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Trapped In Rural Steeple Bumpleigh, A Man Less Stalwart Than Bertie Wooster Would Probably Have Given Way At The Knees For Among Those Present Were Florence Craye, To Who Bertie Had Once Been Engagedand Her New Fiance Stilton Cheesewright, Who Regarded Bertie As A Snake In The Grassalso Zenobia Hopwood And Her Guardian Lord Worplesdon, Whose Violent Antipathy To Boko Fittleworth Amounted To Obsessionand That Biggest Blot On The Landscape, Edwin The Boy Scout, Doing Acts Of Kindness Out Of Sheer Malevolence All Bertie S Forebodings Were Fully Justified For In His Efforts To Oil The Wheels Of Commerce, Promote The Course Of True Love, And Avoid The Consequences Of A Vendetta, He Became The Prey Of All And Sundry Complete Disaster Was Only Avoided By The Genius Of Jeeves, Who Extricated The Young Master With A Ploy As Smoothly Executed As It Was Brilliantly Conceived Trustees Of The Wodehouse Estate P 2014 Audible, Inc.Joy In The Morning

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    Bertie, Mr.Bertram Wooster, if you please the victim, is enjoying quiet days in his London flat, a man about town but not for long though, trouble appears above the not far horizons, always does he can smell it, a strong odor too Informed by his brilliant butler Jeeves, a quality our friend lacks, sadly the magnificent that Zenobia the delightful, a charming, sweet girl, just twenty of age, with a horrible nickname can you imagine and I m not calledNobby Hopwood , his uncle Percy s ward, she had paid an unexpected visit, with some bad news nevertheless , in the morning while he snoozedrested His long time widowed Aunt Agatha s, the fearsome, new husband is Lord Worplesdon, the terrible, an intimidating shipping magnate She needs help, I mean Nobby a romance is not going smoothly with her fiance, Boko Fittleworth the nitwit, a very successful young English playwright but still a fathead, who is despised by Uncle Percy, Nobby needs her guardian s permission to marry Uncle Percy wants some advise from Jeeves, a delicate business meeting in secret, has to be arraigned and only Jeeves can accomplish this After finding out that Aunt Agatha is only passing through to take care of a sick boy, with mumps a relative, Bertie begins to feel better, that too will inevitably evaporates soon He will not go to Steeple Bumpleigh, where his aunt lives, and his ex fiancee Florence also, yikesLord Worplesdon daughter, her little brother Edwin the demon, a practicing...

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    Jeeves in the Morning, aka Joy in the Morning is the stuff to give the troops It s one of my all time favorites in the Jeeves Wooster line, as penned by the prolific and long lived P.G Wodehouse.It includes a heap load tales of woe for Bertie Wooster to get into and his butler Jeeves to get him out of Also appearing is one of the best non appearing characters, J Chichester Clam The poor fellow is saddled with a ridiculous name and is put through his paces in this story without even getting to say word one I don t want to give away much of the story, just know that the usual suspects show up for this precisely plotted, tightly wound, hilarious start to finish rollick Jeeves in the Morning is not completely dissimilar to other books in the seriesAll right, it s quite similar You see, Wodehouse developed a winning formula and stuck with it Reading his books is like watching a rerun of a beloved old sitcom you can anticipate all the jokes, but you laugh anyway It s not only the mad capped, slap stick shenanigans, but rather the author s wit that has you coming back for of the same I read the books first, then watched the tv ...

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    The other day, as I was walking along the beach in the frightfully early morning when both man and beast ought quite to be tucking the old blankets under the pointy end of the old bean there was a rather fit young lady putting quite some stride into her step not a few yards ahead of me.Unfortunately, I had just gotten up to the part of the story at which Bertie is discoursing with Boko concerning the nature of women and to what extent one can rely on what they say when they are cross with one I d have thought I was made of sterner stuff, but in a manner lacking in all control, I began blubbering foolishly, headphones attached to my cabbage like ears no unlike I was wearing pair of snow muffs As she turned to look at me rather fiercely, I waved my hands around to assure the young lady I wasn t laughing at anything she was doing Given she was merely walking along the strand why she should imagine I would be laughing with quite so much vigour at her expense should not have presented itself as a possibility in the least, certainly, it ought not to have been the first impression to form itself, wax like, in her mind All the same, my occasional gales and peals remained very much a solo effort and she looked in no hurry to form a duet.The problem was that Bertie had just inquired as to how Boko was sure Nobby his fianc had decided to end their engagement when Boko said something to the effect that he could not see another construction to be put on her statemen...

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    The 2012 re read Bertie Wooster, with Jeeves in tow, is dragooned into visiting Steeple Bumpleigh, home of Aunt Agatha and her husband, Lord Worplesdon Bertie soon walks into a web of broken engagements, arson, and delightfully horrible misunderstandings, including an engagement to Florence Craye Can Jeeves extricate Wooster from what will be known as The Steeple Bumpleigh Horror Of course he can See how Jeeves head bulges out in the back That s where his extra brain power comes from.This book is a great example of how Wodehouse mines rich veins of comedic gold from the same old formula in almost every book Nobby Hopwood, Worplesdon s ward, is engaged to Bertie s friend Boko Fiddleworth Stilton Cheesewright, the local constable and an old classmate of Bertie s, is betrothed to Bertie s former fiancee Florence Craye Lord Worplesdon is in the process of a merger between his shipping company and that of J Chichester Clam, an American shipping magnate Throw in a boyscout named Edwin whose hash everyone is dying to see settled and there you are All the pieces are in place and Bertie is tossed into the mix You know everything will turn out okay but it s a lot of fun getting there.As always, Wodehouse weaves a web of wit along the way to the happy resolution I m partial to When a girl uses six derogatory adjectives in her attempt to paint the portrait of the loved one, it means something One may indicate a...

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    This is a PG Wodehouse classic with absolutely crazy sub plots and whacky dialogue It is Bertie Wooster again with his enterprising butler Jeeves.Bertie was once engaged to Florence Craye and she finds him at a bookshop holding her book This causes her to be overjoyed and see Bertie in a good light again Lord Percy looks to Jeeves for advise to conduct a business meeting in discretion Jeeves proposes Bertie rent a cottage Wee Nook which is in close proximity to Bumleigh Hall where Florence and her father Lord Percy his Aunt Agatha stay Bertie lands up at Wee Nook hoping to earn to good name from Lord Percy He also finds out that Florence is now engaged to Stilton Cheesewright who is not exactly happy after hearing of Bertie s past engagement There are also Nobby and Bertie s friend George Fittleworth wanting to be married, in the mix of things, to add to the crowd of madness There are various crazy sub plots to follow including one in which Bertie is to insult Lord Percy with Nobby ...

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    I think this is considered to be the most complete book written by Wodehouse He wrote it while under detention by Germans during WW 2, and had plenty of time to fine tune it.That it is a comic gem is no question Here, Bertie is on run from the beautiful,bossy and intellectual Florence Craye, who wants to mould him and her fiance Stilton Cheesewright, who wants to mould Bertie in qui...

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    The first question is whether this is Great Literature We already know it s pleasant to read, and very funny But here it is showing up as one of the Guardian s Top 100 Novels, like, ever, and can it really survive being taken that seriously The second question is Wodehouse, whose reputation has been tarnished by a series of radio broadcasts he made from Berlin during WWII after spending nearly a year as a prisoner of war, having been interned in France while he was working on this very novel He returned to it after the war, and we re probably safe to assume that its title is a reference to his experience Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning Here s an excellent piece on exactly what he was so vilified for the author weighs the evidence and pronounces him of a frightful ass than a filthy traitor Here are the actual transcripts from his addresses I read the first one, which seems harmless in itself but one can see how having this idiot blithely telling jokes when people have been dying by...

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    Before I tell you how great these books are, I have a complaint no not a Monty Python skit.Several of the Jeeves and Wooster canon were apparently published under alternate titles here in the good ol US of A Which, is frustrating me as I seek out volumes to whet the appetite for comic humor and make the old bean happy Case in point this little gem was originally titled and read my m self as, Joy in the Morning.Now, I can fathom why the American publisher might substitute Jeeves for Joy Considering that they probably had a strong selling series on their hands and wanted to ensure that the reading public connected the dots and bought the book it make sense But it is dashed difficult to know beforehand that this book you are just starting is the same as another you read Takes all the wind out of ones sails you might say.Enough grousing about that Good book, funny book, and has most of the elements that we love and cherish in the tales of our bachelor duo But it leaves out some of the spark that had Bertie contesting wills in a minor way with Jeeves over matters of sartorial selection Of course Bertie alway...

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    An unfortunate concatenation of circumstances puts Bertie Wooster once again in the soup re marriage proposals with Lady Florence Craye this time and he requires the sharp mind of the faithfull Jeeves to extricate self and to aid a couple of young eggs into the bargain the accident prone Boko Fiddleworth and the perky Zenobia Nobby Hopgood Apparently, the bean functions better on a diet of fish it s the phosphorus, you know and the idyllic location of Steeple Bumbleigh provides good fishing ground for Jeeves The cast of characters is completed by Bertie s choleric uncle the shipping magnate, Lord Worlpesdon, his son Edwin an eager and accident prone Boy Scout and, of course, the village policeman Stilton Cheesewright I just love the names and nicknames Wodehouse invents.While Joy in the Morning is not exactly my favorite Wodehouse book, it was highly entertaining and a really fast read the best way...

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    Yesterday morning, I was reading this while standing on the subway platform full of sleepy workers waiting for the train A random passerby with his ipod plugged in walked by and shouted Jeeves Awesome

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