The Millionaire Makeover (Bachelor Auction, #2)

He Promised To Stay Away But Some Promises Are Made To Be BrokenPlain Jane Computer Programmer Khloe Richardson Needs A Date One To Make The Prince Of Her Dreams Jealous Maybe Then He Ll Finally See Her As A Desirable Swan And Not The Ugly Duckling In The Second Office From The Left.But When She Bids On A Bachelor At A Charity Auction, The Man She Wins Is Millionaire Niall Hunter Who Once Made Intense, Passionate Love To Her And Then Left Without A Word She S Determined Not To Let Her Guard Down Again Among Other Things Around The Infamous Irish Lothario.Niall Never Imagined His Penance For One Hot As Hell Night With His Best Friend S Little Sister Would Be Transforming Her From A Shy Wallflower To A Sultry Siren Helping Her Attract Another Man Is Tortureespecially When He Promised His Friend He D Stay Away Plus, She Wants Forever, And He S Not A Forever Kind Of Guy But Niall Can T Stop Wanting Her Can T Stop Touching Her Can T Stop, Period And Damn If He Can Remember Why He Has ToThe Millionaire Makeover (Bachelor Auction, #2)

USA Today Bestselling author Naima Simone s love of romance was first stirred by Johanna Lindsey, Sandra Brown and Linda Howard many years ago Well not that many She is only eighteen ish Though her first attempt at a romance novel starring Ralph Tresvant from New Edition never saw the light of day, her love of romance, reading and writing has endured Published since 2009, she spends her days a

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  • The Millionaire Makeover (Bachelor Auction, #2)
  • Naima Simone
  • English
  • 09 December 2018

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    5 I d rather have a Brazilian than go on a date with him Stars I only discovered Naima Simone s writing last year, and I have to say she has delivered absolutely stellar books on both occasions The Millionaire Makeover is the second book in The Bachelor Auction series, but I haven t read the first and it had absolutely no impact on my enjoyment of this one.Older Brothers best friend, is a winning trope for me, and Naima took the story between Niall and Khloe a little bit further in that her big brother Michael had died three years previously, and both of them were struggling with their grief over his loss, as well as their feelings for each other I loved the prologue to this one as it highlighted just how deep their feelings go, even though Niall did cut all contact between them after one hot night together Three years later, and one unexpected meeting and this couple are back on each others radar We were close once Friends I want that back I want you back Throw in the Cinderella aspect, and that Niall was sexy as sexy can be with his Irish brogue, dirty talking and sweet but Alpha tendencies and the reconnection between this couple, even if it was to aid Khloe in her mission to snag a different guy was a really enjoyable read If we re supposed to be convincing Mr Perfect that we re lovers, then burning a hole in my head is counterproductive Neither of them were afraid to speak their minds and the sparks flew on than one occasion, and with sometimes f...

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    Virgin Manwhore H took her virginity, then proceeded to ditch her In the three years since, he even had the time to get married and divorced I don t know if the h hooked up with anyone else, but it s looking like a no because not only does the synopsis describe her a...

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    This book is from Entangled s Indulgence label and that s exactly what it was, a sweet guilty pleasure to indulge in The tropes of falling for your best friend s little sister, falling for the callous millionaire and the ugly duckling turning into a swan are all captured in this story and I must admit, I really enjoyed it.Khloe has done a spectacular job of blending into the background her entire life but when her crush on a co worker drives her to wanting to become than furniture, her best friend comes up with the brilliant scheme of bidding on a man at a bachelor s auction to make the man of her dreams jealous Only, in an epic twist of fate, her mystery bachelor turns out to be none other than Niall Hunter Niall and Khloe used to be friends Good friends Until her brother died in a car accident three years earlier and in their grief they spent one hot night together It didn t end well.But it is what it is and together they will be making Khloe s dream boy jealous First though, Khloe needs a total image overhaul courtesy of Niall And even though he always knew K...

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    ARC requested through Netgalley, and kindly provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed this story My first read by Naima Simone, The Millionaire Makeover told the story of Niall and Khloe Niall was carrying a lot of guilt over the death of his best friend, Michael Khloe was Michael s off limits sister who also had a major crush on Niall.This story had all of the things I love in a good millionaire love story Niall was an alpha tough guy He came off as an asshole when Khloe was looking, making me love to hate him He stupidly pushed his feelings for Khloe away, but his actions showed his soft side and deep caring.Khloe, never having gotten over Niall, hid her beauty and self confidence in dowdy clothes While I understood her inability to stay away from Niall, I also kind of wanted to give her a shake for making it so easy for him But Niall won me over in the end, as sexy millionaires often do I really liked these two to...

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    4.5My favorite thing about this book was the chemistry between Khloe and Niall Niall was best friends with Khloe s older brother After Khloe s brother passes away, Niall and Khloe find comfort in each other for a night The next morning, Niall pushes Khloe away because he promised he would never hurt her 3 years later and they end up back in each others lives The chemistry between them was amazing I had only one small complaint about this b...

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    There are some types of stories that offer a tried and true storyline I just love to read and review Easy flowing, a delight to read, entertaining with characters you enjoy getting to know This one is exactly that.The Millionaire Makeover was a fun book to read I love the whole concept of a best friend s little sister, fall in love, steamy hot storyline This one also included of fun bachelor auction How can you go wrong with a story like that The author did a great job creating Niall and his mixed up feelings about his plain Jane computer programmer Khloe his best friend s sister I love the fun storyline that the author created along with her wonderful writing ...

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    4 starsI really enjoyed The Millionaire Makeover The storyline was engaging from the first page and my interest as held until the end.Loved the interaction between the main characters and the drama was well written.Overall a heartwarming read and I highly recommend it.Thank you E...

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    Lots of smutnip for me Tall, dark and handsome but broody hero Nerdy, curvy heroine A makeover and lots of sexual tension While the broody was a bit overwhelming, there was alot that I did enjoy.The Setup The story begins with Niall waking up from the latest one night stand, still a big foggy from drinking and mourning That clears in a heartbeat when he realizes that his latest is Khloe, his best friend s little sister The best friend who just died The guilt is huge, and then said BFF Michael sprinkles the cherry on top by writing a letter that essentially tells his friend he should look over Khloe Cue the overwhelming guilt, and Niall basically shuts Khloe off Three years pass and alot of longing ensues, but eventually romance happens Oh the longing While Niall keeps himself busy wanting Khloe and making huge mistakes on that later , I love that Niall sees exactly how special Khloe is behind her nerdy shell Khloe is a curvy gal though to me, she s normal about a size 8 10, so this wouldn t be a BBW tale and since Niall ditched her with nary a word, she s lived as a wallflower, not wanting to be hurt, simply longing for a nice, safe, stable i.e boring relationship with her boss The makeover Her friend Morgan pushes Khloe to make her boss see her as a woman, not just a co worker, and buys a millionaire at an auction to take Khloe on a date to the compa...

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    What I was expecting was a funny, sexy romp with our hot millionaire and our adorable, geeky heroine Well, I got that, but SO much Simone takes us on a fun ride with clever and witty banter and inner monologue that had me literally laughing out loud But she also twisted my heart into mush o...

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    hmmmm it was goooooddd Review to come but thanks for making me cry

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