The Flood (Sex, Love & Dating Disasters, #2)

One Bet, Four Girls, Eight Weeks, Multiple Dates What Could Possibly Go Wrong Following His Traumatic Eight Month Dry Spell, Dan Hilles Is Back In The Driving Seat And Ready To Put His Dating Disasters Behind Him.But If Only It Were That Simple.After A Drunken Afternoon In The Pub, Fuelled By The Confidence Of Alcohol, Dan Makes A Bet With His Three Best Pals That Will Complicate His Love Life Than Ever When He Brazenly Declares That He Could Juggle Multiple Women All At The Same Time.With Just Eight Weeks To Prove His Point, Dan Is About To Find Out How Hard It Is To Date A Flood Of Women Without Them All Finding Out About Each Other, Especially When They Come In The Shape Of An Ex Girlfriend, A Stalker, The Office Ice Queen And The One That Got Away The Flood Is The Hilarious Follow Up To The Drought By Lad Lit Author Steven Scaffardi, Chronicling The Adventures Of Unlucky In Love Dan Hilles Available At And All Good Book Retailers From March 2016.The Flood (Sex, Love & Dating Disasters, #2)

Steven Scaffardi is the author of the Sex, Love and Dating Disaster series His first novel, The Drought, is the laugh out loud tale of one man s quest to overcome the throes of a sexual drought After the stormy break up with his girlfriend of three years, Dan Hilles is faced with the daunting task of throwing himself back into the life of a single man With the help of his three best pals, Dan i

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    The story picks up about 6 months after The Drought took place I can t tell you all too much about Dan s life here because it would spoil the heck out of the first book Dan is foolish enough to make a bet with his three friends Rob, Jack, and Ollie I m saying foolish because these are the exact rules for it 1 Within six weeks, you must be dating four girls simultaneously No online dating or apps allowed 2 One of those girls must be insert female character from the first book 3 The moment you start dating the fourth girl, you have two weeks to juggle all four girls to prove you are a true player 4 You must arrange to meet all four girls at least once during the same week 5 Complete this challenge and you complete The Flood and win the bet Cue Mission Impossible theme Of course, this can only become a great disaster Unlike in the previous book, though, the situations are somewhat less predictable Heck, there were a few that kept my eyes glued to my Kindle screen because I wanted to find out what was behind door 3 We meet some lovely socially awkward and or disturbing characters Ieuan apparently pronounced as YIGH un, who knew is a rather geeky Welsh guy who s new at Dan s office There s some great chemistry between him and Jack, who insistently keeps calling him Iron.However, my favourite new character must be Dan s autistic new roommateI found this book to be written slig...

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    This book It was a mighty laugh from start to finish I liked this one even than The Draught I did skim over the manly musings in part cause I was just interested in the immediate dialogue and immediate action It was a fanta...

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    Dan Hilles is ready to spice up his love life after eight months of drought.After spending the afternoon in the pub with his three best friends, he makes a bet He has to date four women simultaneously in eight weeks, without them finding out about each other, just to prove a point.Dan is than ready for the Flood to come his way.What could possibly go wrong I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review The text alert pierced my ear drums like someone has just plunged a needle into the side of my head Blinking hard, my eyes momentarily struggled to recognise my own bedroom Meet Dan Hilles A great guy living in London, a nice guy with a hangover and no idea what has happened, only to discover that during the night he somehow ended up in the same bed with two of his friends From that point onwards it seems like the unimaginable happens to Dan He gets his very own stalker, his new roommate is somewhat mental, he gets another chance with the girl who s got away, he gets a chance to make the ultimate man dream come true and he can make some money by winning a bet But is anything ever ea...

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    I am very new to the lad lit genre, and immediately found myself on Google.trying to shed some light on this adventure, for which I was about to embark For those of you who aren t already familiar, lad lit is the male equivalent of chick lit.meaning it s written by men, with strong masculine themes, essentially allowing the readers to glimpse inside the illusive male brain The Flood is hilarious I constantly found myself laughing out loud at the way these characters interacted with each other and dealt with various self induced situations Venturing into the minds of these crazy guys allowed me to have a better understanding as to why men do things the way that they do I m pretty certain that men will read this book and find themselves nodding their heads as they relate to the characters, and women while wondering nonstop wtf these guys are thinking will read it all the way through, if for no reason other than, to see how in the world the flood ends We haven t seen the la...

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    Steven Scaffardi strikes again The Flood keeps the reader entertained through every page The bittersweet escapades of Dan Hilles just makes the reader cry with laughter.I liked this book even better than the previous one It had a lot content and it also cracked me up than The Draught Just like the old returning characters, the new characters introduced live up to their mark in being crazy as hell and yet at the same time having a sense of reality of everyday people that we meet.As for the story, the description says it all juggling four girls at once, Dan ends up in ...

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    Just as good as the first oneWhat a amazing book, equally as funny as the first one, I m rooting for certain characters to come together Can t wait for the next book.Thank you for writing such good books

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    what a great follow up, his time our hero takes on a bet to date 4 ladies at the timeas you can imagine it does not all go to plana very funny book

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    The Flood is the second novel in the Sex, Love Dating Disasters series Even though it is the second in the series it actually works really well as a stand alone as the author covers quite a lot of what happens in the first book I would still highly recommend reading the first though as it is extremely funny.Reading about Dan and his friends, is like meeting up with your mates who you haven t seen for awhile.Poor Dan seems to go from one extreme to another Going from not having any luck with women to all of a sudden having a flurry of them It s obvious that disaster isn t far behind.From the hilarious opening chapters all the way through to the end, I was literally howling This really is such a hilarious read and probably enjoyed best reading it alone Believe me trying to explain to someone who hasn t read this book why your laughing, well, let s just not go there My family rolled their eyes at me on than one occasion There are so many great characters which in real life I would think were idiots, but you can t help but be drawn to them I m not sure if there s any characters that I m not supposed to really l...

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    Oh My Gosh, Laugh Out LOUD funny my roommate ran in the room asking what was so funny and when I told her, she laughed so hard she could no longer walk Once again, Steven Scaffardi takes the humiliation of guys and puts in words other men can relate to and woman can not only understand but laugh out loud about, then ask themselves, if this is real, I truly feel for the guy, but who can possibly have this kind of luck in life and love Mr Scaffardi keeps it reasonably clean for those of you worried about anything that may be too offending Even though Slutvana may actually catch you off guard dont worry she wont be spanking anything at least not for now once you get through the first chapter you will have to take a few moments to breath and stop laughing at what you have already read Yes it just keeps going and these poor guys are in...

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    This story of the nice guy trying to be a bad boy had me laughing out loud on several occasions This is the second book in the series and although I really enjoyed it without reading the first book, I think The Flood would have been even better if I d read The Drought The style of writing reminded me of the self depreciating humour of a stand up comedian probably because, as it turns out, the author is a stand up comedian I enjoyed the insight into the inner workings of a man s mind The eclectic collection of women he was attempting to date at the same time had me hurling advice Dan s way, then the ridiculous situations he ended up in had me saying I told you so If you re looking for some fun escapism, grab both these books, then w...

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