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PDF Epub In Vitro Lottery By Ed Ryder A Cautionary Tale Of Epic Proportions The Norwegian Death Changed The World Forever, But That Was Just The Beginning Of Humanity S Problems Decades Later, The Children Of The Survivors Find Themselves Unable To Conceive, With Complex And Expensive Fertility Treatment The Only Option Some Can Afford It, But For Everyone Else, There Is The In Vitro Lottery.Kate Adams Never Really Wanted A Family, So When Her Numbers Come Up For Treatment At The Clinic, She Gives Her Winning Ticket To Her Sister, Emily Then Tragedy Strikes, And Kate Is Sent On A Collision Course With The Clinic Head Victor Pearson, And The Government, In Her Quest For Answers.When Kate S Investigation Reveals Devastating Truths About Her Sister, She Is Drawn Towards The Pressure Group IVFree And Begins To Question Everything She Believes In Together, They Formulate A Plan To Get Answers And To Uncover The Real Purpose Behind The Lottery When The Fate Of Humanity Is At Stake, Who Really Controls The Future, And What Will They Do To Protect It New Apple Summer E Book Awards 2016 Winner In SciFi DystopiaIn Vitro Lottery

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the In Vitro Lottery book, this is one of the most wanted Ed Ryder author readers around the world.

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    In Vitro Lottery is an interesting and thought provoking book set in a disturbing dystopian future, where the population compete in a lottery in order to win the chance to have children The world is still recovering from the Norwegian Death, a disease that swiftly wiped out most of the population The survivors of the death have been left with the legacy of infertility, unable to carry their own children due to a genetic mutation Set in England, the plot revolves around the In Vitro Lottery, and its founder, scientist Victor Pearson The population are able to win expensive IVF treatment by taking part in the lottery The wealthy, are of course, able to afford their own treatment The main character is Kate Adams, a rather cold and detached woman who wins the lottery, and is supposed to be thrilled, but is in fact disappointed, as she does not want children She arranges to pass the win to her sister Emily, who then mysteriously dies during her treatment at Pearson s clinic Kate sets out to discover what happened to Emily and is soon drawn into the murky world of IVFree, a terrorist organisation who believe the fertility treatment should be free, and the next generation a right, not a privilege Kate s small and tidy life is then turned upside down as she fights for the truth and makes an astonishing discovery in her pursuit for answers A genuine page turner, with well rounded characters I liked the fact that K...

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    It was the worst of times Not much point having a statue of yourself if there is no one around to clean the moss from it Having been first ravaged with plague and then rendered almost completely infertile, so forced to rely on a complex IVF process, human society is reduced to a point where reproduction is reserved exclusively to the wealthy or the lucky This is a well written and chilling view of the future which will appeal to anyone who enjoys thought through, dystopian novels set in the near future and to a wider audience who like to read something to stir up the grey cells now and then It has both the exciting plotline of a thriller and the thought provoking, speculative, hypotheses of science fiction It also tackles many present day issues from the perspective of that darkened future I liked that the explanations for all the events are eventually made clear and the whole falls satisfyingly into place, like the final few twists of a Rubik s Cube.The main protagonist is a woman who holds a view that, even today, is one...

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    In an era of human sterility, the wealthy, the powerful, and a lucky few lottery winners are allowed to have children Millions buy tickets for the coveted privilege of parenting, but it s our hero, Kate, who wins the grand prize The problem is, Kate has no interest in being a mother So she gives the prize to her sister, who soon after, ends up dead Thus begins the murder mystery that leads us into the lesser traveled reaches of this detailed dystopian world Kate s search for answers leads her to a rebel group aiming to reclaim the right to give birth for the general population This is the main conflict depicted in in Vitro Lottery An overreaching, power mad government seeks total control and the DNA refinement of its constituency But as you might expect, this plan is met by the willful resistance of the individuals on the wrong side of this genetic oppression I enjoyed the world and the conflict created by the author There were many unique details that seemed well thought out, like the way the infrastructure was falling apart because those with the expertise to run it were aging or already dead from the mysterious Norwegian Death plague This technological retardation added a touch of nuance and believability to this sci fi tale And I liked the s...

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    Good first novel Post apocalyptic novel with a difference Keeps you guessing with lots of twists and turns a real page turner.

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    When I first started reading this, I didn t know what to expect The title was unusual and I couldn t quite relate to it at first What I didn t expect in the opening chapter however was a very quick ending to somebody I thought was going to be an integral part of the plot This wasn t a negative for me though as it made me want to read to work out why it had happened The relationship between the characters was good and the plot moved along nicely But for me fell slightly flat about halfway through the book The heroine Kate was a strong character trying to avenge her sisters death and the fact that it was centred around a lottery to enable couples to have a child was a really different take on things I also thought the main female antagonist Rowena was sombody you loved to hate and who turned out to be complete...

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    This book turned out to be a technology and science filled, character driven story with strong villains that became a real page turner I enjoyed it and couldn t put it down This book meets the very definition of science fiction, while crossing into the territory of international thrillers.The book put the science in science fiction Two biological disasters lead to the post apocalyptic world the book is set in The author clearly knows biological science I liked how the loss of technology was handled The survivors lose technology a bit at a time, as machines wear out And, we read about post apocalyptic technological life, including how cars must be made to work without computers.The story is filled with flawed characters Each character has strong motivation to take the steps they do I enjoyed that the villains saw themselves in positive ways I believe the strongest villains are those t...

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    An interesting combination of dystopia and medical mystery I appreciate how much research the author must have done, very important with a book like this Such an important and timely subject.Takes a while to get going but pays off well I would like to read work by this author.

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    This book starts out a generation after a plague wiped out about half the population of Great Britain The plague is over, but its effects are not the plague left most of the population sterile A scientist has developed a way to combat the virus in vitro, so a lottery is set up for women who want to have children The rich, of course, just pay to have the treatment, but all others have to take their chances in the lottery.The story centers on Kate She won the lottery, but does not want children, so she gives her winning ticket to her sister Somehow her sister dies at the IVF facility and the rest of the story is about solving the mystery of her death, finding out the truth about the virus and the IVF process, an underground group that tries to offer treatments to women who can t afford it, and a political power struggle over who will control the reproductive process in the country The author gets in a few digs at the situation of the world today by talking about Kate s struggle to overcome what she has always believed as told to her by the government and what she finds to be the truth once she starts investigating her sister s death You will recognize quite a few familiar themes in the book that you may actually be readin...

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    The world has changed after a pandemic of disease called Norwegian Death, causing infertility and threatening the human race s future A team of scientists and businessmen in cooperation with new Government and Ministry of Reproduction finds a partial solution to fix the gene for a couple of days, giving the rich the privilege of purchasing the cure, and setting a Lottery for those who couldn t afford the price When Kate wins the lottery, she decides to give her prize to her sister Emily But Emily is murdered and Kate launches desperate private investigation, digging out the answers from their hiding spots The novel provides a very realistic view of possible future, sending chills down the spine while reading It keeps the reader wondering about many what ifs , thinking about topics you maybe never thought of The storytelling is sometimes frighteningly detached and impersonal, containing very little emotions, letting the pragmatism strengthen the feeling of hard times and desperate situation full of the manipulation of those in charge I very liked the main character, Kate she is very realistic and complex The same holds for the character of Victor Pearson or the menace impersonated in Rowena a great villain choice However, I would like to know about some character s background and character development, e.g Andrzej or Caden Realistic setup and polished dialogues create a solid and attractive framework, though the ...

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    This is a thriller that depicts a dystopian world that has just started to stabilize after a horrendous virus, like a modern day bubonic plague, devastates much of the population This virus has affected the ability of people to reproduce, so the government in every major country has seized the choices to select survivors to undergo treatment, so expensive that the treatment is doled out by a lottery system.I enjoyed the twists and turns in this book One issue I had was plausibility Without knowing exactly what the underlying basis for which the heroes where fighting for, and how the chain of events started, I found it hard to be invested in this book Yes, a woman named Emily starts the chain of events, but I didn t know why she was targeted by the powers that be, and what threat she represented If one thinks about it, how does a crisis over being able to bear children cause terrorist like insurgency and p...

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