book photos on her Instagram.She believes in the art of dramatic sighing and eye rolling She works as a ninja, but has been told several times that

☉ Eternal Darkness (Eternal Darkness, #1)  PDF / Epub ❤ Author J.F. Johns –
  • Paperback
  • 342 pages
  • Eternal Darkness (Eternal Darkness, #1)
  • J.F. Johns
  • English
  • 08 April 2018

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    I RECEIVED A COPY OF THIS BOOK FROM THE AUTHOR IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW Portuguese s review usually don t like this kind of books, about robots and sci fiction, but I ve to say that this book was a huge surprised I already read These Broken Stars and Cinder , and I didn t like these two books, so I was a little afraid that I would ended up not liking Eternal Darkness either. But guess what I LOVED IT I ll be brave because some of you may want to kill me, after what I m about to say haha , but I consider this book better than Cinder and These Broken Stars If you like sci fiction, if you liked the Lunar Chronicles or These Broken Stars , I totally recommend you all this amazing book If you have the same opinion as me about this genre or these two books I mentioned before, than you should read this book, either This is a 4,5 stars I can t rated it on goodreads, so I gave a 5 out of 5 stars. , because I m really stubborn hahaha Ok, in general, this book is definitely a 5 stars book, but there wasn t even a kiss between my two favorite characters, so Jazmine I hope I could see, at least, a kiss between those two characters you probably know who they re in the next book hahaha As I said, this book surprised me a lot Scarlet is an amazing character, that progressed so well throughout the book Sam and Eric are amazing, as well It s impossible not to like the...

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    WHAT THE HELL IS THIS 2030 the world will know cyborgs2050 a new government will take the rule and try to eliminate cyborgs2060 NOWThe story is about a group of Cyborgs, one of them will crash into a human, but is she really human they will take her anyway to their home and figure what she is the cyborgs often live in the outskirt, they don t usually eat or drink, only for amusement, they have robotic parts so if one of them gets injured they only fix the circuits in them There are a group called Slaughters, they kill the cyborgs because they don t see them as human.Characters Scarlet a human she looks like a human but she can heal her self quickly even though she is the protagonist I didn t like her.Sam a father figure, who have a miserable story, I liked him and how he treated Scarlet 3Eric my FAV character in this book he is so. so. caring and loving and others P An interesting book and incredible idea, I can t ...

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    After falling in love with the Lunar Chronicles I was really excited to read another book about cyborgs This book has the same concept of humans with mechanical parts and societies prejudice towards them but it has it own unique twist The plot and the world were interesting but I felt like the pace was a little slow, especially in the first half I wasnt always motivated to find out what happened next but being a fan of mystery I was compelled to find out what happened to the main character during those 20 years she cant remember.The main character is named Scarlet just like in the Lunar Chronicles Scarlet is a type of advanced cyborg soldier created to kill on command She remembers being sent to the hospital at 16 but has no memory of anything that has happened in the last 20 years since After escaping from a strange lab Scarlet runs into a group of cyborgs who take her in after realising shes not quite human While trying to uncover her past Scarlet must navigate this strange new world where...

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    RATING 4.5 starsThings I liked about this book Eternal Darkness is not really from my genre of books I have read very few books about cyborgs and dystopian future But this book captivated my interest, and I just couldn t let go of the book till I reached the very last page The characters are real Whether its father figure like Sam, confusing Madeleine, charming Eric or messed up Andrew, they are all so real and familiar Every character felt inportant in one way or the other Romance angle I just loved the romance angle of this book The boys, Eric and Andrew, are both so amazing in their own ways, I don t know who is better I can t decide my ship yet, I need the next book NOW That ending Holy mother of Cliffhangers This book is everything it claims to be in the blurb It really had suspense, romance, action it won t let you down.Things I did not like about it Its a bit slow paced in the beginning And I didn t LOVE Scarlet, the main character She does go through s...

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    Eternal Darkness is a young adult dystopian story with lots of intriguing parts, interesting plot, and awesome characters.The story was about our world years later, where it is now divided between humans and cyborgs A cyborg was still a human, but they just have robotic parts, and it enhanced their senses and make their work easier When people discovered this experiment, everything changed The human saw cyborgs as freaks, and they treat them lowly Now, our main character was neither of the two categories She was something else and what makes it intriguing was when they say that she was a government killing weapon.This novel just makes me like anything that has something to do with robots The plot is amazing, and I can t still grasp why it ended soon with my craving for All I know is that this book just became one of my great reads this new year.The plot was really good, and I can see it happening in the future the chance of changing the human s body parts into some robotic parts and it was not impossible because of the new innovations today and the fast advances in medical ...

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    UPDATE REVIEW IS UP ON MY BLOG finished it and Oh My GOD what happened I m dying like actually dying I need the second book so bad I ll have a review up on my blog in a few days and I ll write an...

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    I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT I fell in love with the characters, as soon as I met each one Honestly, the story just gets better and better as you read The ending killed me, because of the way it ended, But ...

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    I absolutely love Eternal Darkness by J.F.Johns There is so much character development throughout the book, especially Scarlet, the protagonist My favourite characters are Scarlet, Eric and Madeleine, although I like most of the characters This is the first cyborg related book I have read and I loved the plot, it was very well thought out and engaging, overall, I enjoyed reading it.I also love the romance element in this book, I m definitely on Eric s team There is a huge cliffhanger, that ...

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    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.The year is 2060 Scarlet Lock wakes up in a lab where she is unknowingly been for the last 20 years.Society is cyborg ridden The humans, in fear of their abilities segregate the community, the cyborgs being the lesser Over the years, several groups have formed to rid the society of the cyborgs, through murder After discovering that she is not exactly human, Scarlet wants answers, who were those people that held her captive Why can t she remember her past What is she She is taken home by Sam, a cyborg with a past, and Curtis a myterious figure with red eyes They enlist the help of Eric, a blonde haired charmer, to find out what she is.But Sam, Curtis and Eric are controlled by Lisa, a cyborg spy in the new government, who only agreed to let Scarlet go home to Mercy Cross in the agreement that she will help expose and destroy the Slaughterers an undercover cyborg culling association.I thought the majority of the characters in Eternal Darkness were well developed We have our protagonist Scarlet who pretty typical of a YA novel, but that s not necessarily a bad thing Sam was meant to be a fatherly figure towarss Scarlet but I m afraid to say I never really understood that c...

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